How to Choose the Right Earrings for You

Hi everybody. Today I want to focus on the one piece of jewelry that can really make or break an outfit. Earrings. I hope you’re not one of these people that leave earrings until last when you’re getting dressed, because they really do have a big impact on how you look. Not only do earrings frame your face, but they are usually the first piece of jewelry someone notices when they are talking to you, so it’s important to choose the right earrings styling tips carefully. 

To make sure your style is cohesive and you are creating the look you want, I’ve got a few simple earring styling tips that will make choosing the right earrings easy. Let’s take a look how you can make sure your earrings match your outfit and you.

1. Consider the event you’re dressing for.

As with clothes, you want to use jewelry that is appropriate for the occasion. Once you’ve selected your outfit, then you can choose the right jewelry to accessorize it with.
Most importantly, you want your standard of jewelry to match your standard of clothes. What I mean by that is, if you are going to a graduation party, a family reunion, or even to a work function, you will probably be wearing a more formal outfit—a strappy dress or something more tailored, or just an extra bit luxe, so you will need earrings that are more dressy as well, something a bit more special. Statement earrings, chandelier earrings and even drop earrings are perfect for these occasions.
statement earrings, right earrings, fashion jewelry, earrings styling tips

Cristina (@50sfumaturedishopping) displays a couple of our statement-making earrings—just the thing to wear on your next big night out.

If you are going to meet a group of friends for dinner and drinks on the weekend, you can probably accessorize more casually. You could choose chandelier earrings (if they’re not too large or ornate) or dainty drop earrings, which are a great middle ground between petite studs and bigger danglies.
And if you are lounging around or wearing jeans and a tee, then your earrings should also be fuss-free and relaxed. Statement earrings aren’t the things to wear here. Instead you should opt for small stud earrings, huggie hoops or simple, dainty earrings. Remember, if your outfit is paired back, your jewelry should be too.
minimalist jewelry, right earrings, fashionista, Earrings styling tips

Lisa-Marie (@aboxofsweets, left) and Ivana (@beautyart005, right) keeping it simple and appropriate for their casual outfits

2. Decide on the vibe you want.

Aside from the occasion you’re dressing for, another important thing to consider is the vibe, or the look that you are going for with your outfit.
If you are wanting to add a touch of boho, try putting on some colorful beaded earrings. If you are feeling a bit more punk, try adding a pair like our Bold Chain Earrings Gold (below, left), or our Safety Pin Earrings Rose Gold (below, right). It doesn’t have to be over the top—you can just add a subtle touch if you want.
delicate earrings, minimalist, Earrings styling tips
If you are wanting to experiment with a more trendy, grunge look, try an ear cuff or pair of asymmetrical earrings, and if you are feeling more prim and proper, classic pearl studs could be exactly what you want.
Again, the earrings you choose are really important in setting the tone of your whole outfit. Experiment with different ones and use these earrings styling tips until you find the right vibe!

3. Think about your neckline and some earrings styling tips.

Another key thing to think about when choosing your right earrings is your neckline. The height and complexity of your neckline will affect the style of earrings you should go for.
If you have a simple silhouette, you can wear bigger, more dramatic pieces of jewelry that draw attention to them. For example if you have on a strapless cocktail dress, or a sleeveless ribbed tank top with a simple round neckline, go with larger earrings. Statement earrings look really stunning together with a strapless dress and a halterneck dress can look beautiful paired with elegant dangly earrings to help elongate the neck and draw the eye down. In the flatlay below, on the left, the chandelier earrings work because the dress is simple—thin straps and a low neckline; the proportions work.
tassel earrings, outfit, flatlays, boho, Earrings styling tips

These flatlays show how to get the balance right

Also keep in mind if you do choose to go with big earrings, keep it minimal with the rest of your jewelry. You could wear statement earrings along with a really thin chain necklace maybe , but only one. Don’t layer up or it will be too busy. Look how, in the flatlay on the right, we’ve teamed our Gold Circle Black Tassel Earrings with our Happiness Circle Necklace Silver. It’s not too much.

Or even better would be to pair your statement earrings with just one statement ring, nothing else. It’s helpful to think about everything in terms of proportions and balance. You want overall balance in your outfit and to let your earrings stand out. Let them speak for themselves.

