Your Favorite Rhinestone Jewelry Pieces

Rhinestone jewelry pieces are a great accessory to make your outfits more trendy, modern and glowing.

Most of us are attracted to glitter and shiny jewelry pieces, therefore if you are one of those people, please go ahead and read our top suggestions for trendy rhinestone jewelry pieces.

rhinestone jewelry, fashion eye.gif

Be daring, classy, sparkling and remarkable by simply decorating your body with some trendy and fashionable jewelry pieces.

In addition, they will instantly transform any of your casual, chic, elegant or trendy outfits.

1. Rhinestone statement rings for a glam look

In the fashion world, it is possible to make a statement with a very small element of your outfit. For example, a rhinestone statement ring or if you really want to accentuate your hands, go for a stack of statement rings.

Bold rhinestone rings

Bold rhinestone rings in addition to your outfit for a glam look


Also, it is better to wear a rather single colored outfit with this type of style because the rings are already very overpowering, therefore here you don’t have to focus on your clothes.

Stack of rhinestone rings
In addition to your trendy outfits wear a stack of rhinestone rings

Source unknown

When you pair up statement rings with rhinestones, the trick is to get a stack or a set of rings that are part of the same collection. Or else, you can end up looking tacky.

Rose gold statement ring Glowing statement rings for a chic wear

Rose Gold Glamour Band Ring by Happiness Boutique

Feel free to go for a very feminine rhinestone rose gold ring such as this one from Happiness Boutique, and feel free to check out the other statement rings from the collection.

2. Choker with rhinestones for a night-out look

To perfectly accessorize your night-out looks wear a sparkling choker that will beautifully embellish your neck. It almost looks like you are part of a fashion show and you are displaying the latest fashion jewelry trends.

rhinestone jewelry, choker necklace.gif

To perfectly accessorize your night-out looks wear a sparkling choker that will beautifully embellish your neck. It almost looks like you are part of a fashion show and you are displaying the latest fashion jewelry trends.

Choker with rhinestones

Chic choker in addition to your night out looks

Via Pinterest

Very elegant, glam and stylish, the rhinestone choker can effortlessly be styled with monochrome or detailed outfits because of its discreteness.

Choker necklace
Wear a choker necklace with your trendy outfits


If you want a comfy night-out look feel free to experiment with your favorite skinny jeans and a satin top combined with a pair of high heels. To finish off the look, add your sparkling choker for a very sophisticated, but easy going look.

Rhinestone chokers Accessorize your looks with the latest rhinestone chokers

Left: Antique Pendant Choker; Right: Flower Choker Necklace Set by Happiness Boutique

To stay out of the ordinary, decorate your neck with a choker, but not just any choker, a piece with a vintage vibe to it and topped off with rhinestones to give you that extra sparkling that was missing in your style.

3. Spring summer delight statement necklaces for a charming style

In the spring and summer times, we prefer to show our love for the colors. Therefore, spoil your outfits by wearing a cool and charming colorful statement necklaces to make your looks even more joyful.

Statement necklaces

Colorful statement necklaces in addition to your summer-spring outfits

Via Pinterest

For example, a beautiful pinkish statement necklace with small rhinestones that will brighten up your day and make your outfit very appropriate for work or business meetings without being too overpowering.

Rhinestone statement necklace
Decorate your décolleté with a trendy rhinestone colorful necklace

Spring Inspired Multi Colored Statement Necklace by Happiness Boutique

In addition, pastel colored statement necklaces are also a great add-on to your spring and summer outfits. If you want to be very stylish and feminine, focus on tops with ruffles, lace and flowy fabrics that are great with statement necklaces.

Blue statement necklace, off-shoulder top
In addition to an ocean blue statement necklace wear a trendy top

Pretty Ocean Blue Statement Necklace by Happiness Boutique

Also, try to make sure to center around statement necklaces that remind you of the summer such as this ocean blue statement necklace from Happiness Boutique. Very feminine and stylish.

Colorful rhinestone necklace
Colorful rhinestone necklace in addition to your elegant and joyful looks

Elegantly Royal Collar Necklace by Happiness Boutique

On the other hand, if you have to attend a summer cocktail party, a mix of pastel and royal colors topped with rhinestones is just perfect. Try to pair this jewelry pieces with an elegant dress for a more stylish and trendy look.

4. Silver chunky necklaces for a trendy look

For a super trendy fashion, you can decorate your girly, feminine, chic or casual looks with a statement necklaces that has a slight touch of rhinestones for extra elegance.

Chunky silver necklace

In addition to your outfit add a chunky silver necklace

Tribal Boho Statement Necklace by Happiness Boutique

For instance, a round bold statement necklace is perfect for more elegant and chic outfits as well as for comfy sweaters. In addition, you can also add a pair of stud earring to complete your trendy fashion style.

Statement necklace, chic outfits, purse wallet
Glamorous statement necklace and chic outfits for a super trendy look

Glamorous Over the Top Statement Necklace by Happiness Boutique

Or, you can make a statement with a chunky rhinestone statement necklace that will stylishly and beautifully decorate your dressy tops. Also, you can combine this look with a pair of comfy booties and a trendy purse.

