Geometric Jewelry

Geometric jewelry is more around us than we can imagine. In addition, the melange of modern minimalist designs and retro art deco vibes give us the opportunity to get creative with our looks.

geometric jewelry, love.gif

These jewelry pieces are easy to combine with various kinds of fashion styles and we are able to adapt them according to the latest fashion trends with no effort.

Also, the geometrically inspired jewelry look very attractive and remarkable no matter of your personal style.

Geometric jewelry

For a modern look wear geometric jewelry

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Hopefully you will enjoy these styling tips and suggestions of how you can wear your favorite geometric jewelry.

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1. Layered necklaces with geometric shapes for an attractive look

Layered necklaces became of the most favorite trendy jewelry lately. You can find many different variations, but today we will focus on the ones that have some sort of geometrical shapes on them. For example, you can get a layered necklace with geometric pendants such as bars, circle or triangles.

Geometric necklaces, layered necklaces

Layered necklaces with geometric elements for an attractive style

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In most cases, you can find with circular pendants, which you can engrave and personalize in a way that you like. Plus, they look very delicate regardless of the layers. They are great to be worn with simple or detailed outfits.

Layered necklaces
Wear circle layered necklaces for a trendy look


In addition, layered necklaces are very comfortable to wear and you can wear them all year round. Their vibe is dictated by your own personal style and mood.

These jewelry pieces are not the type of jewelry that you must only wear with elegant or casual outfits. They are pretty versatile.

Layered necklaces, geometric necklaces
For any of your looks add a layered necklace

Left: Simple and Elegant Gold Layered Necklace; Right: Layered Lucky Charms Necklace

By Happiness Boutique

Here are two suggestions from Happiness Boutique that could perfectly accessorize your chest. These jewelry pieces can bring a lot of modernity and freshness to any of your looks. Feel free to check out the whole layered necklace collection → here.

2. Geometric jewelry for a super modern look

If you want to be very modern and trendy you can accessorize only with geometrically inspired jewelries. For example, rings with rhinestones in the shape of triangles or rectangles.

Moreover, you can get some square bracelets that have a minimalist design for a very fashionable and chic look.

Geometric jewelry

Geometric jewelry all the way for a super modern look

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Feel free to rock this stylish look to work or to art and cultural events. It looks very creative, but at the same time very well put together.

Geometric jewelry, stylish look
Accessorize your looks with geometric jewelry for a stylish look


This look allows you to get the best of your geometric inspired jewelry pieces. In addition, you will never look over accessorized with these delicate items because they look great even if you stack them up. Try to wear them with your skinny jeans and simple tops or with chic and professional attires.

3. Long delicate necklaces with geometric shapes for a stylish look

Another jewelry piece that you can wear and contains geometrical shapes is the long necklace with a circular or any other geometric shape. These dainty necklaces are great for all the girly girls and the chic ladies.

Long necklace with geometric pendant, street style, fashionista

In addition to your fashionable outfit add a long necklace with geometric pendant


Also, they are the perfect addition to any simple top or even t-shirt. Very easy to style and combine with other trendy and fashion jewelry pieces.

For example, you can wear them with a pair of black pants or skinny jeans and to dress them up you can add a pair of heels.

Geometric jewelry, long necklaces
Long necklaces with geometric pendants for a cool look


The long pendant necklace is always appropriate because of its minimalistic design and elegance that brings to any outfit. You can wear it with chunky sweaters, spring girly blouses or with your favorite summer tops.

Long necklaces, geometric jewelry, circle pendant necklaces
Sparkling long necklaces and trendy outfits for a girly style

Left: Delicate Eternal Love Statement Necklace; Right: Delicate Joined Circle Necklace

By Happiness Boutique

To decorate your simple or chic tops feel free to check out these two dainty chains with circular pendants from Happiness Boutique. So stylish & trendy!

4. The very minimalist earrings for a chic look

Modern and trendy ,the minimalist earrings look very artsy and creative pieces of jewelry. However, you can wear them at all times because their simplicity allows you to pair them with any kind of fashion style. They are fun to wear and great to make your looks more trendy.

Minimalist earrings, geometric earrings

For a chic look wear minimalist earrings

Via Pinterest

The best thing about this type of earrings is that you can dress them up or wear them with your most casual looks and make them more refreshed. Feel free to add these earrings when you go to school, work, brunch with friends or even parties.

Minimalist geometric earrings, red casual wear, street style
In addition to your fashionable outfits add a pair of minimalist geometric earrings


Hoops are also part of the minimalist inspired earrings and we all love them so much because of their versatile characteristics and modernity that they bring to any outfit.