The opposite is true too. Tone it down when your clothes have a lot going on. A turtleneck looks extremely sophisticated when paired with small, delicate hoop earrings, and a ruffle-front blouse can look really sweet worn with tiny stud earrings. If your outfit has a lot of details, leave the big, ornate earrings at home. The flatlay on the right is a good example of this—

4. Work with your hair color and length.

Generally, there are two earrings styling tips you can follow when choosing the earrings in relation to your hair color.
You can choose right earrings that are in the same color story as your hair colour, and which complement it. So, for example, if you have blonde hair, earrings made from gold metals and rose gold metals will look great on you. Or if you are a brunette, consider choosing earrings in rose gold, or with warm colors to bring out the warm undertones of your hair or play up any highlights you might have.
huggie earrings, blogger, delicate earrings, earrings styling tips

@enni_nea (left) partners her long, blonde hair with simple golden studs for a striking look; and Cristina (@acriativelife, right) chooses rose gold earrings to compliment her auburn hair

The other option is to select a color or metal finish which will be visible against your hair color, and which will work in contrast to it. For example, if you have black hair, silver metals and lighter tones will look stunning contrasted against your dark coloring.
statement earrings, fashionista, hairstyle, right earrings, earrings styling tips

Ilaria (@ilariaderinaldis, left) and Adna (@_adnapeco, right) show how striking it can look when you contrast your earrings against your hair color

It also pays to think about your hair length. If you plan on having your hair down, it doesn’t make much sense to wear long dainty earrings, they will be hidden in your locks. In that case it might be better to choose a chunky stud earring, an ear jacket or a pair of asymmetrical earrings that will stay noticeable, sitting up on your earlobe. And the opposite is true too.

If you have a short hairstyle, or like to wear your long hair up, you can get away with wearing long earrings. Intricate and dangly styles like chandelier earrings look really stunning worn with a short, pixie haircut, with a messy up-do, or with a slicked back pony.

These are just general rules. You might of course also want to disregard these earrings styling tips and choose a pair of earrings based on something else entirely. Maybe there is a pair that you just love and really want to wear—in which case, I say just go for it!

5. Complement your complexion, eye color and make-up.

As with your hair, you want to wear earrings that work with your overall complexion, eye color and make-up. Again, generally speaking, if your skin has warm undertones, you will look best with gold metal and with earrings with warm colors, and if your skin has cooler undertones, you will suit silver jewelry and jewelry with cool colors.

If you want to emphasize the natural color of your eyes you can choose the right earrings with similar colors. That will be sure to make your eyes really sparkle!

With make-up, I recommend sticking to the same rules as with your clothes. It’s all about balance and knowing when to stop, or how much is too much. If in doubt, I say less is more and it’s better to go for subtlety rather than looking ‘over done’. But again, it’s all up to you. I think this is one area where it really pays to experiment and find what works for you.

6. Show your personality.

If you’re the type of person who likes to make a statement, why not go bold and play up contrasts? A little black dress will dazzle when worn with silver and white jewelry, or you can put on pearl studs to create a really graphic statement. The same works for dark tones too. If your outfit is navy, emerald green or burgundy, you can try wearing all silver to create a dramatic look. Pieces like silver stud earrings or long dangly earrings with sparkling white gemstones will look incredible.
If you’re someone who likes to experiment with new trends, you could try mixing metals. This has been a fashion no-no for a long time, but now it’s something more and more people are trying, and I think it looks great! Just like you would wear silver rings together with golden rings, the same goes for earrings. So if you have multiple ear piercings, don’t be afraid to mix metals and wear one pair of silver earrings together with one pair of gold earrings. The same goes for symbols—try experimenting with mixing and matching different studs to get a combination that you like!
stud earrings, jewelry, right earrings, minimalist, earrings styling tips

Our range of delicate studs are perfect for mixing and matching

And if your style is more minimalist, it’s totally fine to stick with simple (matching) stud earrings, even for more formal occasions. As long as you feel great you will look great.

Most importantly, don’t stress about the rules too much and have fun with your styling. Remember to show off your personality and know that the rules are meant to be broken!

I hope you’ve enjoyed these earrings styling tips. If you have any questions or suggestions, leave them in the comments below.

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