Boho Bohemian

Inspired by vintage treasures, the jewellery pieces that come under the Boho Bohemian title represent the girl with a laid back attitude to fashion, and a careful approach to life in general.

Featuring necklaces with layers of metallic coins, or earrings dripping in beads and colourful stones, or twisted bracelets with tassel details, this collection is bright, it's cheerful, it's optimistic.

It's perfectly suited to that woman who will always be young-at-heart and a quiet dreamer. The one who maybe would rather be at the beach, than at the office. Or when she is working, she wants to wear a bit of her free spirit on her wrist, or around her neck. If she is feeling down and wistful, she puts on a necklace with her favourite crystal pendant and pops in some tiny, but bright stud earrings.

This style page is a homage to extraverted personalities that like to express themselves through their clothes, their jewellery and the colours they adorn themselves with. But on the other side, it's also for the personalities who would rather keep their outfits tranquil and quiet, but then will add a pair of bold, beaded chandelier earrings to spice things up. It's for those who think more is more, and it's for those who like to keep the drama in the details.

So if you have a simple charcoal body-con dress that needs something to jazz it up, this is exactly what you need: add a silver 'bib' style necklace and bring out that charismatic, bubbly persona within. Sometimes we need our accessories to mirror our moods, sometimes we need them to lift our spirits. And we think it would be pretty hard to be down in the dumps when you are wearing turquoise gems draped around your neck, or a beautiful ring with a cluster of precious gems on it.

Our earrings with long golden chain tassels will, one hundred percent brighten your mood, and when you have on a necklace with tribal patterns and finely textured pendants, you will feel like doing a dance in the street. These pieces of jewellery are for the urban gypsy and for the girl who wholeheartedly enjoys herself.

If you are eternally optimistic, and are someone who loves to live in the moment, then these rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets are the ideal way to express those feelings. The Boho Bohemian is not just a style, it's an attitude, and a lively, contagious one too!