Hoop earrings come in different sizes, designs and even colors, therefore you will always be able to find the right pair to fit with your look.

Hoop earrings
Add a pair of hoop earrings to your trendy look


For a more subtle and easy going style you can get a small sized hoop earrings that will feel comfortable during the whole day. In addition, you can stack them with other earrings for the perfect stacked look.

Geometric jewelry, modern geometric earrings, hoop earrings
Modern geometric earrings for a stylish look

Left: Aztec Goddess Geometric Earrings; Right: Modern Hoop Earrings

by Happiness Boutique

Here are two geometric inspired earrings from Happiness Boutique. They look very modern, fresh and chic. They will definitely be able to take your outfit to the next level

5. Triangular earrings for a retro modern look

For a very chic, modern, yet retro style you can get a pair of triangular earrings. The mix of retro and modern vibes in one will give you a very remarkable style that could definitely get a lot of compliments.

Triangular earrings, geometric jewelry

To achieve a modern, but retro style wear triangular earrings

Via Pinterest

You can give your look a twist by adding a retro, but modern pair of triangular earrings. These are perfect for the office, special occasions or just whenever you feel like wearing a remarkable pair of earrings.

Tassel earrings, triangular earrings, street style, fashionista
Wear triangular earrings for a modern style


Or. to recreate this modern retro look you can get a pair of triangular based earrings with fringes that will give you the illusion of a long and feminine neck. These are definitely a great add-on for the more daring and chic ladies.

Geometric jewelry, statement earrings, geometric earrings
Modern and stylish geometric earring are always a good idea

Left: Classy Black and Gold Drop Earrings; Right: Asymmetrical Statement Earrings

By Happiness Boutique

For a similar look feel free to check out these two modern earrings from Happiness Boutique. You can wear them with your working clothes or with trendy outfits.

6. Minimalist geometric necklaces for a futuristic look

If you are a working lady that loves to follow the latest trends, but obviously cannot bring all of these styles to work because of standard rules, then you can at least show your love through the small details.

Minimalist choker necklace, street style, fashionista

In addition to your professional outfit add a minimalist choker necklace


For example, a super trendy and work appropriate minimalist necklace with geometrical shapes. A great piece that could modernize and refresh any of your “normal” working outfits. This is an absolute trendy item that will make people stare. 🙂

Geometric jewelry, modern minimalist necklaces
Modern minimalist necklaces in addition to your creative outfits

Via Pinterest

Another minimalist necklace with bold geometric shapes that could be appropriate for the working, but also for the casual or studying ladies.

Also, you can wear similar necklaces to parties, art galleries, exhibitions or while traveling. Very comfortable and at the same time an unforgettable design that will make your outfit more cool.

Minimalist choker, geometric jewelry
Take your outfit to the next level by adding a minimalist choker

Black Marble Geometric Choker Necklace by Happiness Boutique

The perfect minimalist choker necklace from Happiness Boutique that could refresh and give elegance to any chic and working lady. We all know how difficult it could be to dress up well when we are in a rush.

7. Modern geometric rings for a fashionable wear

The rings lovers would looove these following looks because they just look so amazing and trendy. Rings with geometric shapes are so chic and modish. However, you can wear them with more casual outfits as well.

Stack of geometric rings, geometric jewelry, clutch bag

In addition to your modern looks add a stack of geometric rings

Via Pinterest

In addition, they are great with other rings, therefore if you happen to love the stacked trend you will have no problem achieving it even with these bold statement rings. Also, you can combine them with similar in style statement bracelets to highlight your bold style.

Marble geometric jewelry, fashion style
Marble geometric jewelry looks very sophisticated with any outfit


In the spring and summer you can add a set of geometric inspired jewelry that is in the pastel palette for a more feminine style. The set is great because it looks well put together and most of all it is easy to put together. In addition, regardless of the size, a set could never look as too much.

Geometric jewelry, modern rings, delicate rings Modern rings in addition to your daily jewelry pieces for a trendy style

Left: Black Hexagon Ring Rose Gold; Right: Full Circle Minimalist Ring

By Happiness Boutique

To add a modern touch to your outfits try to add these two beautiful and trendy rings from Happiness Boutique. They will give a slight pop of color to your looks but in a very delicate way because of their subtle size.

