Fashion Rings: Your Complete Guide

In this blog post I will present to you a complete guide about fashion rings, where you can discover some of the top favored looks that we love and why we love them. Also, you can learn about the different types of fashion rings, how to style them and some of the latest trends.

The most preferred types of rings when we style our outfit are the minimalist designs, which look very modern and elegant.

Very often we tend to choose to stack them all together on one finger or distribute them to different fingers, but still keeping the over accessorized idea to complete our look. 

Stacked fashion rings

Wear your fashion rings in a stacked way for a creative style


It is very easy to create a fashionable and also trendy appearance because you can never go wrong with such delicate and elegant rings. In addition, they will never make you over the top or tasteless, which is absolutely amazing.

Therefore, if you’d like to know more about fashion rings and how to wear them keep scrolling down and you might be surprised!

1. Top looks we love

Let’s first explore some of the most loved ways of wearing our rings and also the reasons why we like to wear them this way.

1.1 Minimalist rings and casual outfits for an easy-going look

First of all, for many of us the casual outfits are an everyday thing so it is important to be able to style your look in a way that will stand out from the crowd. What a better way than adding some minimalist designed rings that will instantly refresh your basics and give a modern touch to your outfit.

Delicate bracelets with minimalist rings

In addition to your casuals wear a stack of minimalist rings

Via Pinterest

These thin bands are great for any day or any occasion because of their simplicity and minimalism.

Or, you can have an opal shaped minimalist ring that is best to be worn on its own. How can we not fall in love with such a sleek and well polished ring?

Rings for a chic look
Simple rings for a minimal chicness


We love this type of look because of its effortless styling and the possibility of wearing it everyday. Also, it is very comfortable to wear all day.

1.2 Bold statement rings for a chic and stylish look

We love big rings because they are all we need to top off our look. No matter of your outfit, the ring is always there for you to make a statement.

Statement ring

Bold statement rings for a remarkable look

Via Pinterest

We love this look because it gives us confidence and it is a great conversation piece that will definitely get a lot of compliments, if properly styled.

Bold statement rings
Wear with confidence your statement rings for a distinctive look

Source unknown

The metallic chunky rings are very uncomplicated and sleek in design, yet very stylish and contemporary and this is why they are favoured by so many people.

1.3 Stackable rings for a modern and trendy style

One of the biggest crush in the world of fashion rings is the stacking trend that we absolutely love. Why we love it? It looks so original and out of the ordinary. Plus, you can always purchase a set of stacking rings that you just need to place on your fingers and you are ready to go!

Stack of minimalist rings, white color nails

Add a stack of minimalist rings for cute and fun look

Via Pinterest

You can style these delicate rings with some midi rings  to create a very fashionable stacking style. This kind of rings are great for casual, romantic, girly or dressy outfits. 

Stacked delicate rings

Delicate rings worn in a stacked way in addition to trendy outfit for the ultimate modern look


A beautiful mixture of different in size or design rings to make your look more interesting and eye-catching.

1.4 Gemstone rings and a pop of color for a fun and jazzed up look

If you can’t separate yourself from the all-black or dark colored outfits, especially during the cold days, then you can add a pop of color to your look by adding a gemstone or crystal ring to your outfit. This is actually one of the main reasons why we love this look. We can easily refresh and jazz up the monotone outfits that we wear on a daily basis. 

Gemstone fashion rings

Give a pop of color to your look with some gemstone fashion rings

Via Pinterest

Adding a pop of color doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to pull off a very bright and sparkling type of a ring. You can always get a ring with more settled colors like black, deep grays or blues.

Fashion rings with gems
Gemstone fashion rings are a great add-on for any style and any lady

Source unknown

1.5 Engraved and symbolic rings for a boho free-spirited look

Bold and detailed rings with symbolic meaning are great for a boho-inspired look. You can wear them at festivals, during your vacation or to accessorize your beach wear.

fashion style boho rings, rings.gif

You can easily show off your artistic and easy-going fashion style.

