The jewellery in our Glamour section all recall a time of sparkle, seduction and spellbinding style. Suited to the ballrooms of the 20s and 30s, the collection is full of statement pieces shining with rhinestones, magnificent gemstones, dangling strands of sparkling beads, opulent pearls and unforgettable colours. This section is made for the girl who wants to add a brilliant necklace to her evening gown, or for someone who needs a glamorous pair of earrings to wear to her best friend's bridal party.

Every piece in the Glamour collection has its own unique feature that makes it unforgettable, and is just the thing you need when you want to look and feel your very best. So for the woman full of grace, mystique and charm, look no further – we have just the thing for you.

For a more subtle touch of glamour, we have vintage inspired necklaces, made from the highest quality metal chains and covered in rhinestones of varying sizes, or featuring flower shaped details. When you put one of these on, it will look like you have just stepped off a Hollywood film set, looking every inch the stunning starlet.

Or for the girl with a more adventurous style, but who still loves piling on the glitz, our collection includes asymmetrical earrings with strong geometric designs, or earrings with iridescent colours, rings with large quirky gemstones, or bracelets with glittering charms.

If you love the ear crawler trend, then we also have something for you too! We offer spectacular ear crawlers of different lengths, ones that are part of a two piece set with smaller version included, and ones with plenty of shine to make sure you stand out from the crowd. So when you have on a low scoop, silky dress, platform shoes and a hot new haircut that all make you feel like a million dollars, make sure you put on a pair of ear crawlers and you will be having an unforgettable look.

The jewellery in this collection has the beauty and charm of old-fashioned glamour, but in new, hardwearing materials, and in fresh, modern designs. Select something from here and you will inject some razzle dazzle into your wardrobe, making you ready to radiate!