How To Wear White Statement Necklaces - Style Guide

Statement Necklaces and Statement Jewelry

The great thing about statement necklaces and statement jewelry in general is that they can turn the simplest and most basic clothing or neutral colors into something very special. Your accessories are, in fact, more important than your clothing. Nearly anything can look fantastic if accessorized correctly.

Statement jewelry actually looks best when paired with very simple clothing or something very flowing and long and less simple yet in a neutral colors. That is unless the jewelry matches the color of the clothing and in that case feel free to wear it with any color or colors of clothing but white generally looks best paired with neutrals or blues.

1. Style White Statement Necklaces with Gray Color Sweaters

Pairing white statement necklaces with very casual sneakers works as well because of the contrast between casual and formal. Too much of the same thing is never a good idea. For example, look at this beautiful white statement necklace paired with a simple and neutral gray sweater. Perfection!

White statement necklace

You can wear white statement necklaces with neutral gray tops or sweaters (image via Instagram @classyblanc)

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Here is another great example of wearing white statement necklaces with neutral gray color sweater.

White statement necklace

Wear white statement necklaces with gray sweaters (image via Instagram @corinna_xx)

{Featuring "Snow White Statement Necklace"}

2. Wear White Statement Necklaces with Collared Shirt

Jeans, blue or white shirts, sweaters or t-shirts all look great with white statement necklaces. Dress them up or down in heels, flats, or sneakers. This combo below is especially nice due to the mix of blue and white, both very soft in texture, and the necklace enhances the collar of the white shirt.

Wear this necklace with jeans and heels or flats in blue, white, nude or brown with a bag in the same color as the shoes.

White statement necklace

Wear white statement necklaces with collared shirt (image via Instagram @steph_kii)

{Featuring "Snow White Statement Necklace"}

3. Pair White Statement Necklaces with Black Tops or Black Dresses

This is a very elegant take on the same white statement necklace. The gold, crystal and black give it a very elegant edge. It is important to pair your white statement necklace with a black top or dress that has a very simple neckline. Boat neck, V-neck or scoop neck tops usually match really well with statement necklace. Black color gives a very nice color contrast to a white statement necklace, which makes a white statement necklace really stand out. Wearing a white statement necklace over a black dress or black blouse is a very simple way to create a timeless classic and elegant.

White statement necklace

Wear white statement necklaces over black blouses or black dresses (image via Instagram)

{Featuring "Snow White Statement Necklace"}

4. White on White - Wear White Statement Necklaces with White Shirts and Blouses

White on white is a nice pure and clean look.  Nowadays we see many white and off white pieces on the runways for 2014 Fall and Winter. Sometimes all white from top to bottom and sometimes paired with black and other shades of white. Try a white statement necklace with a crisp white cotton shirt, a sheer white blouse, simple white t-shirt and let the necklace turn simple white into something unforgettable. This necklace would also look great with cut off denim shorts and a white tank top and cream colored or black and white sneakers. Super casual street clothing looks great paired with stunning statement pieces.

White statement necklace

White on white – wear white statement necklaces on white blouses (image via Instagram @sooophie_)

{Featuring "Snow White Statement Necklace"}

To conclude, there are many ways to style a white statement necklace. You can wear them almost with any colors you like. If you want to create a clean and pure look, then go for "white on white" would be a great option. If it is for a formal occasion, style a white statement necklace over your favorite little black dress for a timeless classic look. It is also really pretty to wear a white statement necklaces with casual clothing, such as a collared shirt, jeans etc. If you are looking for a classic white statement necklace, check out our most popular Snow White Statement Necklace (as seen in these photos above shared by our happy customers), Beauty And Wisdom Statement NecklaceCharm Statement Necklace, Fairy-tale Statement Necklace In White, if you want a more glamorous look white statement necklace, then please check out Glamorous Pearl Statement Necklace and Princess Darling Statement Necklace.

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