Gift Wrapping DIY Project

Holiday season is here, and a beautiful packaging is always appreciated. In today’s DIY tutorial, we are going to show you a simple way to create a gift package.

Gift package DIY project

Gift package DIY project

The tools you would need:

Tools needed for gift wrapping DIY project

Tools needed for gift wrapping DIY project


  • A pair of scissors
  • A craft knife
  • Gift paper (ideally with beautiful color or pattern, just to make the gift wrapping more fun)
  • Bolts of ribbon (the color of your choice)
  • The gift (we are going to use the homemade braided charm bracelet we created in a previous tutorial as the gift in this post)

Step 1: Cut the paper into a circular shape.

preparation - cut the paper

Preparation - cut the paper

Step 2: Position the bracelet in the center of round shape gift paper

position the bracelet

Position the bracelet

Step 3: Use craft knife to cut out 4 lines in the gift paper 

cut out lines in the gift paper

Cut out lines in the gift paper

Step 4: Insert the ribbons into the cut-out area of the gift paper 

insert the ribbons

Insert the ribbons

Step 5: Fix the bracelet with the ribbons 

fix the bracelet

Fix the bracelet

Step 6: Create a beautiful bow to finish the gift wrapping 

finalize the package with a beautiful bow

Finish the package with a beautiful bow

final package

Final package

Tip: Write something lovely inside of the gift wrapping paper, to make a gift more memorable and more personalized. 

tip: write some lovely words

Tip: Write some lovely words

How do you like this DIY project? would you give it a try? Please leave a comment and let us know which kinds of DIY tutorials you would like to see from us.

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