Statement Necklaces For Weddings

First off, congratulations on your recent engagement, how exciting?!? But now it’s time to buckle down and work on your bridal style. What do you want your bridal look to say about you? What type of bride will you be? Check out the following guide to choose the perfect statement necklaces for weddings.

Most women dream about the dress they will walk down the aisle in for years. And it is our quest to help you determine how you will accessorize that dress. So we bring you statement necklaces for every bridal type.

1. The Traditional Bride

Statement necklace
Feminine necklace for a traditional bride

{Featuring Elegance And Diamond Statement Necklace In Grey}

For the traditional bride you want to choose a statement necklace that complements your overall look. Choose a more feminine and delicate piece that adds just a hint of sparkle to complete your look.

2. The Boho Chic Bride

Layered necklace Layered chains for a Boho Bride

{Featuring Timeless Pearl Layered Long Statement Necklace}

If you are more of a laid back bride and your bridal look is more relaxed and flowy, opt for a necklace that is more long and layered. A layered pearl piece will still give you that romantic feeling without looking too traditional.

3. The Romantic Bride

Love infinity delicate necklace
Simple and dainty for the romantic bride

{Featuring Love Infinity Necklace In Silver}

For the bride who envisions a more romantic and whimsical wedding look, you want to choose a daintier necklace that will soften your bridal look. Something simple and elegant will be the perfect touch to your wedding look.

4. The Princess Bride

statement necklace
Bold and crystal encrusted for a princess bride

{Featuring Crystal and Silver Cluster Statement Necklace}

If your vision is to be a Disney princess on your magical day then a beautiful cluster of crystals and gems is just what you need to complete your bridal look. Choose a piece that will become the focal point and allow the necklace to speak for itself.

5. The Non-Traditional Bride

Statement necklace
Different and colourful for the Non-Traditional Bridal look

{Featuring Stunning Tri Colored Statement Necklace}

If your wedding day vision is not filled with tulle, lace and everything white, not too worry, we have just the piece for you. Celebrate your personality with a tri-coloured statement necklace. Choose a piece that reflects you as an individual; the contrasting colors are perfect for all of you non-traditional brides.

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