How to Style Charm Necklaces

Charm necklaces are one of those jewelry pieces that almost any girl has in her jewelry collection. If you are one of those people, make sure to keep reading to hopefully learn new ways on how you can style your favorite items.

charm necklaces, ice cream charm.gif

Charm necklaces can range from very delicate pieces to chunky necklaces with big charms on them that is almost hard to say that these are charms.

However, if you believe in the object that is hanging from your necklace, then you can say it is a charm.

Also, I hope you will enjoy reading this fashion blog and you will find these following styles attractive and trendy. Let us begin exploring the amazing and magical world of the charm necklaces!

Happy reading!

1. Piled up delicate charm necklaces for your everyday looks

If you like to combine many charm necklaces at once this is perfectly fine because this look is very trendy and popular at the moment.

In addition, try to pair different short charm necklaces with charm for a super casual and relaxed look that you can rock on a daily basis.

Charm necklaces, black outfit, stacked bracelets

Add a stack of short charm necklaces in addition to your trendy outfit


Feel free to add other jewelry pieces if you like such as a stack of bracelets and rings to enhance even more this type of piled up look. Also, you can wear this style with jeans, comfy dresses or pencil skirts paired up with a cute simple top.

Charm necklaces, street style, casual looks
Short charm necklaces are a great add-on to your casual looks


Wearing many charm necklaces is definitely not an over accessorized style, therefore don’t worry of looking tacky or distracting. However, for this particular look it is better to stack up short and delicate necklaces with cute charms.

2. Delicate necklace with a single charm for a cute and feminine look

For your romantic nights or girly moments feel free to wear a delicate necklace with a single charm on it. Furthermore, try to pair this type of a necklace with cute and elegant dresses so you can emphasize your femininity. Green velvet dress, charm necklaces A velvet dress in addition to your charm necklaces for a romantic look


For a super romantic and elegant look feel free to wear a slip on velvet dress. Everyone has been talking about  these dresses, therefore if you haven’t try them out - make sure you do.

Also, to complete your dreamy look add a delicate necklace with a single charm for a very gentle and discreet style.

Single charmed necklace with pearl, street style
For a classy and girly look wear single charmed necklace with a pearl

Via Pinterest

Another way to go is by styling a jacquard pleated skirt with a top that is tucked in the skirt and end up with some heels. Don’t forget to add your delicate necklace, but this time you can go for a classy pearl charm.

Summer looks, plated charm necklaces
Plated charm necklaces are perfect for your summer outfits

Via Pinterest

During the hot summer days where you still want to look very cute and feminine, try to wear a simple dress with lace details and end up your look with a delicate necklace with a plated charm hanging off of it.

In addition, feel free to add a straw hat to keep your face away from the sun rays, which will help you to maintain your skin smooth and healthy.

Heart pendant necklace, pearl pendant necklace
Pearls and hearts for the hopeless romantic ladies

Left: Solid Heart Delicate Necklace ; Right: Timeless Single Pearl Necklace

by Happiness Boutique

Get a romantic inspired necklace from Happiness Boutique with a heart charm or classy pearl charm for your super elegant and chic moments.

Furthermore, try to experiment with different necklaces but keep in mind that this style is better with short to medium in length necklaces.

3. Long charm necklaces for a street style inspired look

If you are the type of girl that likes her outfits to be unique and original then these styling tips are just you. The street style fashion is so inspiring and distinctive because it doesn’t really follow the major trends but rather creates them. 

Long necklace, street style

Add a long necklace to your street style inspired look


For all the creators out there, try to pair your trendy looks with a long necklace that has a charm on it. It will dangle as you walk and make your whole outfit much more completed and out of the ordinary.

After all, the chance of seeing someone wearing a similar pair of jeans is much higher than a person wearing a similar jewelry piece.

Long necklace, comfy sneakers, street style
Comfy sneakers and long necklace for a great casual wear


Spice up your casual street wear by wearing  long charm necklaces that will definitely jazz up your basics. In addition, to get even more creative and original try to get a haircut that is not worn by every other girl such as this very short kind of a bob hairstyle.

