How to Style Delicate Necklaces

There is no better time to bring out your delicate necklaces because they are back more than ever before and I am here to help you out a little by sharing with you some styling tips on how to wear your delicates!

If you are also a fashion victim of this trend, but you have moments of pure panic on how to style them accordingly, then you are at the right place! I just have one question for you - do you want to begin styling your necklaces like a pro fashionista?

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Don’t worry if you don’t have the eye for fashion to аssess whether your necklace would go well with your look because just by getting a glimpse at this blog post you can make your life easier and avoid making some mistakes when it comes to styling your delicate necklaces.

1. Go from longest to shortest to create a bolder look

When you want to layer your delicate necklaces to create a bolder look you can begin by the longest necklace and then go all the way to the shortest. This way you can easily see what goes well with your first necklace and then upgrade further until you achieve the wanted look.

Layered necklaces

Add dimension to your style by wearing many necklaces


You can effortlessly create a chunk of necklaces because symmetry and balance are out of style at the moment. You can mix and match different in size necklaces, with or without pendants, to end up with an original look with a modern touch. This style is great to be worn with V-necks or open necklines so you can accessorize your naked skin in a very feminine way.

V-neck with layered necklaces
In addition to your V-neck wear many necklaces for a fuller look

Via Pinterest

If you select mainly pendant necklaces you can begin with your largest pendant and work your way up, but you don’t need to stick to this formula since we said that symmetry is not a necessity for this trend. It is really up to how you want your end result to look.

2. Detailed tops and a delicate necklace for a neat and girly look

If you have a lot of detailed tops with different elements such as lace, ruffles, prints, cutouts, beads, then you can definitely take out your delicate necklaces because they are the perfect add-on to your embellished tops because you don’t want to over accessorize your look.

Long necklace on a detailed white top

Detailed tops in addition to your long necklace for a girly look


This way you have completed your style in a very delicate and girly way without being all over the place. No matter how twisted are your clothes, the delicate necklace is always a good idea in this situation because it looks very neat and well put together.

White tops with blazer
Simple long necklaces are the perfect add-on to your busy tops


The V-neck lace up tops have been trendy for quite some time now so if you are a owner of one of those don’t hesitate to pair it up with your delicate necklaces. However, I recommend that you stick to short and round necklaces that will adorn your naked skin and perfectly balance out the neckline of your top.

Patterned tops are great with minimalist inspired necklaces
Patterned tops are great with minimalist inspired necklaces

Via Pinterest

Don’t forget to rely on your minimalist designs whenever you want to wear a printed top because again you don’t want to make your whole outfit very distracting and tacky. Minimalist inspired jewelries are the perfect add-on to very detailed or patterned outfits.

3. Dainty necklaces and collared shirts for professional style

You definitely don’t want to look like you are going clubbing at work simply because bold necklaces are not the best option for the working environment. Stick to your delicates, open up your collared shirt a little and you are ready to rock the streets like a pro fashionista.

Dainty necklaces with blue striped long sleeves and denim jeans

Professional attire and dainty necklaces for a dressy style

Via Pinterest

If you want to combine your striped dressy shirts with delicate necklaces it is better to pick up very dainty chains with a clean design that will simply give a little twist to your working outfit. You need to pay attention when you style your jewelry because you want it to be appropriate for the working environment.

Collared shirts and delicate necklaces
Dressy collared shirts and fine necklaces for professional looks

source unknown

You can select one very long delicate necklace and a shorter one to create a layered effect. It will decorate the shape of your neckline beautifully. You can still make a statement by stacking your necklaces together, but stay away from bolder and daring designs.

For example, if you have a long minimalist necklace that you can pair up with a shorter and cute rose gold necklace with small pendants, you can create yourself a very girly and neat style. In addition, it goes well with any of your outfits that you have in your wardrobe.

Delicate necklaces
In addition to your simple wear add dainty necklaces to spice up the look

Left: Minimalist Necklace; Right: Three Circles Necklace by Happiness Boutique

4. Open backs and dainty necklaces for a feminine and stylish look

Dainty necklaces are great with open backs because they are simple, yet very feminine and stylish looking.  Depending on your open back (V-necks or off-the-shoulder top) you can turn your front to the back. This way you can complete your outfit in a very distinctive and eye-catching way.

Open back with a pendant necklace

Accessorize your open back with a pendant necklace


Fine necklaces are so discreet, yet very versatile and adaptable to any of your styles. Adjust your necklace according to your outfit because you want to start with the outfit and then accessorize. Also, this way you know exactly what types of jewelry you need to complete the look.

Open backs with a long dainty necklace
Deep open backs in addition with a long dainty necklace for a seductive look

Via Pinterest

If you want to achieve this look try to complement your deep V cut with a long discreet lariat necklace that would simply make your outfit more sparkly and interesting. In addition, open backs look very sexy and seductive, therefore it is better to go for delicate necklaces that are rather feminine and elegant because you don’t want to appear as you don’t have a taste.

5. Sporty chic outfits and layered delicate necklaces for a trendy look

Those of you who like to dress up in a comfy, yet trendy way you can accessorize your casual chic outfit with fine necklaces that are just enough to jazz up your look. Also, if you really want to stick to your plain basic clothes make sure to add a stack of sparkling and interesting delicate necklaces.

Dainty chains

Casually chic looks and dainty chains for a comfortable everyday wear


Another trick here is to let your other jewelries to take over your look. For example, you can over accessorize with bracelets and rings and let your dainty necklace to be the final touch of your outfit.

