Asymmetric Earrings

If variety is the spice of life, then these earrings are just what you need to keep your style looking hot! Instead of settling for more of the same, we recommend trying on some of the coolest pieces of jewellery available – asymmetric earrings.

This range covers all the major trends we've seen lately – including pearl accents, crescents and stars, tassel details and geometric designs – so you will be guaranteed to find something that suits your sensibilities. Taking those ideas and trends, our designers have given them all a fresh twist by creating two different versions for you to wear - one for each ear.

So if you have been thinking about trying out a new look for some time, but are unsure about how to wear it, then asymmetric earrings are your solution. Ear crawlers for example are dramatic pieces, but work well when paired with something more subtle. Wear a crawler in one ear, and tone it down with just a simple crystal stud in the other - now you have a statement without being OTT.

Ear jackets are another great look that work beautifully when you mix and match them. Funk up your look with a complex ear jacket on the one side and a more delicate, smaller version of it on the other. Despite being different, these pairs are designed to be complimentary, so they won't look strange when worn together.

You can also get innovative and experimental by stacking earrings on the one side, or try mixing different crystals and symbols on both sides. Or if you are working a side pony for a night out, then accessorize with a long dropped earring on one side and partner it with something more subtle on the other, so not to compete with your hairstyle.

Asymmetric earrings make it easy to add a bit of eccentricity to your look, and to be original with your accessorising. Switch them around, or combine different sets of earrings together. The possibilities are endless. Whatever you do, now is the perfect opportunity to get innovative with your look, to get playful, and to get a pair of asymmetric earrings!