Hoop Earrings

Like designer clothes, hoop earrings are guaranteed to be worn again and again. Our range offers up some unique designs on the classic hoop, making sure your look stays modern, fresh and right on trend.

Hoop earrings have been a main-stay in many women’s wardrobes for years, decades even, but this season they’ve reannounced themselves—big time. And it’s not just simple, mid-sized hoop earrings that we’re seeing everywhere from international fashion weeks to the high street, it’s also futuristic hoops featuring bold lines, eye-catching colored 3/4 resin hoops and dramatic golden statement hoops with drop pearls.

We’re excited to say that this collection of hoop earrings has all the designs mentioned above, and all the trends of the season covered. Whether you’ve been a fan of hoop earrings for years and wear them on the daily, or you are new to this shape and want to try it out, this range has something for you.

We have timeless and sophisticated styles, like our Mid Round Hoop Earrings Rose Gold and our Small Hoop Earrings Gold with a spring clasp, both are styles that are perfect to wear to the office, or on more formal occasions. This range also has something a bit more flamboyant and expressive: our Boho Hoop Earrings Gold, which feature a lower edge of tiny metal beads all connected together, and our golden Twisted Hoop Earrings that are bold, arty, unique and are sure to make a fashion statement whenever you wear them. We have small hoops with adorable heart charms dangling from them and we also feature earrings that are a modern take on the classic silver hoop—refined, subtly curved and oval-shaped.

This is an expansive collection with a myriad of options; a collection that offers something for everyone, no matter how bold or refined your style may be. We are proud to share our Hoop Earring range with you and hope you will find something you love and will keep wearing for many more years to come.