Statement Necklaces for Weddings

Statement necklaces for weddings could be a challenge to style with your dress. Therefore we are here to give you some style tips on how to style statement necklaces that are particularly appropriate for weddings.

It all depends on your dress and its neckline, and of course your own personal taste.

girl with wedding bouquet.gif

You can go for a classy pearl look or a remarkable and out of the box chunky necklace that will decorate your decolleté in a very noticeable, yet stylish and elegant way.

I hope you will like the following ideas and possibly inspire you for when your special day comes by.

Happy reading!

1. Pendant necklaces and V-neck wedding dresses for a retro inspired look

V-necks are great with pendant necklaces because you can perfectly balance out your neckline with the jewelry. You can either go for a longer chain with a pendant hanging off of it or a shorter necklace with many details such as crystals and pearls.

Wedding dress, pendant necklaces

Pendant statement necklaces for weddings in addition to a retro inspired dress

Via Pinterest

This retro inspired look is very simple, but so elegant and sophisticated. In fact, it is a great look for all the ladies that like to dance and have lots of fun during their special day.

A type of a dress as such allows you easily to move around and show your talents on the dance floor and the necklace is very comfortable and lightweight.

Sparkling necklace, wrap wedding dress
Wrap wedding dress and a sparkling necklace for a perfect wedding look

Left: Via Pinterest; Right: Pearl and Crystal Statement Necklace by Happiness Boutique

Here is another kind of an old-fashioned dress that would perfectly go with this beautiful pearl and crystal statement necklace from Happiness Boutique.

The simplicity of the dress permits us to try out more detailed and interesting necklaces. They could be just enough to amazingly accessorize our neck during our special day.

2. Ball gown wedding dress and crystal statement necklaces for a princess look

Some of us were dreaming to become a princess one day and many decide to make this wish come true on their wedding day. If you like crowns, detailed ball gown type of a wedding dress, then to finish your princess like look you can accessorize with a beautiful and feminine crystal statement necklace.

Ball gown wedding dress, crystal statement necklaces

For a princess wedding look wear a ball gown


Based on the type of the neckline you can choose if you want your necklace to be longer or more roundish so it matches your decolleté. The crystals will gently sparkle as you walk down the aisle or while you dance after the official ceremony.

Crystal necklaces, detailed wedding dresses
Detailed wedding dresses and a crystal necklaces for a princess wedding look


Being a princess could be hard, but being a well dressed princess is even harder. Therefore make sure to perfectly match your necklace with the other jewelry, if any, because otherwise you can end up with a very distracting look.

Statement necklaces for weddings, crystal necklaces
Crystal necklaces are the perfect add-on to your wedding style

Left: Princess Statement Necklace ;Right:Summer Days Statement Necklace

by Happiness Boutique

These are the two beautiful crystal statement necklaces from Happiness boutique that we can suggest to you try out if you want to achieve a similar look.

On the left, we have a very shorter sparkling statement necklace that is perfect for more round necklines and an elegant longer summer days statement necklace that is great for more deep necklines.

3. Colorful statement necklaces for a fun and joyful wedding look

To achieve a very fun and joyful look for your wedding you can accessorize your neck with a cute colorful statement necklace.

Once again, depending on your dress you can go for a layered statement necklace or a necklace with a big pendant design. In both cases, there is no doubt that you will look very beautiful and stylish. 

statement necklace

For a fun wedding look accessorize with a colorful necklace

Source unknown

This is a great look for all the ladies who prefer simple, but elegant dress that you can accessorize easily. Here, you can focus on the jewelry rather than the details of the dress.

Also, this is a great style for everyone who prefers to get married during the summer because you can rock this pretty colorful statement necklace.

Colorful statement necklace
Make your wedding day more joyful by wearing a colorful necklace

Source unknown

It is still a very elegant look, but you have played a little more with the colors rather than going for a plain white, pearl or crystal style that many of us prefer.

Give interest and distinctiveness to your wedding day by decorating with a colorful lipstick and a colorful statement necklace for a fun and happy wedding style.

Colorful necklaces for weddings
Endless options for colorful necklaces appropriate for a wedding

Left: Neon Colors Statement Necklace; Right: Timeless Classic Statement Necklace by Happiness Boutique

If you prefer to go for a fun and cute colorful style make sure to check out these two stunning and glowing pieces from Happiness Boutique.

However, make sure to check out the other statement necklaces from the collection because you might want to go for something more pastel colored or even chunkier.

4. Chunky statement necklaces for a remarkable and elegant style

Heart shaped or strapless gown are perfect for a chunky statement necklace that could be the centerpiece of your look. It is a more daring and bold style, but it looks absolutely fabulous and appropriate.

In addition, feel free to add other types of jewelry such as statement earrings or a sparkling ring to complete your accessorized style. 

