How to Wear Marble Jewellery - 4 Ways to Style Marble Jewellery with your Everyday Outfits

Marble is actually a metamorphic rock. It has been used centuries ago in ancient Rome and Greece for statues and buildings. Nothing glam about that, although for those times marble has been quite the star.

Fast forward to today and marble has once again climbed up on top of the design trends, this time for jewellery.

Many of you may be wondering how to wear marble jewellery and we’ve decided to suggest 4 ways to style this new and exciting trend.

1. Minimalistic marble studs go with everything

White marble stud earrings
Wear your chic marble stud earrings with casual or smart outfit
Casual or smart outfit - doesn’t really matter, whatever you choose it will go perfectly with these very trendy marble stud earrings.
They are small enough to be discreet and at the same time they can be a very important highlight of your look if you wear your hair up.
Marble is not sparkly, that is why a lot of people who prefer more delicate jewellery would fall in love with it.

2. Delicate marble stones with silver

White boho marble stone necklace
Combine your marble stone necklace with with a V-neck top or an unbuttoned shirt

(Featuring "Marble Stone Boho Necklace")

For the not so ‘in your face’ jewelry lovers among you, there is a subtle solution which on top of that is very popular at the moment.

Marble stone on a light silver chain makes a great delicate necklace, which gives your outfit an exquisite and feminine look. It goes great with a V-neck top or an unbuttoned shirt. It can also be found in black marble for more light coloured outfits.

3. Arm candy for the warm days

White marble cuff bracelet
Accessorise your outfit with this elegant marble cuff bracelet even better
Spring is here and short sleeves allow us to accessorise even better.
Silver or gold cuff bracelet featuring two finely cut marbles is the perfect eye catcher this season.
It can also be paired with all sorts of other bangles as it is versatile and goes with almost anything. Whites and pastels in combination with the marble will compliment each other, if you’re looking for more contrast then wear a dark coloured blouse or a shirt and you’ve got the perfect look.

4. Make a marble statement

Marble statement necklace
Wear your marble statement necklace with white or bright coloured outfit
We love jewellery but we LOVE statement jewellery! That is why we cannot miss the opportunity to suggest a brave touch to your white or bright coloured outfit.
Solid colours make the marble stone pop out and you will most definitely receive lots of compliments for your impeccable looks.
Statement necklaces with marble elements appeal to both fans of sparkle and shiny jewellery and the ones who’d prefer more earthy designs and subtle glam. And yet, there are such necklaces, like this statement necklace, that combine the best of both worlds.

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