Earrings for Women

For many of us the earrings for women are an inseparable part of our lives because they make our outfits better and this of course makes our days better, don’t you think?

In addition, if you love your ear to be beautifully accessorized and your outfits on top, then keep reading because in today’s blog post the focus is on earrings for women.

earrings for women.gif

It is hard to tell which style is very popular or what kind of an earring is best to be worn because we all have different taste, different facial features and lifestyle, therefore it is hard to impose only one style.

Statement earrings, pastel earrings

Pastel earrings in addition to a lace top for a feminine look

Pastel Colors Statement Earrings by Happiness Boutique

However, these following suggestions are great for all the ladies because we will explore many different designs, shapes and styles.

Keep reading to see how best you can style the earrings that suits your personality and fashion style! Happy reading! 🙂

1. Pastel colored earrings for a girly look

The combination of pastel colors on earrings for women looks very girly and stylish and at the same time very easy to style because of the settled and faded colors.

Statement earrings, pink roses, pastel earrings

For your girly moments wear a pair of pastel earrings for women

Pastel Colors Statement Earrings by Happiness Boutique

It is possible to wear all kinds of pastel colored earrings for women with your casual, dressy or chic outfits. In addition, feel free to add other jewelry pieces as well if you’d like. And, these type of earrings are great to be worn at any time of the year and for any kind of occasion.

Statement earrings, baby blue dress
Spring and summer days can’t go without a pair of pastel earrings


However, they are especially good in the hot summer days where we dress up in dresses and skirts. And they can make our looks much more pretty and well put together.

Throw on a pastel colored purse or shoes along with your earrings and you are sure to end up with a very stylish look.

Pastel earrings
Delicate or statement – pastel earrings are awesome!

Dainty Pastel Flower Earrings & Peach Passion Statement Earrings

By Happiness Boutique

Whether you prefer dainty or statement earrings in pastel colors Happiness Boutique got you covered. A wide range of beautiful jewelry pieces that can be suitable for any type of a lady.

2. Hoop earring for an edgy modern look

To achieve a combination of classy, stylish and edgy look make sure to hang on your ear a pair of classic medium sized hoop earrings. The great thing about these beautiful pieces is their flexibility and possibility of wearing them in combination with any other jewelry.

Bold hoop earrings, blue outfit

In addition to your edgy looks add a pair of bold hoop earrings


In addition, they can be styled according to the rest of your look, therefore they will make any of your outfits more edgy and stylish.

Hoop earring, faux fur
Faux fur, trendy shades and hoop earrings for a modern edgy look


It is always nice to have a pair of earrings that come and go to style from time to time and are so effortless to combine with any outfit. Also, they can be worn to work, shopping, brunches with friends or whatever activity you do and want to look just fabulous.

Hoop earrings
Give your looks an edge with these amazing hoop earrings

Classy Hoop Earrings & Hoop Earrings Gold by Happiness Boutique

Two pairs of hoop earrings from Happiness Boutique that allow you to express yourself because of their little twist to them.

Also, these jewelry pieces permit you to play around with them and style them according to your mood, fashion style and personality.

3. Stacked earrings for a funky look

Having many piercing is not the trends or fashion style for every woman. However, if you want to recreate this stacked earrings look make sure to go for fake piercings where you don’t need pierced ears to rock the look.

Delicate earrings, turtleneck shirt

Get a remarkable style by combining different pair of earrings in addition to a trendy top

Via Pinterest

On the other hand, if you are a fan and you looking for a job try to focus on more subtle pieces such as these small sized hoops. And, they will gently decorate your ear, but definitely not in a tacky way.

Delicate stacked earrings
Stacked earrings in addition to a simple tee for a funky style


No matter if you prefer gold or silver, the stacked trends is very funky, cool and shows your individual way of wearing jewelry, which is always great.

4. Crystal earrings for a vintage glam look

If you want to be remarked on the streets make sure to get a statement pair of earrings that have a vintage glam vibes to it. These pieces are very detailed and much appreciated by the fashionistas.

Statement earrings, long blazer, street style In addition to your cosmopolitan style wear crystal vintage glam earrings

Vintage Style Pink Statement Earrings by Happiness Boutique

This look you can be casually chic or very dressy, but the importance is to show your passion for fashion. You can go for a statement dangling earrings or for a more subtle, but detailed and sparkling pair of earrings.

Glam vintage crystal earrings, black outfit, street style
A sophisticated look needs a pair of glam vintage crystal earrings


Plus, you just need to throw on a pair of shades, bring out your womanly attitude and you are all set to conquer the world! Of course, the all black outfits are always great when we try to get the bossy vibe.

