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Being trendy is not only about top fashionable outfits, but also about your modern jewelry. In addition, we see more and more fashion bloggers, editors and stylists to make their jewelry a statement piece to their looks. The small details of the look are more important and emblematic than you think.

Modern jewelry. ear crawlers

Express yourself through the beauty of the modern jewelry

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Also, for a super remarkable and outstanding look, you just need to make your jewelry stand out from the crowd.

That being said, we are not talking about only bold modern jewelry pieces that you can spot from a long distance.  But rather an unforgettable piece that is part of the latest trends and can instantly refresh your any of your looks.

I hope you are interested in learning how to revamp your oldies or to make your newbies super fashionable ensembles that will definitely attract people’s attention.

Scroll down to learn more about our most favorite modern jewelry pieces. Hopefully you will like them as well!

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1. Get your modern jewelry look by wearing an ear jacket

The beauty of the ear jackets is their modern and outstanding design. Very girly and standing out from the crowd modern jewelry that is great to be worn to school, work or while shopping.

In addition, you can wear similar items to cocktail parties or other special celebrations as well.

Ear jackets

For a cute and fun look wear an ear jacket


Also, the best thing about the ear jackets is that they are very comfortable to wear, yet so remarkable and beautiful to look at. Plus, within second you can pick up a necklace to match it with your pair of ear jackets.

Modern jewelry, ear jackets
Ear jackets are so versatile and remarkable pieces of jewelry


Don’t be reluctant to try and wear it with super glamorous and elegant dresses. For example, to go to a wedding or prom night with such a pair of modern jewelry is absolutely creative and unique.

Ear jackets, modern jewelry In addition to your regular outfits add an ear jacket for a trendy look

Left: Tree of Life Crystal Ear Jackets; Right: Pearl Ear Jackets by Happiness Boutique

Here are two very elegant models that you can style to go to a special occasion or also suitable for everyday looks.

2. Denim and long dainty necklaces for a trendy casual wear

Streets styles have definitely set this amazing trend of wearing a cool pair of jeans along with a longer dainty necklace.

Any type of jeans could be worn with this style, you just need to accessorize them with a trendy delicate longer necklace preferably with a pendant.

Long pendant necklace, street style

In addition to your jeans wear a long pendant necklace


Also, if you want to stay comfy during the day you can go for a fashionable pair of mulles or flats. To be extra remarkable you can combine your ripped or distressed jeans with a nice top that has an interesting detail on it such as these very long sleeves.

Long pendant necklaces, denim, street style
Denim and long pendant necklaces are a perfect combo


On the other had, the ladies that prefer to keep it casual, yet chic - a comfortable pair of pointy shoes with a very small heel.

Also, feel free to get a pair of velvety shoes for a super feminine style. Lastly, wear a slouchy top and finish off by adding your favorite long necklace.

Delicate Necklaces, dainty necklaces with pendants
Dainty necklaces with pendants are always appropriate

Left: Half Moon Necklace; Right: Moon and Star Necklace Rose Gold

By Happiness Boutique

These two modern jewelry pieces with pendants are great for a very delicate and casual everyday styling. Great to be worn with a simple top and a pair of jeans. We leave the choice of shoes to your imagination. 🙂

3. Delicate shiny earrings for a girly everyday look

To have the perfect chic, girl or even casual style feel free to accessorize your looks with a pair of classy, yet shiny stud earrings. They are great with any style and so effortless to pair with anything you like.

Stud earrings, off shoulder dress, street style

All times favorite pair of earrings – the studs


In addition to your cute outfit and delicate makeup it could be a really nice final touch to create super trendy, feminine and stylish hairdo.

Plus, it is much easier to act when our hair is away from the face. Also, it would be easy to show your cute new pair of druzy earrings.

Delicate earrings, street style
For your working days accessorize with delicate earrings


The working ladies could also take advantage of this modern jewelry trend because the heavy and statement earrings are a bit harder to combine with an outfit and it takes longer to figure out how to put together the ensemble.

Modern jewelry, delicate earrings Delicate earrings never go out of style

Left: Druzy Stud Earrings; Right: Black Jewelled Earrings by Happiness Boutique

Give a little shine and sparkle to your girly and chic outfits by wearing a pair of jewelled earrings. The studs are perfect with any looks and the huggies are for those days when you want to go the extra mile with your look.

