Feminine Classy

Perhaps you love wearing cotton dresses, or own some pairs of frilly socks? Maybe your top draw is so full of lingerie that you have to start keeping the new pairs you buy in the second draw down? Or maybe you throw on a blazer everyday to match your tailored pants and then apply your favourite shade of lipstick? Femininity has many disguises and faces today, and we think everybody has a touch of what we call Feminine Classy in their personality, and in their style.

So the jewellery that we feature in our Feminine Classy section should speak to everyone, even if you like to wear sneakers and denim instead of the expected high heels and skirts. All of the pieces in this collection have certain things in common: they are complex, interesting, dynamic, personalised, and unique.

There are fine necklaces featuring metallic charms – tiny wishbones, hearts and infinity symbols. There are more 'dressed up' necklaces, ones that have strands of glittering gems in powder blues or brilliant whites. There are layered necklaces with clusters of pearls or clumps of crystals. Colours are generally lighter, featuring pastel tones, or have hints of springtime, or floral flavours.

Earrings range from dramatic chandelier designs with hanging tear drop pearls, to delicate mint green daisy shapes, or barely-there heart shaped studs and also large statement earrings with iridescent rainbow hues and can't-be-missed dangling golden pieces. These earrings are meant to stand out, either for their beautiful colours, or classic detailing.

The girl that will love Feminine Classy is one who likes a touch of opulence, a hint of luxury but who prefers to keep things fresh, bright and easy. The rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, ear jackets and ear crawlers in this range are a bit daring, a bit cheeky, but will never look like costume jewellery.

The rings are usually quite understated and romantic. Loaded with pearls, or dotted with rhinestones, there are rings with thin metal bands that can be worn all through the day, throughout the week and right into the weekend. The same goes for the bracelets, and cuffs. They are refined, playful and elegant. These pieces are multi-dimensional and versatile – a perfect representation of the modern day female.