Statement earrings, crystal earrings
Crystal statement earrings are a must have in every woman’s collection

Crystal Fern Statement Earrings by Happiness Boutique

A pair of glowing sophisticated earrings never hurt nobody, especially on a bad day. Make your outfits more elegant and your days brighter by accessorizing with these beautiful jewelry pieces from Happiness Boutique.

5. Pearl earrings for a sophisticated look

Ageless, timeless, always trendy and styling, we call them the pearl earrings. Even if you are a pearl lover or not, you will definitely appreciate these two pearl earring suggestions. What a better way to make your outfit prettier than a pair of pearl earrings?

Pearl earrings

Classy, timeless and elegant – this is what you get by wearing pearls


In addition, these double ball earrings became so popular lately and we can tell why! So delicate, stylish and classy that no one can really say no to such a pair of earrings.

Delicate pearl earrings
Pearls will never go out of style, make sure you do the same

Via Pinterest

The variety of pearl earring on the market is enormous therefore whether you like dangling, statement, or delicate pearl jewelry you will have no problem in finding the right pair just for you.

Pearl earrings
Stay classy an elegant by accessorizing your looks with pearl earrings

Simplicity Pearl Earrings & Opulent Pearl Drop Earrings by Happiness Boutique

Loving the look? Then feel free to explore our collection of simplistic and drop pearl earrings. Impress people with your sense of style and class by simply adding a small detail to your outfit.

6. Drop earrings for a stylish look

As we speak of drop earrings there is no chance for these jewelry piece to go unremarked. Gently swaying along with your body as you walk and making your looks noticeable from miles. 

Drop earrings, white dress

In addition to your feminine outfits add a pair of drop earrings


Try to pair them with feminine outfits as well as with your casually dressy looks. They are very adjustable and flexible when it come to styling. Therefore even if you find it hard to put together your outfits you will have no problem with these stunners.

Drop earrings
In addition to your drop earrings don't forget a trendy lip stick color to complete the look

Timeless Classic Teardrop Earrings by Happiness Boutique

Another way to go is to create yourself a truly unique and stylish look with a pair of drop earrings. Regardless of weather you wear them with casual or dressy outfits you will definitely turn some heads.

7. Tassel earrings for an exotic look

Now we are talking about the hot summer days where we can put as many colors as we want and style our favorite exotic inspired earrings.

In fact, tassel earrings are the perfect addition to many different styles such as boho, chic, casual, you name it, but here we focus on the exotic side of their beauty simply because we miss summer.

Bold tassel earrings, blue tassel earrings
For a noticeable and exotic style wear colorful bold tassel earrings


Wear these jewelry pieces with your flowy and comfy dresses for a very careless, yet stylish and eye-catching look. In addition, you don’t need to focus on your outfit to make a statement if you wear such a pair of tassel earrings.

Bold tassel earrings
Exotic tassels earrings are great for vacations and special celebrations

Via Pinterest

Bold tassel earrings with exotic vibes to them are are to be worn with an off the shoulders tops as well because you can give emphasis on your earrings this way. Also, you can pair them with more girly outfits that contains lace, ruffles, pleats, etc.

Black tassel earrings Make your outfit more elegant and chic by adding a pair of tassel earrings

Crystal Black Tassel Earrings by Happiness Boutique

For example, these crystal black tassel earring from Happiness Boutique offer you the possibility to wear and style them the way you like. Black never goes out of style and it goes well with everything.

8. For a futuristic look wear minimalist earrings

If the lack of detail and boldness is your thing, then these minimalist inspired earrings are just the right jewelry for you. They are very modern, sleek and well polished. In addition, you can wear them to work, school or dinner parties.

The simplicity of their design tolerates all kind of fashion styles and individual tastes. If you’d like to learn more on how to style these amazing pieces please feel free to read our blog post about minimalist earrings.

Casual looks, minimalist inspired earrings

Minimalist inspired earrings are perfect for your everyday looks


Even though they are plain you can always spice up your look if you get an asymmetrical pair of minimalist inspired earrings. So easy to style and at the same time looking on point!

Minimalist earrings
Wear minimalist earrings in addition to your casual styles

Via Pinterest

On the other side, feel free to pamper yourself with a pair of delicate minimalist earrings. They are the perfect add-on for your day-to-day looks and also great for the ladies on-the-go that still want to keep their outfits fresh and modern.

Asymmetrical hoops, minimalist earrings
Minimalist inspired asymmetrical hoops are the perfect add-on to your outfit

Gold Asymmetrical Hoop Earrings & Asymmetrical Hoop Earrings by Happiness Boutique

If you are intrigued by the asymmetrical trend make sure to check out these two suggestions from Happiness Boutique. Very chic and modern, but at the same time escaping the ordinary symmetrical and balanced looks.

