Futuristic Geometric

Inspired by the bold necklaces worn during the Art Deco era and the modernistic shapes that adorned socialites in the 60s, geometric jewelry is making a big comeback, and it's better than ever. Hoop earrings, interlocking circles, hanging triangles, prism pendants and sharply pointed corners, the Futuristic Geometric look is strong, dramatic, sophisticated and refined.

A continuation of the Scandinavian minimalism trends we have seen on the catwalks and on the high street over the past few years, this geometric jewellery is just as versatile and modern. Imagine that cleanliness and focus on pure design that Nordic design is known for, then add a touch more confidence, elegance and vintage inspiration and you have Futuristic Geometric.

This is a range that is full of contrasts and juxtapositions, where harsh lines are combined with sweeping curves. There are earrings with sculptural balls dangling from thin chains; pendants that are structured, but still dainty and elegant. The ring designs are a beautiful display of opposites - both heavy and light, with some featuring solid circles alongside hollow circles, others with thin metal bars balanced perfectly on top of a thick band.

What makes the jewelry in this collection different from that which we have seen in past years is the marriage of hard and soft. Rigid structures and razor-sharp angles are merged with soft curvatures, delicate semi-circles and humble proportions. Design lines are long and straight, and pay homage to cityscapes and imposing Brutalist architecture.

Yes, these are pieces with plenty of sharp corners, stark angles and strong shapes, but they are also full of smooth, elegant and poetic details. They are dynamic and it’s exactly this surprising mix of styles that make them the perfect accessory to spice up an outfit.

Whether you prefer a simple style or adhere to the rule that more is more, this jewellery will work for you. Each piece is streamlined and subtle enough to suit any item in your wardrobe, yet striking enough to create a style statement.

Our Futuristic Geometric range offers you the chance to wear a piece of jewelry inspired by the styles of decades past, but that which is designed for today and will still look good tomorrow.