Style Tips on How to Wear Asymmetrical Earrings

The mismatching trend of the asymmetrical earrings have been gaining popularity lately.

Furthermore, in this blog post you can learn about different style tips on how to wear asymmetrical earrings and maybe you can find inspiration and your own ways on how you would like to wear and style them.

Also, if you are one of those people that loses an earring from time to time, now you don’t need to consider it as a huge problem because you can rock a single earring with no effort.

Usually people like to either keep only one earring hanging off their ear or buy an asymmetrical pair of earrings and rock the style. In addition, to pull off this trend please keep reading and hopefully you will find the right style that is suitable just for you! Happy reading!

1. Ear crawlers for an impressive appearance

First of all, let us begin with a pair of impressive and easy to remark earrings such as these ear crawlers. They can truly bring attention to your outfits in a very effortless way. It is possible to wear only one piece on the ear and get creative with the other ear or leave it as it is.

Casual wear with asymmetrical ear crawler

Get an impressive look by wearing an asymmetrical ear crawler

Asymmetrical Ear Crawler by Happiness Boutique

As you can see, these items are so easy to combine with casual outfits. However, don’t be reluctant to try and pair this beautiful asymmetrical ear crawler from Happiness Boutique with your elegant and chic looks as well.

Ear crawlers, Asymmetric In addition to your asymmetrical ear crawlers wear stylish and eye-catching clothes

Left: Asymmetrical ear crawler; Right: Asymmetrical ear cuff

By Happiness Boutique

In addition, make sure to check out these really cool and outstanding pieces by Happiness Boutique because they will definitely give you the needed sparkle and glow to your look. It is up to you how you would like to style and wear these ear crawlers.

Delicate ear cuff
In addition to your simple outfits wear a delicate ear cuff for a jazzed up style

Asymmetrical ear cuff earrings by Happiness Boutique

Also, besides your casual and fluffy sweaters try to add this rather subtle ear cuff to jazz up your look. It is very easy to style and wear with almost any outfit that sits in your wardrobe. Unlimited options and designs therefore you will effortlessly find the right one for you.

Asymmetrical earrings Accessorize any of your looks with a pair of asymmetrical earrings

Asymmetric Ear Cuff Earrings by Happiness Boutique

Interested in the look? Accessorize your ears with these shiny and edgy beauties by Happiness Boutique. Feel free to wear only the little one in case you don’t feel like a fashion diva and don't want to show your daring side at this time. Also, it is always nice to have a piece that is so adjustable to any of your looks, yet very daring and noticeable. Anything you could ask from a pair of trendy earrings.

2. Asymmetrical ear jackets for a funky cool look

Ear cuffs are very majestic and evident, but ear jackets would adorn your ear in a very funky cool way. In addition, they also look remarkable on the ear, but in a more subtle way. 

Asymmetrical ear jackets

Wear asymmetrical ear jackets for a cool and funky look


In this case, you can wear a very delicate and almost invisible pair of earrings on one ear and make your other ear the focal point of your look by decorating it with a spiky and colorful ear jacket. In addition, this look is great for night-outs, special celebrations and fashionable styles.

Ear jackets
You can mix and match different earrings with your ear jacket for a super cool look

Tree of life ear jackets by Happiness Boutique

To pull of this look you don’t need many fashion skills because you are the creator of your own design. You lead the parade and guide each piece, which is truly amazing to have such a trend. It becomes so effortless to be super trendy and cool looking.

Ear jackets Choose the right pair of ear jacket in addition to your trendy outfits

Left: Tree of life crystal ear jacket; Right: Joy ear jackets by Happiness Boutique

Here are some suggestion pieces from Happiness Boutique if you want to try out this rising asymmetrical trend. Simply take a pair of one of your favorite old earrings and combine it with one of those pieces. Also, you can always wear only your brand new and trendy ear jackets. Feel free to check out some other cool ear cuffs and ear jackets from the collection.

