Modern Geometric

If you are a fan of fine knits, quality linens and silk sheets, or if you have a sophisticated, blunt haircut, bold designs on your fingernails and some pretty interesting furniture (maybe Danish, or Swedish built), then you will probably be drooling over the jewellery in this collection. If you don't fit that description, we are pretty sure there will be something that you will love to wear from The Modern Geometric collection anyway.

Full of clean lines, sharp angles, bright colours, and beautiful shapes, the jewellery in this section is for the girl who has an eye for design, a refined sense of style but still craves something bold and different.

We have rings that look like they wrap around your finger, with triangles either end, and bracelets with minimalist shapes featured on them, delicate necklaces holding sleek bar pendants and bold earrings that are all about balance and symmetry.

But don't think when you wear pieces from the Modern Geometric style you have to be subdued, shy or sombre. Sure there are many fine chains and necklaces made only from metal without any bright colours, but there are also statement earrings with large symbols, beautiful patterning or with multiple types of gems.

You can choose from simple shaped stud earrings, metal earrings with pearls, or more complex ear jackets. If you are wanting to decorate and adorn yourself for a festival, or just wanting a stylish addition to your everyday wear, we have something for you. From youthful, trendy designs, to more paired back polished pieces, the Modern Geometry style has something for everyone. It's the love for interesting design that runs through this collection that holds it all together.

It doesn’t matter if you are wearing a smart button up blouse for work, playing it cool in a pantsuit, getting wild in a colourful headpiece for a festival or keeping it elegant in a structured evening dress. If you appreciate shape, form and lines, then you are in the right place to find something you will fall in love with!