Good Vibes

good vibes interview with model Johanna

good vibes interview with model Johanna

First of all please tell us your name:


What do you do at Happiness?

I work as a model for Happiness Boutique

You always look like you are in a good mood in the photos - what tricks do you have that make sure there is a smile on your face?

It’s always good fun shooting with Paolo Lafratta who’s the photographer. We put on some good music and don’t take ourselves too seriously and speak nonsense Italian (which in my case is really limited). I am a happy person in general but good music, good vibes and a good working-attitude definitely helps!

When you are feeling grumpy, is there a song you listen to that always makes you feel better?

At the moment it seems to be „Like a prayer“ from Madonna. What also helps are all kinds of old school Hip Hop songs or music I listened to when I was a child.

Can you describe your happiest memory?

Fortunately I had a lot of happy moments in my life. But one of the happiest moments was also one of the saddest: After school I spent a year abroad. The day I came back, stepped out of the airport and saw my family I understood that this was the end to an amazing time I had. This made me extremely sad, but it also made me extremely happy because I realized how precious and wonderful that year was! And it also meant that I was back home with my family which is really important to me. Save Save

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