3. Geometric dangle earrings for a chic style

If you are a go-go girl that likes the latest things in fashion, then you also need these pieces in your life! A pair of stunning and dangly geometric asymmetrical earrings that will instantly make your look more chic, modern and elegant.

Geometric dangling asymmetrical earrings

In addition to your modern outfits wear a geometric dangling asymmetrical earrings

Via Pinterest

Wear them with a smile and confidence with your casually chic, in style or working clothes. They may remind you with nostalgy of the coquette style from the 70’s or 80’s, but when paired with your modern clothes they look just fabulous. Let these perfectly shaped earrings to softly swing as you rock the streets or your working office like a fashion diva.

Gold asymmetrical dangling earrings
Asymmetrical dangling earrings could be the perfect add-on to your stylish outfits

Via Pinterest

Great to be worn with more single colored or rather simple outfits so you let the earrings to be the center of attention. Such pieces with bring your look a certain charm and style that is very particular to this type of earrings. You can definitely try them out.

Modern asymmetrical statement earrings Decorate your elegant outfits with a pair of modern asymmetrical statement earrings

Left: Peace & Unity Asymmetrical Earrings; Right: Black Absolute Geometry Earrings by Happiness Boutique

Great geometric asymmetrical earrings that are made with elegance and sophistication. If you can’t wait to style these pieces feel free to click on the links below the photo and explore the world of the perfect geometry and fashion style offered by Happiness Boutique.

4. Dangling earrings for an elegantly modern look

Glamorous hairstyles, red lipstick and elegantly modern looks is what really goes well with a pair of dangling, yet delicate pair of earrings. However, don’t hesitate to add colorful dangling earrings that will alter your whole look and make it more fearless and daring even if you wear them during the day.

Pearls asymmetrical dropped earrings

Pearl asymmetrical dropped earrings for an elegant look

Source unknown

Furthermore, these type of earrings are great for all the ladies that want to feel feminine and stylish. Playing with the shapes and the the structure of the earrings to find you own way of wearing them to end up with a truly unique style.

Pearl dropped asymmetrical earrings
Dropped asymmetrical earrings for a red carpet look


The dangling regardless of their length could still embellish your ear when you are styling your casual or casually elegant outfits. Also, they will help you to elongate your neck in a very feminine and graceful way. Throw on your favorite clothes and show your sense of style by accessorizing with these elegant and subtle dangly earrings.

Add sparkle to your outfit with a pair of glowing asymmetrical earrings
Add sparkle to your outfit with a pair of glowing asymmetrical earrings

Star & Moon Earrings by Happiness Boutique

To recreate this dangling effect and rock it like a pro fashionista you can get a glimpse at these sparkling and delicate dangling earring from Happiness Boutique. Very versatile pieces because you can wear them casually since they are very discrete or they can give just enough sparkle to your dressy looks.

5. Bold earrings for a diva daring look

asymmetrical earrings.gif
These following asymmetrical earrings definitely make the look. No matter of your outfit they will help you to attract people’s attention. Be daring and chic by indulging into one of those pairs of earrings.
Asymmetrical earrings with symbolic figures for a magical look
Statement asymmetrical earrings with symbolic figures for a magical look

Via Pinterest

As you can see this pair of asymmetrical earrings consists of two different in shape bold earrings that will bring a lot magic and symbolism to your look. Great to be worn with rather simple patterned or monochrome outfits so you don’t look like over accessorized Christmas tree. However, the style is very trendy and stylish at the moment therefore feel free to experiment with other similar looks.

Asymmetrical earrings Colorful asymmetrical earrings to give a pop of color to your looks

Left: Colorful Asymmetrical Earrings Right: Contrast Crystal Earrings by Happiness Boutique

If you’d like to add to your jewelry collection a pair or two of asymmetrical earrings that will instantly make the look you wear more daring and fearless, then check out these statement asymmetrical earrings from Happiness Boutique. Also, they are much easier to style than it looks because they are not oversized or bright colored.