9. Wear statement earrings for a bold look

For all the women that love their jewelry to be their statement piece we recommend these glowing and elegant pair of earrings. Since they are not bright colorful you can effortlessly combine them with any outfit.

They are just there to make everything complete and prettier.

Statement earrings, bold crystal earrings

Bold crystal earrings in addition to your chic looks for a noticeable look


Compared to some other types of earrings where it is better to have a certain hairdo to show them, these beauties are great with your casual and easygoing hair. We all know what a challenge is to style one’s hair in a cute way.

Statement earrings
Glamorous statement earrings in addition to elegant outfits for a chic look

Happiness Statement Earrings by Happiness Boutique

For your elegant soirées and special occasions we present to you the Happiness Statement Earrings that have such a style and charm. Complete your look with a darker lipstick and a dressy outfits to achieve this look.

Feel free to read more on how to style your favorite statement earrings → here.

10. Colorful earrings for a summer delight look

Add a splash of color to your outfit with a beautiful and colorful pair of statement earrings. Make your looks less boring and ordinary by accessorizing with these jewelry pieces.

Statement earrings

Summer days and colorful earrings are the perfect combo

Via Pinterest

So vivid and bright, they are great for any day to put a smile on your face. Great for all the women who like to try out new jewelry pieces and to mix and match clashing colors.

However, they are not as hard to style as it looks, especially in the summer days when everything is so colorful and bright.

Statement earrings
Bright colors and girly looks for a perfect summer outfit


A trick is to pick one or two colors from the earrings as a base and work your outfit from their. For example, if the dominant color in your earrings is blue then you can focus on blue nuances and one more color that goes well with the primer color.

Statement earrings
Beach inspired statement earrings for your bright summer outfits

Timeless Classic Statement Earrings & Turquoise Statement Earrings by Happiness Boutique

From our collection, these amazing statement earrings are so stylish and the colors are so well combined together. These items will bring a lot of joy and happiness to your outfits.

11. All times favorite women’s earrings appropriate for every occasion

Now it’s time to explore the all times favorite women earrings and these are delicate earrings either plain or with rhinestone for an extra sparkle. There is no doubt that you haven’t seen these worn by your colleagues, roommates, siblings, friends, etc. 

Stud earrings with rhinestones

Rhinestone stud earrings are a must have in your collection


They are perfect for literally any time of the ear for any occasion. You can wear them without even having the need to take them off because they are that great and comfy. In fact, many of us like to wear them to simply keep their holes in the ears, but for others they are a true treasure.

Stud earrings

Timeless classy stud earrings are perfect for any lady and her style


Very simple and delicate, but enough to make your outfit look better and more cute.

Rhinestone druzy studs Delicate rhinestone druzy studs for any of your looks

Druzy Stud Earrings Rose Gold & Square Rhinestone Stud Earrings by Happiness Boutique

If you have already fallen in love with this look make sure to take a glimpse at these beautiful delicate stud earrings from Happiness Boutique. You can choose from a circle or a square pair of classy timeless earrings.

12. Delicate earrings for casual easygoing looks

For your everyday casual looks you can always go for a oh-so-simple and comfortable pair of delicate earrings. Here, the range of choice is enormous, but if you want to give a little interest to your outfit try to go for a colorful pair of studs.

Delicate earrings, long blazer, street style

Make your casuals more interesting by accessorizing them with delicate earrings


They are the perfect on-the-go pair of earrings that can accessorize any of your looks and they can be paired with hairstyle as well. These jewelry pieces could be the only element missing from ending up with a perfect outfit.

Street style, delicate earrings, casual outfits
Delicate earrings for women and casual outfits for the perfect daytime look


For example, you can combine similar earrings with a denim shirt and leather skirt for a super cool and hipster look. Plus, this combo is very trendy at the moment. Feel free to even DIY your denim shirt by distressing it.

Ear stud earrings Colorful ear studs in addition to your trendy easygoing looks

Black Octagonal Prism Ear Studs & Dainty Flower Stud Earrings

by Happiness Boutique

Also, these colorful stud earrings from Happiness Boutique are also great if you want to recreate a similar look. Throw on your favorite pair of jeans and a comfy top and you are all set for the day.

13. Geometric earrings for a fashionable wear

To be very fashionable is close to be very tacky as well, but these geometric earrings will never let you down. They look absolutely amazing and you can easily style them with your professional attires or more dressy outfits.

Geometric drop earrings

For a trendy wear don’t hesitate to wear geometric drop earrings for women

Classy Black & Gold Drop Earrings by Happiness Boutique

The shape and design of the geometric earrings defines their style and way of wearing. For instance, these triangular drop earrings are more appropriate for parties, business meetings or more formal events.

Geometric hoop earrings
For your fashion days add a pair of geometric hoop earrings for women


On the other hand, these geometric hoops are so sleek and chic, but could still be your key element to finish off your casual looks.

