Yummy Fruit Juice

We all love yummy fruit juice, it is refreshing and healthy, and it also gives you tons of vitamins 🙂

We were at this beautiful place called Wonderpots in Berlin. They have a fun & creative store design, yummy frozen yogurt and just recently started with fruit juices.

Check out some of our photos of the little place and juice recipes!

coffee in a cup

Fancy a moustache coffee?



Here are some cute details of the place:

Little decor details in Wonderpots, where you can get yummy fruit juice

Little decor details

Hanging notes

Hanging notes left by visitors

.... and tada! Here are our tasty juices: Holy Water (cool name, isn’t it? It's easy to grin when you're ordering) and Body Rocket:

Orangish Holy Water and Greenish Body Rocket

Orangish Holy Water and Greenish Body Rocket - Yummy Fruit Juice


Here are the recipes for these great juices if you want to give it a shot at home:


Holy Water

1 Fennel

1 Apple

1 Cup of Celery

1 Orange


Body Rocket:

Half a Pineapple

1 Orange

1 Apple

Half a Cup of Peppermint


Just put all your ingredients into a blender and whiz it up!

Give a try and let us know how you like your fruit juice!

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