4. Septums got us like..oh what a remarkable style

Let us continue with another modern jewelry that will definitely take over any of your looks. For the attention seekers or the ones that always like to experiment with the newest trend we present to you the septum.

Don’t be afraid of piercings because this amazing modern jewelry is fake and could fit anyone.


For a super trendy and outstanding look wear a septum


A very outstanding piece of jewelry that may not be suitable for every type of lady, but definitely one to consider if you want to stand out from the crowd.

Although, it is not the usual type of earrings, bracelet or necklace, the septum is also so very easy to combine with trendy, chic, casual, boho or any fashion style that you have in mind.

Septum, street style
Make your outfit more interesting by wearing a septum


Of course, for the gothic, hipster, grunge, gypsy inspired fashion styles this modern jewelry is a must have. It is easy to apply on the inside of you nose and the outside looks so adorable and trendy.

5. Bold statement necklaces for an impressive look

To make an impression a bold statement necklace is what you need. These modern jewelry pieces are very details and this is their charm and beauty. For a very glam and remarkable style, the statement necklaces topped off with rhinestones are the best.

Statement necklace, modern jewelry

Simple tops in addition to your statement necklace for a balanced look

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Don’t hesitate to combine similar necklaces with a simple tank top or graphic tee to jazz them up a little. In addition, this way you allow your modern jewelry to completely conquer so to say your outfit.

Statement necklace, graphic tee, street style
Wear a statement necklace in addition to your graphic tee for a cool look

Legend Boho Statement Necklace by Happiness Boutique

As you can see when you pair a bold statement necklace with a graphic tee the result is a very cool rockstar inspired look that is perfectly suitable for your everyday outfits.

However, try to focus on simpler outfits because you don’t want to look distracting or tacky. For example, tops or bottoms that are colorful or patterned are not the best choice for this look.

A better way to style this bold statement necklace is, for example, a black dress for a glam look or a simple top will look very interesting and eye-catching when paired with the necklace.

Bold statement necklaces
Make your outfits more attractive by wearing a bold statement necklace

Left: Glamorous Over the Top Necklace; Right: Gypsy Statement Necklace

by Happiness Boutique

For a super impressive and remarkable style you need a super modern jewelry pieces such as these two suggestions from our collection. However, don’t hesitate to check out the other kinds of statement necklaces.

6. Metallic chokers for a futuristic look

As the warmer days are coming up the ability to fully accessorize your looks becomes so much easier. No scarves, no gloves, no hats and layers of clothes that prevent us from putting our favorite jewelry pieces.

Metallic choker

For a minimalist and futuristic style add a metallic choker

Via Pinterest

For example, a simple, but bold metallic choker is a great way to welcome these warmer days. Furthermore, they are definitely a very hot accessory that will instantly make your urban casual and chic outfits more cool and trendy.

Metallic chokers
Metallic chokers are so trendy and cool with any outfit

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In addition, their minimal design allows you to easily pair it with other jewelry pieces if you prefer that or simply with a basic top.

Metallic chokers are a great addition for many ladies since their appearance is very adjustable and flexible. It is possible to wear them in unlimited ways, all depending on your style.

Metallic chokers
Unlimited styles of the metallic choker and they all look amazing!

Left: Black Marble Geometric Choker Necklace; Right: Bubble Bliss Pearl Choker

By Happiness Boutique

Two amazing metallic chokers from Happiness Boutique that could perfectly decorate your neck during the whole year round. In case you need to learn more on how to wear chokers, please feel free to check out blog post about ways to wear chokers.

7. Remarkable statement rings for a bold look

For the ring lovers these following modern jewelry suggestions are so chic, elegant and feminine. Whether you combine them with other modern jewelry pieces or not, they are just enough to make your look fabulous.

Bold rings, statement rings, modern jewelry

Make a statement with your detailed and bold rings


Try to combine different kinds of statement rings if you prefer a bolder look. These modern jewelry items are easily styled with professional, chic or casual outfits. For example, a chunky soft sweater with a pair of high waisted jeans.

Statement rings, cluster rings
Cluster rings in addition to your casually chic outfits

Left: Gypsy's Treasure Ring Set; Right: Faceted Black Cocktail Ring

by Happiness Boutique

Here are two very visible type of cocktail or cluster rings that look very elegant, yet possible to wear them with daytime outfits.

