Dear Me - 9K & 14K Fine Jewelry

Write a love letter to yourself and wear something from our solid gold fine jewelry line. Choose between 9K (373) and 14K (585) solid gold and get set to shine like the star you are.

Our Dear Me collection offers high quality, certified solid gold jewelry; fine jewelry destined to be a staple in your wardrobe, no matter the season. Each piece is made from beautiful, polished solid gold - a durable, versatile material that will complement any style and any outfit, and that won’t cause itching or irritation. This is jewelry you can wear anywhere from work to parties to hot yoga classes - even for weeks on end - and it won’t diminish or lose its shine.

In this range you’ll find delicate 9K gold jewelry that is unobtrusive but still maintains that luxurious, ‘expensive’ look; 373 gold jewelry that’s lightweight and long-lasting; earrings made from 14K gold that are sturdy, but comfortable and practical; and polished pieces made from 585 solid gold perfect for everyday wear.

Style-wise, each piece is a true classic, designed from timeless shapes and sleek lines, making sure they will be worn much longer than just a few seasons. These are luxurious pieces designed to last a lifetime, built to be passed down generations, and worn again and again.

Our 373 and 585 gold jewelry is perfect to be given as a heartfelt gift (for an anniversary, birthday, or Valentine’s Day) and comes in packaging that is just as beautiful as the items within. Use our hardshell boxes lined with a soft velvety material for storage or traveling, and keep your pieces looking their best.

We invite you to discover our Dear Me solid gold fine jewelry range and get ready to write the ultimate love letter - to yourself, to a friend or to that special someone in your life. It’s time to add a little bit of extra luxury and prestige to your wardrobe.