Engraved rings, Boho rings

Boho-inspired engraved rings for an original look

Via Pinterest

Add some toe rings to give a twist to your normal boho-inspired look. Many of us love this style because it is so detailed and well put together that there is no doubt that we will stay unnoticed.

Symbolic rings, chunky rings
Chunky symbolic rings for a beach look

Via Pinterest

1.6 Wear intricate detailed and patterned rings for a very glamorous and chic look

Another look we love to wear is the very detailed and patterned rings that are perfectly suitable for glam nights or any other special occasion. For example, you can add a black cocktail ring for your special dinner parties or meetings. It will definitely make your look more attractive and alluring.

Sparkly rings, shiny rings

Shiny and sparkly rings for chic and glam nights out

Source unknown

The gold glass statement rings are such a timeless pieces that will never go out of style. Many of us like this look because it is a must have essential for our night-out outfit. It looks very chic and classy when paired up with a beautiful evening dress.

Statement rings Big statement rings and elegant outfits for a sophisticated look

Treasure Statement Ring by Happiness Boutique

For your evening sparkling and elegant look make sure to accessorize with a beautiful and eye-catching rings such as this statement ring by Happiness Boutique. It will definitely give you confidence and style.

fashion rings girly chic, gif

1.7 Classy pearls and chic outfits for a sophisticated style

Add a glamour pearl ring to your style for a classy ensemble that will definitely turn some heads. We love this look because it is a beautiful timeless style that is very feminine, chic and easy to put together.

Pearl rings, white cropped top

Timeless classy pearl fashion rings and dressy outfits for an elegant wear


You can always modernize your pearly rings by adding a fedora hat and a crop top.

Stacked pearl rings and dotted white dress
In addition to your dressy elegant clothes wear a stack of pearly rings


There is no problem if you decide to stack your classy pieces with other rings and bracelets. Many people love to wear this look because it is so versatile and cool, but at the same time very trendy and glam-inspired.

2. Types of Fashion Rings

In this section you can see some very interesting and popular types of fashion rings. Hopefully your favorite ones will be in the list!

2.1 Rhinestone rings

There are so many types of fashion rings that we can choose from to best suit our style. Depending on your occasion you can opt for the one that is going to be the most appropriate.

For example, if you are invited for a chic and glam night or a prom you can go for a rhinestone queen inspired ring or a glamorous rose gold ring that could make your outfit royal and elegant looking.

Rhinestone rings

Brighten up your look by accessorizing with rhinestone rings

Source unknown

If you are interested by this beautiful and glowing look feel free to check out some of Happiness Boutique’s statement rings. For example, a glamorous band ring or a silver queen stacker ring if you prefer silver to transform your night-out look into a very elegant and sophisticated style.

Fashion rings Chic and glam fashion rings are always a good idea!

Left:Glam Band Ring; Right:Silver Queen Stacker Ring by Happiness Boutique

2.2 Chain hand piece

If you want to draw the attention to your hands you can definitely go for a very trendy chain hand piece that will accentuate your look in a very authentic and cool way.

Chain hand piece

For an original style wear a chain hand piece

Via Pinterest

2.3 Midi Rings

We officially call them midi rings and they look simply amazing on the hand. And, these delicate pieces can truly transform your whole outfit into a very modern and vogue-like look.  

Gold midi rings

Midi rings are perfect addition for your cute and girly looks

Source unknown

Plus, if you don’t like to over accessorize your outfits these discreet and girly pieces are just enough to top off your look.

Midi rings Accessorize with midi rings because they are a must for this season

Left:Golden Midi Ring; Right: Silver Midi Ring by Happiness Boutique

Try to recreate this look by checking out these cute and feminine midi rings by Happiness Boutique. You can also choose a golden midi ring or a chic and stylish silver midi ring and distribute them to your fingers for a very cool and hipster style.

2.4 Finger Claw or full finger rings

The finger claws are great for special occasions like Halloween or a masquerade ball where you can dress up with a costume and show off your creative designs. The finger claws could perfectly highlight your hands and also add interest to your style. However, they are very fashion forward so they may not be for everyone.  