Chunky necklaces, strapless wedding dress

Strapless dresses and chunky necklaces for an elegant wedding look

Source unknown

You will definitely get all the looks from the people if you pull off this look the right way.

For example, try to stay away from colorful necklaces in this case because you want to accentuate your feminine and elegant style rather than being fun and joyful as we mentioned in the previous point.

Strapless wedding dress, sparkling necklaces
Sparkling necklaces and strapless wedding dresses for an elegant style

Source unknown

Crystals are also a great idea when it comes to chunky statement necklaces.

It is very easy to pull together this look. Feel free to create a very feminine and romantic hairstyle that will allow you to show your statement necklace and make it the focal point of your look.

Statement necklaces
Crystal necklaces are so appropriate for a chic and classy wedding look

Left: Snow White Statement Necklace; Right: Flower Queen Statement Necklace by Happiness Boutique

The off white and crystal snow white statement necklace is so beautiful and elegant that you can never go wrong with it if you decide to go for a similar look. The matte colors in combination with the small crystals creates the perfect balance in a necklace.

Also, another suggestion for a chunky statement necklace would be this stunning flower queen necklace that will instantly make your dress more stylish and fashionable.

5. Bohemian inspired jewelry for a romantic wedding day look

Usually the boho-inspired wedding dresses are much looser and flowy than the other dresses. Also, the fabric seems lighter and in most cases the dress feels more casual than very elegant.

Furthermore, the bohemian style looks very romantic and easygoing because the bride has flowers in her hair and the hair itself doesn’t look perfectly styled, but more messy and wavy.

Wedding gown, boho inspired wedding looks, boho statement necklace

Boho inspired wedding looks are so remarkable and outstanding


To recreate a similar look feel free to create a very easygoing hairstyle and not so elegant and dressy wedding dress.

Also, to finish off the look add a big boho-inspired necklace that will be the key element that defines the style of your wedding dress. Here, again, you can go for different colors depending on your dress and personal taste.

Flower wreath, wedding looks, statement necklace
For a free spirited inspired wedding look add a flower wreath for to your dress

Via Pinterest

Having flowers in the hair is very typical of the bohemian fashion style. Therefore, if your dress doesn’t have any boho vibes focus on your hairstyle and hair accessories as well as your necklace.

For example, leave your hair loose and way and add a wreath of flowers on top. To become a flower child on your wedding it is better to have a colorful necklace that will make your day much brighter and joyful.

Long tassel necklaces, statement necklaces
Long necklaces with coins and tassels for the perfect boho wedding look

Left: Boho Statement Necklace; Right: Tribal Boho Tassel Necklace by Happiness Boutique

If you want to recreate this boho-inspired look make sure to check out these long tribal inspired necklaces from Happiness Boutique.

To add a little color to your wedding dress you can go for the tribal tassel necklace. On the other hand, to keep it all rusty and silvery get the boho statement necklace.

6. Open backs and long statement necklaces for a romantic look

If your big plans for the wedding day incline towards a more seductive, feminine and romantic look such as an open back, then make sure to accessorize it. For example, a long lariat necklace or simply a long feminine necklace could perfectly do the job.

Open back wedding dress, Long statement necklaces

For the ultimate attractive wedding look wear an open back dress

Via Pinterest

Here we have a long lariat statement necklaces for weddings with pearl accents for a very elegant and classy look. This style definitely requires your hair to be pulled back in a bun or whatever style you prefer and goes with your facial features.

Open backs looks very attractive and in many cases even more good-looking than a deep V-neck at the front.

Lariat necklaces, open back wedding dresses
Open back wedding dresses and lariat necklaces for an alluring look


In addition, this style definitely escapes the ordinary wedding look of a stiff dress that after one hour you would want to take off.

You can go for a loose and lightweight fabric for your dress, make a really nice hairstyle and to finish the look a long necklace that will gently dangle on your back.

Long necklaces Long statement necklaces for weddings and open backs for a stunning wedding look[/caption]

Left: Pastel Teardrop Necklace; Right: Moon and Star Y Necklace by Happiness Boutique

If you want to add a little color to your open back you can for this long necklace with colorful pendants or for a very feminine and delicate wear you can go for a moon and star Y necklace, both from Happiness Boutique.

7. For a timeless classy wedding look wear a pearl necklace

If you want to be very classy and elegant at your wedding make sure to wear a pearl statement necklace. You can never go wrong with pearls because they are so sophisticated and elegant. Plus, you can wear them with any type of a wedding dress. 

Classy wedding dress, pearl necklace

For a classy wedding look decorate the décolleté with pearl statement necklaces for weddings

Via Pinterest

Whether you decide to go for a very detailed or very simple dress you can still easily style your pearl necklace with the rest of your look. Also, many of us prefer to be classy at our weddings because it simply always looks good even if you go back to your photo album after years.

