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Whether you are looking for a bold bridal statement necklace for wedding, or a fine delicate Y necklace, to layer with your favorite heirloom jewels, the collection of women’s necklaces at Hey Happiness will be sure to have what you want. A quick way to update your wardrobe, these new delicate necklaces and modern statement necklaces are guaranteed to keep your sartorial style in tip top shape.

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Throughout the ages, and around the globe, the art of adornment has always been an important part of human culture and expression. From the teeth and bones hanging around the necks of cavemen, to the colorful glass and metal creations of the Egyptians, to the intricate beaded bracelets worn by the Maasai tribes of today, body decoration is an instant, and important way, of communication.

What we embellish ourselves with, and necklaces in particular, seem to have been important to many cultures for many years. Wearing jewellery is one of the easiest ways to express your mood, personality and style. So, whether you are in a dramatic mood, or have a certain event to dress for, or simply want to express an emotion, there is bound to be a necklace to polish off your look.

From wearable pieces of art, to instant classics, this collection of women’s necklaces is guaranteed to have something that will suit any taste or situation.

It features 1920s inspired, ornate statement necklaces, complete with sparkly jewels ready to show off. From breastplates made from silver, pearls and rhinestones harking back to the bohemians of the 70s, to Egyptian-like designs in gold and sapphire tones, these necklaces definitely have something to say. These pieces are for the girl who likes to stand out and pay homage to her decorated ancestors.

On the other end of the sartorial scale, the jewelry treasury also contains delicate necklaces designed to be cherished, maybe even worn tucked away. Pendants of stars, arrows, birds, interlinked circles, or inscriptions with messages of love act as contemporary heirlooms. More of a quiet addition to an ensemble, they are unstated classics which can matched to anything from modern denim to elegant silk.

The same goes for the collection of layered necklaces, and long necklaces. These long, dainty chains with subtle pendants will embellish and enhance any outfit, without overpowering it. Timeless and stylish, these pieces are versatile, and to be paired with anything from strapless dresses, high necklines, 90s grunge tees, sporty sweaters, or summer rompers.