Long charm necklaces
In addition to your street style inspired look wear a long charm necklace

Left: Crescent Horn Long Necklace; Right: Half Moon Long Necklace

by Happiness Boutique

Make your street style inspired looks more distinctive and authentic by trying out these long charm necklaces from Happiness Boutique. Very unique and delicate, yet being able to completely change the vibe to your outfit.

4. Charm chokers for a super trendy and chic look

Chokers with charms could be a great addition to the ladies that love to wear these types of jewelry pieces. Plus, chokers are very trendy at the moment. Therefore no doubt that you will look very stunning and chic if you add one to your look. 

Choker, street style, casual looks

For a very chic, yet trendy look add a choker

Via Pinterest

For example, a trendy jumpsuit with a charm chokers for an easy styling that looks absolutely outstanding. In addition, try to wear a pair of comfy sandals with heels or ballerina shoes for a more comfortable wear.

Since this is a great look for the summer days, make sure to pull up your hair into a cute and trendy hairstyle or if you have a very short hairstyle then this look could also be suitable for you.

Pink chokers with charms
Chokers with charms are such a remarkable piece of jewelry

Via Pinterest

For a more casual, yet trendy style you can wear a colorful choker with multiple charms. Also, this look could easily express your personality and mood because every charm represents something you believe in or find fascinating.

Chokers with charm
Charm chokers in addition to your chic outfits for a trendy look

Left: Half Moon Layered Choker; Right: Feather Choker Vintage Silver

By Happiness Boutique

If you happen to like bohemian inspired chokers or more casual ones that, of course, you can dress up, you are more than welcome to check out these pieces from Happiness Boutique. In addition, you can always take a look at the whole collection of chokers.

5. Beaded necklaces with charms for your boho inspired looks

Another way to accessorize your look with a charm necklaces is a beaded long necklaces with a charm at the end. This is particularly a good accessory for your free spirited bohemian styles, but of course feel free to wear it other types of styles. 

Beaded necklace with charms, boho looks

Boho inspired looks can’t go without a beaded necklace with charms

Via Pinterest

For example, you can stack different kinds of beaded necklaces for a bolder look. In addition, you can wear all these necklaces with a cute top and a pair of skinny jeans.

However, the beads will give a character and individuality to your overall look, therefore it is a great accessory for the ladies who like to stay away from the usual fashion styles.

Boho looks, Beaded necklaces with charms
Beaded necklaces with charms are the perfect add-on to your boho look

Via Pinterest

And, you can get a beaded necklaces with symbolic ancient coins or plates that you can personalize for a truly meaningful style. Again, just throw on your favorite outfit from your wardrobe and you are all set.

6. Stone necklaces for a symbolic look

charm necklaces, stone necklace.gif

Quartz or amethyst stones are very typical charms used to create necklaces. They look very beautiful and ocean inspired so if you want a more relaxed and chill look, feel free to accessorize your outfit with such a necklace.

Layered necklaces, stone charm necklaces
Stone charm necklaces for a symbolic wear

Via Pinterest

In addition, these stone charm necklaces are perfect to be paired with other types of necklaces such as a choker or a delicate necklace in silver or gold. Also, you can add some bold statement rings and you are ready to go.

This type of look could be worn all year round so no need to only style it with your beach wear. It looks amazing with cute and trendy sweaters, a pair of sneakers and ripped jeans.

Stone charm necklace, white marble necklace
Clear your energy and make your outfit perfect by wearing a stone charm necklace

Source unknown

Don’t you just love the marble effect on this stone? It looks very chic and stylish. Especially, if you're combining the necklace with a cute outfit. For example, a pair of patched or distressed jeans and a ruffled or lace tops.

In addition, the necklace is versatile because it can be adjusted according to your fashion style rather than following the vibe of the accessory itself.

