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Pendants can help express your style, your personality, or be a meaningful way to celebrate a special occasion. Browse our pendant collection and pick out the perfect piece to tell your story.


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A pendant is an opportunity to add a statement to your outfit and to express your personality. You can, for example, wear star pendants together with moon pendants to create an ethereal look; combine silver pendants with gold pendants for a fresh vibe; or team cute, delicate pendants with chunky chain necklaces to make a unique modern statement.

Pendants allow you to wear a symbol or shape that means something to you - your favorite flower, your favorite animal, or made in a material that you love - semi-precious stones, iridescent shell, cubic zirconia, 925 sterling silver.

You can use pendants to celebrate an occasion. For graduation, symbols of wisdom on pendants are just the ticket; or for birthdays, give a pendant that really means something to the recipient. And pendants with traditional love symbols like hearts and roses can help commemorate Valentine’s Day or mark special anniversaries.

Pendants also make excellent gift ideas and meaningful keepsakes. They can be a beautiful way to express affection for someone, and if you make it a yearly tradition of gifting pendants to someone dear, they can be a romantic way to carry on your love story. Our pendant collection includes flat pendants, in many sizes and shapes, that are perfect for engraving a sentimental message or a special name into their surface.

It’s also easy to use pendants to tell a story with your outfit; a story of elegance, mystery, casual cool, sexiness, classiness, creativity - the possibilities are endless. Which is why our collection features pendants in a huge range of shapes, sizes, and materials: oval-shaped pendants in sterling silver ready to be threaded onto your favorite necklace; rectangular-shaped pendants plated in 18 karat gold; stylish clip-on pendants that you can add to a layered necklace set; and sleek, circular pendants that will suit both fine chains, or chunky, statement chains.

How you wear a pendant, where you wear a pendant, and how many pendants you wear, is completely up to you. Find your perfect piece in our pendant collection and customize your look today.