The Art of Necklace Layering : 

a Hailey Bieber Inspired Guide

Discover how to stack and layer your favorite Hey Happiness necklaces. 

From mixing metals to balancing lengths, get ready to unleash your creativity and become a master of necklace layering!

Welcome to Hey Happiness’ guide to layer and stack necklaces, where we go through the tips and tricks Hey Happiness lives by. 

Inspired by the one and only Hailey Bieber, the queen of jewelry!

"Necklace layering is like composing a symphony of style.

Each delicate chain and shimmering pendant harmonize to create a melody that's uniquely yours." - Hailey Bieber

Source: Hailey Bieber on Instagram

Among the myriad of accessories available, necklaces stand out as versatile pieces that can elevate any outfit.

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Source: Hailey Bieber on Instagram

Start with a Statement Piece

Begin your necklace layering journey by selecting a statement necklace as the focal point.

 This could be a bold pendant, a chunky chain, or a unique design that catches the eye. 

This piece will serve as the anchor for your layered look.

Source: Hailey Bieber on Instagram

Consider Necklace Lengths

Mixing different necklace lengths is crucial for achieving a balanced and visually appealing layered effect. 

Combine short, medium, and long necklaces to create dimension and prevent tangling. 

A choker paired with a medium-length pendant necklace, for instance, can create a chic and stylish contrast.

Source: Hailey Bieber on Instagram

Play with Textures and Materials

Explore different textures and materials to add diversity to your necklace layers. 

Mix delicate chains with beaded necklaces, pearls, or leather for a unique and personalized touch. 

This eclectic combination will make your layered necklaces visually intriguing.  

Source: Hailey Bieber on Instagram

Minimalist Approach

While layering is about creating a dynamic look, sometimes less is more. 

Opt for a minimalist approach by layering delicate, dainty necklaces for a subtle and sophisticated style. 

This is an excellent option for those who prefer a more understated yet chic appearance.

Source: Hailey Bieber on Instagram

Source: Hailey Bieber on Instagram

Personalize with Charms and Pendants

Incorporate your personality into your layered necklace look by adding charms and pendants that hold sentimental value.

 Whether it's a zodiac sign, initial, or a symbol that carries special meaning, these personalized touches make your layered necklaces uniquely yours.

Necklace layering is an art that allows you to express your individuality and creativity through your accessories.

 By combining various lengths, textures, and materials, you can create a unique and stylish look that complements any outfit. 

So, go ahead, raid your jewelry box, and start mastering the art of necklace layering. 

Remember, it's not just about the jewelry; it's about telling your own story and Happiness through

 your carefully curated necklace layers. Ps, rules are meant to be broken!

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