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Lucky charms, glittering hearts and sweet details adorn our bracelets in gold, silver and rose gold. Subtle enough for everyday wear, they will effortlessly take you from the office to the restaurant.

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Subtlety and sophistication are the star features of these charming, delicate bracelets. They are elegant and graceful, designed for the lady with a refined style. Ideal to have peeking out from underneath a smart blouse, or worn together with smart tailoring, these bracelets are slick and professional with a touch of romance.

Thin and streamlined, they are also ideal to layer. Keep your look truly modern and up-to-date, and try mixing metals. A rose gold delicate bracelet would look extra special contrasted against a bright silver bracelet, for example. Wear two of the same style together, and experiment with tones. Two, or even three bracelets stacked up, can quickly transform an ordinary outfit into something extra-ordinary.

Try contrasting your metal bracelets with a light chiffon or cheesecloth fabrics to really play with textures. Add your favorite charms on our modern chain bracelets and make your look even more unique.

For the modern lover who loves to wear her heart on her sleeve, now she can – literally. Our delicate heart charm bracelets are dreamy, and intricately detailed. Glittering heart charms, handwritten statements of love all spell out adoration and romance. Wear these love and heart symbol charms bracelets and it will be like wearing a love letter written to yourself.

So whether it's a hard edged bangle with rhinestones, or a flirty wraparound bracelet with inscriptions of love and poetry, a delicate bracelet is for everyone, and for any occasion. They can be worn around the clock, and will add a touch of romance to any situation. Try pairing them with multiple thin stacking rings, or other thin cuff bracelets. A delicate bracelet is playful, light, flirty and perfect for the affectionate ingénue.