6. Asymmetric stacked earrings for a trendy look

If you like the effect of the fake piercing or simply you have already many piercings go ahead and stack your earrings to recreate this super cool and trendy look. You would need different kinds of earrings that could be your oldies and newbies, and place them the way you like. This is a truly unique and original look that you can rock day or night.

Choker, Asymmetrical earrings for an ultimate trendy look

Stack your asymmetrical earrings for an ultimate trendy look


Even though there are many earrings combined together you can still make it elegant, funky, fashionable or a cool look. Andi, it really depends on the type of earrings you combine. Also, try to pair many helix earrings with some sort of belly button earring or an ear jacket. It looks very cool!

Stack of asymmetrical earrings
For a truly unique look wear a stack of asymmetrical earrings

Via Pinterest

A great look that could be styled any time of the day and time of the year. In addition, it is great for parties, birthday celebrations or to go shopping or a weekend brunch with friends. It very lightweight and comfortable to wear therefore  you can wear it any time and at the same time looking super trendy.

7. Subtle asymmetric earrings for a feminine look

To achieve this romantic and feminine look you would need different pairs of subtle earrings to hang on your ears. In addition, this style is great with rather flowy loose and girly outfits in combination with subtle earrings to complete the look. Also, you can buy an already combined pair of asymmetric earrings or if you are on a budget you can join together two old pairs of earrings and still look great.

Asymmetrical earrings

Subtle asymmetrical earrings in addition to your romantic looks


Very appropriate for daily and also nightly outfits, especially if your hair is down because they would be hard to notice, therefore it is better to create a hairstyle where people can see your creativity and personal touch. Also, these piece will embellish your ears in a very original and individual way since you decide how to style and wear them.

Delicate asymmetrical earrings
In addition to your delicate asymmetrical ear jackets make a cute hairstyle

Via Pinterest

For your next Halloween you can style your hair in a retro glam style and add these beauties to complete the look. Or, style them for your Christmas party or Birthday celebration and you will look like a celebrity on the red carpet.

Silver asymmetrical earrings In addition to your delicate asymmetrical earrings wear stylish outfits

Left: Asymmetrical Earrings; Right: Silver Serenity Earrings & Clip on Ear Cuff by Happiness Boutique

If you want a pair of these out of the ordinary and unique designs of earrings make sure to go the Happiness Boutique website and find a collection of ear cuffs and ear jackets that are exclusive and fashionable. Who can say no to earrings that are so trendy and effortless to style? I can’t! 🙂

8. Hoop asymmetrical earrings for a stylish look

Last, but not least are the asymmetrical hoop earrings that are very simple and minimalist inspired. Or, you can go with detailed hoop earrings and choose a size that goes with your face. However, don’t go for really big hoop earrings if you have a smaller face so you don’t give the illusion that it is even smaller. And, of course, if your appearance allows it buy any type of hoop earrings that are asymmetrical and show the world your creativity and cool sense of fashion!

Asymmetrical minimalist hoop earrings

In addition to your outfit wear a pair of asymmetrical minimalist hoops


Also, feel free to add other types of jewelry to your ear if you like more accessorized look. In addition, the style that you create depends on your facial features and outfits therefore pay attention to these small details. Furthermore, don’t forget that the little things make up the big changes!

Asymmetrical hoop earrings For a super modern and trendy style wear a pair of asymmetrical hoop earrings

Asymmetrical Hoop Earrings by Happiness Boutique

If I inspired you in any way to go for asymmetrical hoops you can check these minimalist inspired and lasting items from Happiness Boutique. In most cases when you purchase a piece that is very simple with clean lines, then you know you have bought yourself a timeless piece that one day or another it will still make its comeback.

Finally, I hope you enjoyed this blog post and you learned some new style tips on how to style your asymmetrical jewelry. In addition, there are many options out there. Therefore you just need to go and play with different sizes and shaped to see which one fits for you. And, make sure highlight your natural features.

Please leave a comment to let us know what is your favorite type of asymmetrical jewelry and if you’d like you can share with us new ways on how to style asymmetric earrings.

asymmetrical earrings.gif

Thank you & happy styling!

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