Mix & Match

Tailor your look by choosing only the jewelry pieces you want and create the exact combination you’re looking for. This is your jewelry. We want you to wear it your way.


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We wanted to give you the opportunity to fully express your personality by wearing only the pieces that you love, or that mean something to you. By selecting only the items you want, you can fully tailor your outfit to suit your mood, your personality, or the occasion. Whether you’re wanting to look polished and professional for a work function or job interview, or paired back and minimalistic for a formal event, the Create Your Own collection makes it easy for you to own your style and to express yourself exactly how you want to.

We encourage you to build your own pieces ‘from the ground up’. Try selecting several individual charms and add them to a chain bracelet for your own personalized charm bracelet full of meaning and sentiment. You could add a few earring charms to match your best hoop earrings for your next night out, or freshen up a long-time favorite necklace by threading on a new pendant or two.

You could also try out the new ‘neckmess’ trend. Simply choose different pendants and wear them dotted along chain necklaces of varying lengths and thicknesses. But remember, these are only suggestions. Like we said, it’s up to you how you want to wear your jewelry. This is a collection that is all about giving you options.