8. Trendy geometric bracelets for a chic look

The bold statement bracelets are also a great complimentary piece to your chic, elegant or casual outfits. Here, we see the small triangular shapes that form a pyramid, but look very modern and fashionable. You can wear them alone or in combination with other bracelets as well.

Geometric jewelry, statement bracelets

Statement bracelets and colorful outfits for the perfect spring outfit


You can easily style this type of bracelet with your professional and business outfits. However, you can jazz up your casuals by adding a bold statement bracelets. Also, you can wear similar jewelry pieces with sneakers or heels.

Geometric statement bracelets, monochrome outfits
Geometric statement bracelets and monochrome outfits are a great combo

Via Pinterest

On the other hand, you can go for a minimalist inspired geometric bracelet such as this elongated one. It looks very different than the usual bracelets that we wear on a daily basis. Therefore, you can instantly give your look interest.

Marble bracelets, watch, geometric jwelry
Add a marble bracelet to your look for a chic style

Black & Marble Effect Arrow Cuff by Happiness Boutique

To enhance any of your looks you can also get a cuff bracelet with geometric accents. This bracelet has been so popular lately and there is a reason why. You can simply wear it with any outfit you like.

Geometric jewelry, cuff bracelets
Cuff bracelets with geometrical elements for a super chic look

Left: Double Ended Cube Cuff Bracelet; Right: Black and Marble Effect Arrow Cuff

By Happiness Boutique

If you like these styling tips and ideas, feel free to check out these fashion bracelets from Happiness Boutique. They are pretty adaptable and versatile, therefore you decide how you want to style them.

9. Art deco inspired statement necklaces for a fun artsy look

We can find geometry even in the beaded artsy necklaces. These circular shaped necklaces are perfect for the spring and the summer to give you a more fun and colorful look.

If you want to dress them up you can combine them with white pants and a top that will match the colors of the necklace.

Art deco necklace, geometric jewelry, red top, clutch bag

Jazz up any of your looks by wearing an art deco necklace


This is a great look for the office or just to go shopping or to a brunch with friends during the weekend. Sometimes, it is just nice to have an outfit that could brighten up our day or put a smile on our face.

Art deco necklaces, casual outfit, black striped pants
For a playful girly look wear art deco necklaces

Via Pinterest

These necklaces are a great add-on if you have traveling plans. You can style them with a comfortable pair of pants and a graphic tee for a more easy going style. To finish off this look you can add a pair of flats or loafers. However, don’t hesitate to wear them with heels as well.

Geometric jewelry, geometric statement necklaces
Geometric statement necklaces are a great addition to any girly look

Left: Triangle Geometric Statement Necklace; Right: Sparkling Marble Statement Necklace by Happiness Boutique

Here are two modern, yet very fun to style and wear necklaces from Happiness Boutique. You can wear them with formal or casual outfits. It is always great to have a piece of jewelry that is pretty versatile.

10. Ear jackets with geometrical shapes for a girly style

If you are interested in a non-typical piece of jewelry that as geometric shapes you can for an ear jacket. Ear jackets look very feminine and remarkable. They are just like your typical stud earrings, but with a little twist.

Ear jackets

For a remarkable style wear geometric jewelry


Ear jackets are great to be worn in combination with other earrings or alone. In addition, these jewelry pieces are suitable for any type of a lady. You can wear them at all times with no effort. The sparkly details will definitely bring your feminine side.

Ear jackets
In addition to your girly add a pair of ear jackets

Via Pinterest

You have probably seen many kinds of ear jackets out there. You can go for a more simple or bigger size as well if you want to be more able to show your jewelry piece.

In case, that you really want to display your ear jacket you can pull back your hair or make a cute and trendy hair style.

Geometric jewelry, ear jackets
Geometric jewelry is always appropriate

Left: Tree of Life Crystal Ear Jackets; Right: Streamlined Geometric Triangle Ear Jackets by Happiness Boutique

Give an extra sparkle to any of your fashion style and occasions by adding one of these amazing ear jackets from Happiness Boutique.

Don’t hesitate to check out the rest of the collection → here. Also, if you are interested more on how to style your ear jackets, ear climbers or ear cuff, feel free to check out our blog post “How to wear ear jackets”.

geometric jewelry, earrings.gif

Finally, I hope you enjoyed these styling tips and ideas about geometric jewelry. As you can see they come in different shapes, design and styles. Make sure to add one or two to your jewelry collection because geometric jewelry is here to stay!

In addition, make sure to let us know what are your favorite styles and types of geometric jewelry. Share with us your opinion and if you would like to try out some of our suggestions.

Thank you & Happy Styling!


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