Delicate Necklaces
Delicate Necklaces

Delicate Necklaces

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Polished, timeless, and graceful, our featured delicate necklaces are the true sign of classic elegance. Worn by the modern woman with an unprecedented taste and a love of sleek styling, these delicate necklaces will not overwhelm or compete with your outfit. If you are after a flawless, streamlined look, or want to make a statement of quiet sophistication, it is best said with these delicate necklaces.


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This collection of necklaces that we’ve carefully curated couldn’t be more varied. Here you will find long and short necklaces, love inspired jewelry pieces, butterfly necklaces, pendant necklaces adorned with real shells, stars and moons or bejewelled symbols, simple chains, toggle clasp necklaces, geometric necklaces with dainty circles and delicate chain chokers - this assortment has it all!

Most of the necklaces have an adjustable chain, so that you can enjoy these dazzling jewellery pieces at any length, never having to think about getting things dangled up, and always looking your fashionable best.

It’s an extensive range, full of literally hundreds of items because we wanted to give you plenty of options to choose from. Now you can find the exact style of necklace, in the right length, with just the right thickness of chain, featuring your favorite shaped-pendant, or a motif that might have a personal meaning for you. Because not only do necklaces accentuate your neck, they also draw attention to whatever charm they have hanging from them, and are therefore an extension of your personal taste and sartorial style. So it’s important that the necklace you choose is right for you, and even better is if it has some sort of sentimental value.

Here you will also find choker necklaces with pendants; choker sets with multiple pieces, and layered chain chokers. Take a look through our different options and you will be surprised at how versatile and adaptable chokers are. You can wear them with your favourite slouchy jumper out shopping, or with a tight fitting velvet dress with a long winter jacket over the top for instant urban cool.

Without exception, all of the pieces in this delicate jewelry collection can be teamed with basically anything in your wardrobe—casual wear, silky evening wear, dresses, fitted skirts and smart jackets, they can be worn to any professional meet and greet or on any special occasion.

Whether you are wanting a stunning focal point for your outfit, or just to add an extra dash of color, our series of women’s necklaces will be guaranteed to have what you want. Express your unique sense of style and you will also discover just how multi-faceted these pieces are.