Elegant and sophisticated like you would expect pearl jewelry to be, but reworked with a modern edge, these pearly wonders will capture your heart.

A far cry from an old stuffy pearl necklace with its lacklustre design, uniform pearls and unimaginative detailing, this collection of pearl jewelry is full of unique, modern pieces.

It’s a collection that features both polished pearls as well as perfectly imperfect pearls; pearls alongside glistening gems; pearls embedded in geometric designs; pearls integrated into inspirational shapes; simple and stylish pearls and pearls reworked in new and exciting ways.

Although pearl jewelry has been a fashion mainstay for decades now, we think it’s better when it’s designed with a modern eye and reimagined in unexpected ways, which is exactly what our jewelry designers have done. We are proud to say that the pieces they’ve come up with are eye-catching, stand-out items while still maintaining that level of sophistication and elegance that is intrinsic to all pearl jewelry. It goes without saying that pearl jewelry has a special place in our hearts and we adore this collection of pearl items that we’ve put together.

We are excited to share this collection with you and have gathered all of our pearl pieces in one place to make browsing as easy as possible. From vintage-inspired pearl earrings to timeless pearl drop earrings, sophisticated studs to delicate necklaces with tiny pearl pendants, and trendy ear cuffs to glamourous pearl statement necklaces, this collection has it all.

Whatever the style, and no matter the size, we think that these pearl pieces are elegant and timeless while still being trendy, refined and svelte while still bringing just the right amount of ‘edgy cool’ to the table.

So whether you’re looking for a layered feminine necklace, a pair of arty statement earrings, a trendy new item, or an attention-grabbing, show-stopping necklace, you’ll be able to find it here, topped off with a pearl or two. So take a look through and we hope by the end of your browsing you will share our love of pearl jewelry and find this collection as inspirational as we do.