Furthermore, they are so versatile and effortless to pair even to a person that has always hard times putting together the outfits. Make sure to go through our collection of geometric hoop earrings for better looks on bad days.

Hoop earrings
In addition to your geometric hoop earrings add cool and trendy shades to complete the style

Geometric Hoop Earrings & Bold Hoop Earrings Gold by Happiness Boutique

14. Chandelier earrings for a feminine look

Carefully designed and created, the chandelier earrings are to be cherished because of their power to transform our outfits and make them more classy, playful and edgy. 

Chandelier earrings

Glam up your night out looks with some gold chandelier earrings for women

Via Pinterest

Try to pair them with an outfit that goes with the color palette of the earrings and you can also get a matching accessory such as a purse or shoes that will go with the earrings. Everything else is just details.

Chandelier earrings
Dangling chandelier earrings are great add-ons to any of your looks

Via Pinterest

The best thing about chandelier earrings is their gentle sound they make as you make your steps. Also, it could be very relaxing and captivating.

These dangling jewelry pieces could be the missing element from any of your looks. Furthermore, they are great with casual outfits as much as with dressy, boho inspired, street styles, etc.

15. Add a pair of marble earrings for a trendy look

Marble earrings for women have gained popularity lately, therefore if you haven’t explored their beauty yet, we suggest that you do. The marble design looks almost like a 3D effect and they seem as they can hypnotize you.

Marble hoop earrings

Get a 3D kind of effect to your look in addition to your trendy look

Via Pinterest

Very trendy and fashionable, the marble earrings for women have a unique and sophisticated vibe to them. In addition, they always look very luxurious and fashionable. However, they can easily be worn with your plain and basic outfits as well.

Marble stud earrings
Wear marble earrings in addition to your casual looks


Also, they come as statement pieces, but most people prefer the subtle stud version of them.

Marble earrings Add style and elegance to your outfit by wearing marble earrings for women

Pretty Marble Stud Earrings & White Marble Delicate Earrings by Happiness Boutique

Also, for all the ladies who want to keep styling their outfits in a very elegant and trendy way, and of course, for all the ladies who like to try out these stunning pieces you can opt for these two pairs of earrings from Happiness Boutique.

16. Chunky earrings for a noticeable oversized look

Are you tired of the same old pair of earrings? Then pick up some real chunky earrings for a remarkable look.

earrings for women, chunky earrings.gif

Also, bold statement necklaces could be harder to style because of their size and colors, but it is definitely worth the try. Especially if you want to renew and refresh your style. 

Statement earrings

Get noticed with a pair of oversized chic statement earrings for women

Via Pinterest

For instance, select a chunky jewelry pieces with some pearl elements and also rhinestones for a very daring and bossy look. Also who says that we can’t wear statement earrings because these look very appropriate regardless of their size.

Statement earrings, casual looks
In addition to your trendy to wear some bold earrings for women


In addition, if you are the type of person that likes to dress up in dark or black outfits, then you are more than welcome to give them a try!

17. Boho earrings for women for a careless look

Last, but not least, one of our most favorite boho-inspired earrings that reminds us of the careless hot summer days!

Boho statement earrings, chunky boho necklace

In addition to your free spirited look wear big silver boho earrings

Source unknown

The boho and gypsy inspired looks are all about being over accessorized. Meaning that you can go from a single pair of earrings to a very decorated with all kinds of other jewelry pieces look. For instance, a statement bold necklaces combined with stacked rings or even body jewelry.

Boho inspired earrings
Dream-catcher inspired earrings in addition to loose outfits for a perfect boho look

Via Pinterest

However, there is something special and unique about the boho fashion style. And, it seems like they have the power to brings back good memories and feelings from our free spirited moments.

Also, you can style these women earrings the way you like because they are very flexible.

Depending on your style, they are great for chic, easygoing, symbolic, trendy or elegant looks. It is all up to you to experiment with them!

Statement earrings, boho-inspired earrings
Earrings for women for your comfy and free spirited outfits

Pom Pom Earrings & Boho Statement Earrings by Happiness Boutique

Whenever you are looking for the perfect pair of boho earrings try to focus on more earthy colors. Another way to go is to aim for colors that remind you of the beach. For example, something in the ocean and sand color palette.

Our suggestion is these two pairs of earrings for women from Happiness Boutique that are a great example of boho inspired earrings.

Also, I hope you enjoyed this list of women earrings and found some inspiration on what kind of earrings are trendy at the moment and how you can style them.

earrings for women, happy girl heart.gif

Finally, if the answer is yes, please leave a comment below letting us know what kind of earrings do you like to wear the most. And also what new pair of earrings for women would you like to give a try in the future.

Thank you & Happy Styling!

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