Minimalist Style

The rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets in the Minimalist Style selection are understated, refined, and ideal to wear every day. They are made to be worn by the woman with a sense of sophistication; someone who likes keeping things timeless, polished and a bit more traditional.

The collection features stud earrings in simple shapes, and easy colours. From plain metal geometric triangle studs, to slightly curved arrows and also classic circular rhinestone studs. What you will find in the Minimalistic Style section will be something you will wear time and time again. Match these earrings to your favourite slouchy jumper and skinny jeans, or keep it flirty with a sundress and leather sandals in summer.

But don't think these pieces are just for casual outfits – quite the opposite. The styles we feature are perfect to be worn with any outfit, anytime, anywhere. Even if you are wearing a designer floor length dress in silk, or a custom made wedding dress, you can find a modern, classic piece here that can be dressed up, or down.

We also have delicate necklaces made from the best metal chains and dangling pendants. Some inscribed with words of encouragement or friendship, some with tiny little birds, stars, hearts or crystals. There are bracelets with a slight rock girl edge, with spikes and cones either end, but it's never too much.

The Minimalistic Style is one of just enough. Just enough personality and quirkiness to make it a piece that you will love, and just enough subtly that it will never be over the top, or too gimmicky. We have a variety of rings that can be stacked up, or worn individually. There are rings in silver, gold and rose gold, and rings featuring adorable shapes and symbols. Rings that wraparound the finger, and rings that have complex geometric designs.

The colours that feature in this style are cool and calm. White marble details, black resins, and shiny metals. There are no neon colours here, only timeless tones that will endure the change of season, and outlast any throwaway trend. The bottom line is that if you want something that you will fall in love with over and over again, or if you are wanting a piece of jewellery that you will never want to take off, then you have come to exactly the right place.