Leather jacket with stacked delicates
Stacked delicates in addition to casually chic looks for a perfect combo


The good thing about delicate necklaces is that even if you stack a few of them they still look very trendy and fashionable with your over decorated wrists and hands. Try to experiment with different in length necklaces to give dimension to your look.

6. Layer your choker with some delicate necklaces for a modern look

It is so easy to style a beautiful mixture of longer and shorter golden or silver delicate necklaces with a soft wrap choker that will definitely shaken up your look and give it a modern touch. Also, you are the creator of your own style therefore you’d be able to end up with a truly unique design that will represent your personality.

Choker with delicate necklaces

In addition to your choker add other trendy necklaces for a stylish look


Don’t hesitate to follow the trends in terms of fashion rings and add some tube shaped minimalist rings that will perfectly top off your fresh and modernistic looking style. With a stack of minimalist jewelry you could never look over-accessorized because of its simplicity and delicateness.

Lariat necklaces and basic choker
Basic choker and a lariat necklaces for a feminine style


Lariat necklaces in combination with a simple discreet choker look very modern because minimalist inspired designs are very trendy at the moment. They are great to be worn with open V-necks or other types of open necklines so you can show off your unique and creative style. These subtle pieces could be suitable for any type of a lady because they are not bold and very detailed.

7. Body chains in combination with a choker for an authentic style

Don’t be afraid to try new trends because they are easier to style than it seems. For example, if you have a golden chain choker or a minimalist choker, then you can transform your outfit into an extravagant and eye-catching ensemble by adding a body chain, which is also very in style right now.

Body chain with delicate necklaces

In addition to body chains wear other delicate necklaces for an edgy look

Via Pinterest

The combination of different minimalist designs looks very elegant and feminine. Try to pair up this type of a jewelry with more ruffled, pleated and flowy outfits for a truly girly style. Also, it looks very easily put together and elegant.

Delicate necklaces with body chains
Body chains in combination with delicate necklaces for an original look

Via Pinterest

My styling tip for delicate necklaces when you have an open décolleté is to combine long chains.  For example, a delicate choker for a modern and distinctive look. Chokers are worn en masse right now therefore no matter of the choker you choose you’d still be looking very up to date and stylish. On top of that, pre-layered necklaces could be purchased anywhere therefore you don’t have to think of how to style them if you are on-the-go lady.

8. Layer short delicate necklaces for a cute and girly look

Too many delicate necklaces? Said no woman ever. Yes, you can mix and match different types of short delicate necklaces with symbolic pendants to express yourself in a very cute and girly way. Also, feel free to add necklaces with fun and joyful pendants that are perfect for the summer days.

Short delicate necklaces

Stack many short necklaces for a cute and girly look


Jewelries are one of the easiest and fashionable ways to make a statement to your outfit and show your taste for fashion! Plus, you can get creative with your oldies and newbies to create a very original style that will definitely attract people’s attention. Also, you can combine different types of metals if you like a mixed style.

Delicate necklaces
Old and new delicate necklaces for a truly unique and trendy look

Via Pinterest

You can put together personalized necklaces with your initials or delicate necklaces with pendants such as this gold cactus necklace for a fun girly style. These types of necklaces are great for the summer careless times where you just want to have fun and feel the free spirits.

Delicate necklaces with pendants
Fine necklaces with cute pendants are great for everyday looks

Necklaces by Happiness Boutique

Delicate necklaces are definitely the best pieces to create a layering effect. Their effortless styling, discreet designs and the endless choices you can select from. You can go from fun pieces all the way to a feminine and elegant pendants. They can definitely gracefully accessorize your neck.

9. Short and long delicate necklaces for an easy-going casual look

The reason to wear one short and one long delicate necklace is because you can prevent your stack of necklaces from being tangled. No one likes to come back home from a long day and start detangling necklaces.

Short and long delicate necklaces, marble necklace

Get an easy going casual look by accessorizing with short and long delicate necklaces

Via Pinterest

You can give dimension to your look in such an easy and casual way.  But at the same time it can look very interesting and eye-catching.

Short necklace, moon necklace
For a casual look wear one long and one short necklace

source unknown

Plus, it is so easy to grab two necklaces that are different in length and put them together. This way you can complete your casual, dressy or even night-out look.

10. Wear different textured delicate necklaces for a fun look

The good thing about delicates is that you don’t have to wear only one. You can stack different textured delicate necklaces to make a very fun and remarkable design with a personal touch to it.

Layered delicate necklaces

A beautiful melange of different delicate necklaces for a remarkable look

Via Pinterest

For many of us it is hard to imagine how all of these necklaces will look together. Therefore it is always helpful to look at photos and get inspired. Ones again, if you want to achieve this look and combine different in texture delicate necklaces it is better to begin with the longest and work your way up.

Dainty chains
Mix and match different dainty chains for a distinctive style

Source unknown

Depending on the elements of the necklace you can effortlessly express your fashion style and personality. Whether it is a boho-inspired, dressy, chic, glam or simply everyday casual look.

For example, if you want to achieve a fashionable trendy look take different in length and texture necklaces. Focus on the ones with pearls and there you go! If you combine many delicate necklaces you can create your own statement necklace in seconds!

Pearl necklaces
Delicate jewels with pearls for a feminine and elegant look

Via Pinterest

The main styling tips to remember when wearing delicate necklaces is to mix and match long and short. Also, preventing your necklaces from tangling is important.  And another trick is to begin from the longest to the shortest. Especially if you want to give dimension to your look and achieve the layering effect.

Hope this was useful and informative for you! Please leave a comment in the section below sharing your favorite styles! What is your favorite way of styling your delicate necklaces?

Happy Styling!

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