Layered necklaces with charms
For a fuller look wear a layered necklace with charms

Left: Lucky Trio Layered Necklace; Right: Spirited Crystals Layered Necklace

By Happiness Boutique

If you are a fan of the symbolic and spirited charm necklaces, then you can take a glimpse at these layered necklaces from Happiness Boutique. Of course, you can also wear a single chain with only one crystal or a layered necklace with couple of stones.

7. Layered necklaces with charms for a pretty trendy look

As we mentioned layered necklaces, there is no chance to leave them out of this list. Layered necklaces look so beautiful, especially when you pair them with a V-neck to or a closed neckline where you can layer them on top.

Charm layered necklaces

Layered necklaces and shirts are the perfect combo


Charm layered necklaces could come in different design and sizes. Therefore you can get the one that suits your fashion style and taste.

Layered necklaces could be worn with boho, chic, elegant or just casual wears on a daily basis. However, they are just amazing with collared shirts and open necklines.

Layered charm necklaces for a remarkable style

Layered charm necklaces for a remarkable style

Via Pinterest

Layered necklaces are particularly amazing for the beach, but this again depends on the type of layered necklace.

There are endless options and if you go for a delicate charm layered necklace, then you just got yourself a timeless piece of jewelry that you would never need or have to take off.

8. Personalized charm necklaces for an individual style

Don’t you just love personalized necklaces? They can express yourself in such an easy way and their sentimental value makes them so much more special and unique.

For instance, a charm necklace with your first letter of your name or a symbolic charm that you are the only one that know the story behind it. So amazing!

Delicate necklaces, personalized charm necklaces

Personalized charm necklaces are the best necklaces


In addition, this type of necklaces are so timeless and will never go out of style because the meaning behind them is so timeless and precious. These are one of the best necklaces that have no price because their value is behind the history of the charms themselves.

Personalized charm necklace, casual outfit
For a unique look add a personalized charm necklace


Feel free to style your personalized necklaces with chic, casual, boho or any style you like. In case you have plans for tonight make sure to add a pair of cute black heels, fitted pants or skinny jeans and to finish off the look you can wear a blazer to add dimension to your style.

9. Chain necklace with lucky charms for a distinctive bold look

If you have a bracelet with cute charms why don’t you make it a set by adding a chain necklace with lucky charms? It looks very personalized, bold and cute.

The best thing is that if you get your own charm you can create your individual type of a necklace.

Charm necklaces

Lucky charm necklaces for a fashionable Barbie look

Source unknown

In addition, this type of necklace is great to be worn with casual, chic or fashionable outfits. It all depends on the size of the chain and the charms that you have selected. And, if you don’t want to deal with all this, feel free to just buy an already made chain charm necklace.

Lucky charm necklaces
Add a bling-bling lucky charm necklace in addition to your chic outfits

Via Pinterest

For a more bling bling style, you can always go for bigger charms and chain. The beauty of having the choice is that we can get the exact jewelry piece that speaks to us.

Also, this look is great with any type of hairstyle and for any kind of a lady. Don’t hesitate to try out this daring, but so stylish and trendy look.

Statement necklaces, chains
Chains are always better with charms

Left: Edgy Chain Choker Gold; Right: Gold Exquisite Chain Statement Necklace

By Happiness Boutique

In case you want to get creative and feel like making your unique necklace, you can check out these chains from Happiness Boutique.

The edgy chain choker is perfect for a super trendy, but more subtle style. You just need to add your charms.

Or, for a bolder look, you can take a look at the golden chain statement necklace, which is great for night out events.

charm necklaces, vintage lucky charm necklace.gif

Finally, I hope you enjoyed these styling ideas and types of charm necklaces because they are absolutely amazing and so trendy at the moment. In addition, they are effortlessly to style and pair with any outfit you like.

Charm necklaces
In addition to your daytime looks stack up your charm necklaces


Feel free to share your opinion in the comments section and let us know what kind of charm necklaces do you like to wear the most.

Thank you & Happy styling!


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