Finger claw ring

In addition to your extravagant outfits wear a finger claw ring

Via Pinterest

2.5 Ornate Rings

Highly decorated rings that could definitely make a statement to your look. Make sure to dive into their trend and comprehend their history and meaning in order to be able to rock the style.

This type of rings are suitable for all the ladies who like a rococo inspired fashion. Great to be worn with clothes that are elaborate in details such as embroidery, ruffles, flower prints and vivid colors.

Ruffles dress, Ornate rings

Ornate rings are great for your magical and colorful looks

Source unknown

2.6 Faux Stone Rings

The faux stone rings could be compared to the gemstone rings, but these consist of more settled colors that could be easily styled with any outfit that sits in your closet.

Stack of faux stone rings

For Zen inspired looks wear a stack of faux stone rings

Via Pinterest

Also, If you are the type of person that likes to be close to nature and Zen oriented, then you can focus on real stones or crystals that have a meaning to them and can cleanse your energy or make you feel more confident, safe and protect your aura.

2.6 Minimalist Rings

The minimalist style ring is trending so much right now therefore I recommend that you add at least one such sleek jewelry to your collection. In addition, they come in so many shapes that you won’t face any problems styling them.

Biggest fashion ring trend – minimalist rings

Biggest fashion ring trend – minimalist rings

Source unknown

Although these rings are very simplistic and few in details you will definitely enjoy the specific effect they can offer us while we wear them.

Minimalist rosegold wrap ring Decorate your style with a minimalist wrap ring for a trendy look

Minimalist Style Wrap Ring by Happiness Boutique

2.8 Elongated Ring

The elongated rings are great for working and business oriented ladies since they could bring out feelings of confidence and courage because of their rather masculine design. However,  they look very modish because of the small cutouts and simplistic design. 

Elongated rings

Professional attires and elongated rings are a great combo

Via Pinterest

2.9 Wrap Rings

The wrap rings are just like a standard ring, but with a cutout that looks like it hugs your finger. They are also very trendy right now and would perfectly go well with casual, dressy, trendy or night-out outfits.

Rose gold wrap ring

In addition to your snugly outfits add a couple of wrap rings

Minimalist Wrap Ring by Happiness Boutique

2.10 Geometrically Shaped Rings

Geo shaped rings come in different sizes so you have endless options to style them. Once again, they look very modern and stylish when placed on the finger. They can make your outfit look very distinguishable and fashionable.

Stylish geometric rings

Geometric rings have taken over the fashion podium

Via Pinterest

3. How to style fashion rings

Here, you can explore different ways on how to style your fashion rings in a stylish and trendy way. It is so much better when we accessorize our hands and make them our statement piece.

3.1 Stacked rings + dressy or casual outfits for a trendy and fashionable look

One of the top styles we love when we add rings to our outfit is to layer them. This means that you can take all of your rings that look good together and stack them to one finger or spread them to different fingers.

Casual wear with stacked rings

In addition to your casual or dressy looks wear stacked rings

Via Pinterest

This way of styling gives us a sense of style right away and it is so much better to be able to get creative with your hands. Throw on your top and a pair of jeans and give a try to these interesting and outstanding pieces.

Delicate rings
Delicate stacked rings could never look over the top


It is up to you to decide whether you want a fuller or a simplistic look to complete your outfit of the day. There are countless possibilities to wear your rings so don’t pause in indecision before saying no to this trend!

You can also complete your chic and trendy outfits by adding some elegant tube shaped rings and spread them to different fingers.

Fashion rings for casual looks
Elegant fashion rings for your casually chic looks


3.2 Minimalist rings + girly outfits for a romantic and feminine look

If you are the type of lady that enjoys wearing her skirts, tops with lace or ruffled details and pink colors, then you can accessorize your hands with beautiful and delicate rings. Also, they could emphasize your femininity and charm.