Statement rings
Stack up your statement rings for a fuller look


In addition to your trendy and fun outfits feel free to add more elegance and uniqueness by wearing some sparkling and glam statement rings. They are a great add-on to casual or chic looks because their design is not very pretentious.

Statement rings A girly and stylish outfit can’t go without at least one statement ring

Left: Silver Bells Cocktail Rings; Right: Glint of Glamour Pearl and Rhinestone Ring

By Happiness Boutique

It is possible to combine also these modern jewelry pieces with more simple or delicate rings for a stacked effect. This is a popular look worn by many popular fashion bloggers around the worlds.

The cocktails rings are such feminine, yet versatile modern jewelry pieces that you can never regret of buying.

8. Long earrings for a stylish look

Whether you want to style your long earrings for your vacation summer outfits or for your working inspired chic looks - both ways are great! You will definitely look very elegant and sophisticated if you try to pull off this style.

Long earrings, summer looks

Add a pair of long earrings to your stylish outfits


These modern jewelry items are a great way for you to show your feminine and graceful side because they are best suitable with more girly and elegant outfits. For example, a loose skirt, trendy top with ruffles or an off the shoulder blouse.

Long earrings, working outfits
Working outfits and long earrings are a great combo

Via Pinterest

If you want to dress up in a very sophisticated way for your business meeting or work feel free to pull your hair in a ponytail to be able to show off your amazing earrings.

In case you want to be extra chic don’t hold back your love for the heels because these modern jewelry pieces look amazing with heels.

Long earrings
In addition to your outfit add a pair of long earrings

Left: Grey Pearl Long Earrings; Right: Glimmering Mirror Statement Earrings

By Happiness Boutique

These two pairs of earrings from Happiness Boutique are very appropriate for business and working days. However, their versatility allows you to style them even with your t-shirt and jeans during the weekend.

9. Tassel Earrings for a free spirited look

Tassel earrings are still in the top ranking of modern jewelry simply because they are such flexible and chic pieces of jewelry that no one can resist them.

In addition, they are great with beach wears, chic looks, or casual careless days when we just want to give a little twist to our boring outfits.

Tassel earrings

Accessorize your free spirited looks with a pair of tassel earrings

Via Pinterest

Most of the types tassel earrings remind us of the summer boho days, but they are definitely a great add-on to winter sweaters as well. They can give a pop of color to your monochromes and interest to your usuals.

Tassel earrings, casual looks

Give a pop of color to your everyday looks by wearing tassel earrings


In addition, the big variety of tassel earrings gives us the chance to pick up the exact pair that will suit our mood, character and personal style. You can go for very bright colors in the springs or earthy colors if you want a more boho look.

Colorful tassel earrings
For a fun and girly look wear these colorful tassel earrings

Left:Unique Tassel Statement Earrings; Right: Crystal Black Tassel Earrings

By Happiness Boutique

For a casual or boho inspired style feel free to check out this amazing unique tassel statement earrings. Or, for more glam and elegant looks, the crystal black tassel earrings with a couple of rhinestones could be a great option.

10. Modern jewelry pieces appropriate for school outfits

Let’s begin with the most favorite look of all times that is appropriate not only for school outfits, but for any age or type of lady that likes to be comfy and relaxed in her outfit - t-shirt and a pair of skinny jeans.

Minimalist rings, school outfits

Wear a stack of minimalist rings in addition to your school outfit


Now, if you want to accessorize your school outfit it is best to go for more delicate pieces such as a stack of delicate rings. In addition, the stacked rings are a very modern and popular way of wearing our favorite rings.

Long pendant necklaces
Long pendant necklaces are always great for your school inspired looks

Via Pinterest

Or, a delicate necklace combines with a ring could also be appropriate, especially if you go to university. Then ,just throw on your pair of trendy jeans and simple top and you are ready to spend the day at school and the library.

I hope this was interesting and engaging for you to read. Also, I hope you found some inspiration on how to style and wear your favorite modern jewelry pieces.

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If yes, please leave us a comment and share with us your favorite modern jewelry pieces. Feel free to comment which style in the list here you liked the best! We can’t wait for you to share your opinion! 🙂

Thank you & Happy Styling!


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