Wedding looks, pearl necklaces
Pearl necklaces are always a good idea for the perfect wedding look

Source unknown

Again, depending on the neckline of your dress you can go for a very chunky and short pearl necklace or for a longer pearl necklace, which will give you a rather retro vibe.

Also, feel free to add a matching pair of delicate or dangling earrings because we can never have too much pearls.

Pearl statement necklaces
In addition to your beautiful wedding dress wear pearl statement necklaces for weddings

Left: Pearl and Diamond Statement Necklace; Right: Pearl Galaxy Statement Necklace by Happiness Boutique

If you want to have an unforgettable classy style at your wedding day make sure to check out these two pearl necklace from Happiness Boutique.

Also, as you can see pearl necklaces are very different from one another. Therefore there is no chance that you won’t be able to find the right size, design, color or shape that will perfectly accessorize your look.

8. Casually chic wedding dress for an untraditional look

In contrast to your classy timeless look, many females prefer to escape the ordinary traditional style of a wedding dress.

Nowadays, we can go from a very casual to a boho-inspired and again to a very typical wedding dress. Limitless styles of dresses, which is great because we can always represent ourselves easily.

Unconventional wedding dress

Wear an unconventional wedding dress for a remarkable comfy wedding look

Via Pinterest

For example, you can go for a different color of your dress that almost doesn’t even look like a wedding dress.

Another alternative that is more casual, but very modern, stylish and comfortable. It looks cute and to make it even more interesting you can add a beautiful statement necklace.

Statement necklaces, wedding dress
Unusual wedding dresses in addition to a statement necklace for a cute look


Depending on your personal style it is possible to go for a tea-length dress or a very long dress. Both looks are really feminine, modern and fairytale-ish because of the loose fabric.

Also, based on the color of your dress and the other accessories that are part of your look, make sure to pick up the right necklace.

Statement necklaces, chunky pendant necklaces
Chunky statement necklaces for weddings are such a great addition to any wedding look

Left: Charm Statement Necklace; Right:Sparkling Marble Statement Necklace

by Happiness Boutique

To add a slight touch of color or sparkle to your beautiful dress make sure to focus on settled colors. They will almost blend with your dress such as these amazing pieces from Happiness Boutique.

9. Chokers and loose wedding dresses for a modern look

Chokers have been popular for some time now. Even though it is quite untraditional to wear them at weddings, at least nowadays, they could still make the perfect add-on to your look. They will definitely determine the style of your wedding look, but in a very chic, attractive and modern way.

Chokers, Loose wedding gowns

Get a real noticeable and trendy wedding look by wearing a choker

Via Pinterest

You don’t always have to be traditional or princess like to look like a goddess at your wedding. Feel free to experiment with different styles to find the right one for you and your body.

Stunning wedding dress, metallic choker
In addition to your stunning wedding dress wear a metallic choker

Via Pinterest

Metallic chokers could also be perfect when it comes to statement necklaces for weddings because of their simplistic and minimalist design. It will give you a very modern, chic and an atypical vibe. This is another great way to escape the ordinary look of the typical bride if that is your aim.

Chokers, metallic chokers with pearls In addition to a long wedding dress for a trendy look wear a metallic choker

Bubble Bliss Pearl Choker Necklace by Happiness Boutique

All the ladies who like to think out of the box could go for a more eccentric and distinctive look. Make sure check out this cute minimalist metallic choker by Happiness Boutique.

10. Sparkling statement necklaces for weddings

If the low cut dress or open back doesn’t catch your attention and you prefer a closed bateau or round neckline, then these following style tips are just for you.

Having such a neckline doesn’t mean that you don’t look attractive, beautiful or sexy. It is your attitude, posture and gestures that determine a woman’s beauty regardless of she is dressed. 

Wedding dresses, sparkling necklaces

Conservative wedding dresses and sparkling statement necklaces for weddings for a classy look

Via Pinterest

Wear shorter statement necklaces for weddings to highlight your neck and make it the focus of your look. You can go for classy pearls or a sparkling necklace that will glow your way as you walk down the alley.

Traditional wedding dress, sparkling statement necklace
Every traditional wedding dress needs a sparkling statement necklace


Choose your necklace according to your dress and the other accessories. If your dress allows you definitely go for something more chic and sparkling to give a twist to your dress.

Bright statement necklace
Wear bright statement necklaces for weddings in addition to your dress of choice

Dazzling Statement Necklace by Happiness Boutique

For instance, you can offer yourself a dazzling sparkling bright statement necklaces for weddings. It could make your dress very elegant, sophisticated and stylish right away.

statement necklaces, wedding beyonce.gif

Finally, thank you for reading and hopefully you liked these style tips and ideas on how you can accessorize your wedding look.

In addition, please leave a comment and let us know how did you look on your wedding. And, if you haven’t had a wedding yet which is your favorite style.

Make your wedding day unforgettable and your love story your favorite story!

Happy Styling!

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