Layering Necklaces

We’ve selected all the necklaces delicate enough to wear layered together, making it easy for you to create your own individualised, modern and dynamic look. This is styling made easy.

We know it can be hard figuring out what pieces of jewellery work well together. We also know it can be just as difficult deciding on only one piece of jewellery to wear with an outfit. That’s why we’ve put together a carefully curated selection of necklaces that you can wear together, in any combination, depending on your mood, style and preference on the day.

Pieces like our Sea Shell Pendant Necklace Rose Gold, with its delicate golden chain and real cowrie shell pendant, is perfect for layering together with other thin chains for a laid-back, boho look that radiates ‘fresh from holiday’.

Or for something a bit more elegant yet still understated, we recommend layering necklaces of varying thicknesses and lengths, like our Flat Chain Necklace Gold together with our Delicate Y Necklace with Circle Pendant Gold or with our Rectangle Pendant Long Necklace Gold. If you’re a fan of minimalist silhouettes and sharp tailoring, this could be a good way to introduce layered necklaces to your look. Or if you prefer simple, boxy shirts, crop tops, or this season’s silky slip dresses, layering necklaces might be just the way to accessorize without overwhelming your outfit.

The necklaces from this section will work with other styles apart from just a streamlined style as well. If you love mixing prints, colours and textures together in your clothes, mixing and combining these necklaces will only complement and elevate your outfit. Try layering up different charms and pendants to celebrate your eclecticism, express your mood, or tell a story through your jewellery.

As trends come and go, and personal styles change, we think it’s important to have jewellery in your collection that is versatile, flexible and won’t limit your style in any way. We want this selection of necklaces to help keep your sartorial style individualised, personal, ever-changing and limitless. It’s never been a better time to get creative with the way you wear your jewellery, so go and get experimental and playful with your necklaces!