Join Us & Take A Smile

A while ago, we saw an interesting picture on internet. Someone has created a "take a smile" with stripes of smiling face symbol " 🙂 " for people to take away. That picture instantly got our attention. Pondering on the idea, we were thinking: how wonderful would it be to come across these sweet smiles on the street one day?! And then a even better thought came across our mind: what if we create some of these lovely smiles and offer the passers-by a little break from their stressful routine?

So we did! A couple of weeks ago, we planned & executed our first "take a smile" campaign in Gendarmenmarkt in Berlin. It was fun! Watching people passing by and taking the smiles is certainly rewarding, and by seeing the smiles on other people's face made us feel incredibly happy as well!

Take a smile - all ready

Take a smile - all ready

Take a smile - it is looking good!

It is looking good!

take a smile fun campaign by Happiness Boutique

take a smile - go ahead and grab one! share this post to spread good vibe!

A small act of kindness may change someone else's day. We love to spread positivity and have fun along the way. Hope we've also brighten your day too as you are reading this post. Have you done something kind and nice to others today? What are your thoughts on random acts of kindness? Please share with us in the comments, and let us inspire each other! 🙂

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