Discrete rings

Girly and discrete rings for romantic looks

Via Pinterest

You can go with flower elements and simple discreet designs to make sure that you will achieve the wanted look.

Engraved love ring
For a feminine look wear an engraved ring that says love

Love Ring & Evil Eye Ring by Happiness Boutique

3.3 Classy pearls + neat outfits for a sophisticated and high-class look

As we have mentioned already, pearls could never go out of style. They always find their way to the fashion podium and make a statement. Furthermore, these pieces are very versatile so you can easily adapt them to the tendencies of this season’s fashion craze.

For example, the stacking trend is huge right now so why don’t you stack up your pearly rings?

Pearl rings

In addition to your business attire wear a stack of pearl rings

Via Pinterest

The pearl rings look so neat and elegant when styled with well groomed and chic outfits. For example, try to pair them up with your professional or dressed up outfits to get the full effect of their sophistication.

Pearl rings, Leaf earrings
Wear your stacked pearl rings in combination with other fashion jewelry

Via Pinterest

You can easily achieve a similar look if you pair a pearl ring such as this one shown in photo below from Happiness Boutique along with other favorite rings that you have. However, stacking your classy pearls with other pearls looks very elegant and sophisticated. 
Rhinestone and pearl rings Pearl and rhinestone rings are timeless

Pearl and Rhinestone Ring by Happiness Boutique

3.4 Statement rings + night-out outfits for a fearless fashionable look

If you like statement rings, then it is perfect because you can style your night-out outfits with a beautiful rose gold statement ring  that will make your outfit so glamorous and sparkling.

Rhinestone statement rings

In addition to your glamorous rings wear a sparkling outfit for a fearless look

Via Pinterest

You can also choose a more settled color statement ring that could be suitable to your style if you are not a fan of the “shine bright like a diamond” look. Whichever design you select it would instantly make a statement and transform your outfit into a glitz and glam style.

Statement rings, Striped jumpsuits
Night-out outfits in addition to statement rings for a diva look


4. Current trends

Lastly, here you can explore some of the major trends in the world of the fashion rings. To be able to rock your rings in a very fashionable and up-to-date way keep reading!

4.1 Worn together or separately

As you have already probably guessed one of the biggest fashion craze for this season are the stacked rings. Meaning that you are combining standard rings together, and if you want to you could also add some midi rings to experience the full effect of these pieces. 

Stacked rings

Indulge yourself into the stacking trend – it looks fabulous

Via Pinterest

You can create yourself a truly unique design because the designers have left us the opportunity to create our own styles.

In addition, if you want to master the look like a pro, feel free to check out this cool guide on how to stack rings!

Complete guide on stacked rings
Here is your complete guide on stacked rings


4.2 Wrap it around

The wrap rings have also taken over with their minimalist and cool style. Also, some of them are made from a material that allows to adjust the size of the ring so it can perfectly fit on your finger. Or, you can easily find your size and select from a big variety of options.

Wrapped rings

In addition to your comfy outfits wear fashion wrapped rings

Source unknown

You can also combine the wrap rings along with other standard rings to create a beautiful and jaw-dropping design on your hands that speaks to you personally.

4.3 Caged up

Caged cutout rings also can vary in design because you can find a very minimalist and delicate style or a caged ring that is very bold and almost like a full finger ring. These pieces can easily help you to create an artwork on your hands.

Fashion rings

Over-accessorized hands in addition to your fashionable outfits

Via Pinterest

In addition, if you are one of those girls that always thinks that she has nothing to wear because you stare at your old clothes, then you can get yourself a statement ring. Add these outstanding pieces to your look and never worry again if your outfit looks so boring or out of style!

I hope this was interesting and also helpful for you! Don’t forget to play around and experiment with your rings to end up with an original and unique style that you can wear like a top fashionista!

Finally, make sure to leave a comment to let us know how do you like to wear your fashion rings! If you enjoyed this blog please click on the like button so we know!

Thank you and have a very happy day! 🙂

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