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Be sure to dazzle with our selection of earrings for women. From timeless pearl earrings, to rose gold stud earrings, or bold statement earrings. Whatever the style, our stunning pieces will help your style really shine.


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Earrings are often one of the first things you put on in the morning, and the last thing you take off at night, so you want them to be the right ones. You want to make sure the earrings you wear mirror your personality, emphasize your mood and compliment your individual style. And luckily, it's easy to find the perfect accessory from our vast and varied collection of earrings at Hey Happiness.

For a more classic look, we have pearl drop earrings. Elegant and simple, they are designed to flatter a polished and sophisticated outfit. Balance a tailored pinstripe suit for the office with a understated pearl drop earrings, or for a more formal occasion the timeless pearl earrings would be luxurious shown off next to a bare shoulder and slinky dress.

A pair of smart black earrings can take you a long way and suit almost any occasion. From our black teardrop earrings encased in a golden metallic swirl design, to long black triangle 'drip' earrings and to our whimsical black tassel earrings, there is a style and era to work with any outfit. Another accessory guaranteed to outlast the seasons are our turquoise earrings. Contrasted with white gems or sparkling rhinestones, turquoise is a colour that demands attention. Worn against a healthy tan and bright patterns, it's a trend that is bang on for summer.

For the young-at-heart, looking to show off their playful nature and urban attitude, we have modern ear cuff earrings. They are something different and distinctive. And these ear cuffs come with personality. Bold and daring, and decorated with charming flowers, they are something exciting. Our clip on earrings also run in the same vein. Great for adding that extra little detail to your outfit, the smaller pieces can be worn high on your ear, or if your ears aren't pierced at all, then the full clip on earrings will be just the thing you need.

And for the discerning bride-to-be: opulent, exquisite bridal earrings. With their luscious tones of cream, peach, champagne, and milky white, these earrings are essential to complete that once-in-a-lifetime wedding outfit. Whether for the modern bride, for prom night, or just for a celebratory night out, our selection of long earrings, including the decorative chandelier earrings will have you covered. Choosing that perfect pair of fashionable, stylish earrings has never been so easy!