Basics, Statement necklace
Jazz up your basics with a trendy statement necklace

Enchanted Boho Statement Necklace by Happiness Boutique

For a very casual, but fashionable wear, wear your rhinestone statement necklace with a graphic tee and skinny jeans. And, you will end up with a comfortable and trendy look that will get a lot of compliment during the day.

5. For a romantic look wear a delicate rhinestone ring

Rings are great during the whole year, because even if you wear chunky and fashionable sweaters, your hands are uncovered, therefore you can accessorize them to make your looks more elegant.

Stack of rhinestone rings

For a romantic look wear a stack of rhinestone rings

Source unknown

The delicateness of the rhinestone rings allows you to experiment with other jewelry pieces for a stacked look. For example, you can combine your delicate rhinestone rings with minimalist inspired rings.

A stack of delicate rhinestone rings for your romantic outfits
A stack of delicate rhinestone rings for your romantic outfits

Via Pinterest

Furthermore, you can stack or buy pre-stacked delicate ring and wear them on one finger. This is a very feminine and romantic everyday look.

Rose gold rhinestone rings Delicate rhinestone rings for a super modern look

Left: Mountain Range Rhinestone Ring; Right: Pink Jewelled Rhinestone Glitter Ring

by Happiness Boutique

Who can resist the beauty and style of the glitter and shine? These two delicate rings from Happiness Boutique will bring a lot of romance, girliness and elegance to any of your looks.

6. Bridal rhinestone earrings for a tender look

As women, we know how important is for a bride to look her best on her wedding day. What a better way to make an elegant statement than by accessorizing your gown with a pair of rhinestone earrings.

Rhinestone statement earrings, wedding gowns

Make your special day unforgettable by wearing a pair of rhinestone earrings

Via Pinterest

If you have already decided that you want to go for a lovely pulled back hairstyle where you can easily show your decorated ears, then you are more than welcome to go for a pair of rhinestone statement earrings.

This way you are certain that they won’t get tangled in your hair during the ceremony or the dances.

Wedding dress, bridal sparkling earrings
Bridal sparkling earrings in addition to a princess wedding dress

Via Pinterest

For this style you can also wear a delicate necklace with a rhinestone pendant, especially if your dress is strapless.

Bridal statement earrings
Earring ideas for your special wedding day

Left: Sparkly Clear Gems Statement Necklace; Right: Sparkly Teardrop Earrings by Happiness Boutique

In case you have already fallen in love with these looks, we have two pairs of earrings to offer you - both sparkling and elegant on their own way.

7. Delicate necklaces with rhinestones for an easygoing look

Wearing glitter and jewelry pieces with rhinestones, it is definitely a girls’ thing.

Delicate rhinestone necklace

Sparkle up your plain outfits with a delicate rhinestone necklace


No matter of your outfit, delicate necklaces with rhinestones look absolutely amazing. A slight touch of sparkles and femininity to your everyday looks.

Rhinestone necklace, blazer
In addition to your easygoing outfit add a rhinestone necklace


In addition, you can wear a couple of delicate necklace for a layered effect. The shortness of the necklaces permits you to wear them with any type of a necklace and any fashion style.

Delicate necklaces with rhinestones pendants Pendants necklaces with rhinestones are great for your everyday looks

Left: Heart Charm Necklace; Right: Star Kiss Necklace by Happiness Boutique

Make your looks more sparkling and also glowing, but in a more feminine and gentle way by simply embellishing your outfit of the day or outfit of the night with delicate necklaces such as these two products from Happiness Boutique.

8. Wear a sparkling cuff bracelet for a casual trendy style

Cuff bracelets have been so big lately in the fashion world, but now we present to you these rhinestone cuff bracelets that look absolutely fabulous and stylish.

Set of cuff bracelets

Give your look the needed sparkles by wearing a set of cuff bracelets

Whether you choose a golden or silver rhinestone bracelet, the final result will be just amazing. Both have a very subtle, yet feminine and trendy vibes.

Via Pinterest

Sparkling bracelets, chunky sweater
Chunky sweaters and sparkling bracelets for a chic style


After putting together your outfit, make sure to garnish with a delicate rhinestone bracelets. And,  it will give you just the right amount of sparkles to any of your styles.

Cuff bracelets with rhinestones Wear a cuff bracelet with rhinestones for a remarkable look

Left: Gemstone Cuff Bracelet; Right: Glitter Cuff Bracelet by Happiness Boutique

9. Make a statement with a chunky rhinestone bracelet

On the other hand, make a statement to your look by adding a statement necklace with rhinestone elements. Also, you can wear it with a watch that has rhinestones as well to complete the look.

Watch, statement bracelet

Statement bracelets in addition to a watch for a super trendy look

Jasmine Blossom Statement Bracelet by Happiness Boutique

In this case, you can go for silver, gold or colorful bracelets based on your outfit, season and personal taste.

Pink statement bracelet with rhinestones, watch
Who can say no to baby pink?

Hues of Pink Statement Necklace by Happiness Boutique

These types of bracelets are very feminine and even though they are statement pieces their look is very discrete and ladylike.

Furthermore, the flower inspired statement bracelets could be easily styled with jeans and more casual outfits.

10. Statement earrings for a chic look

Statement earrings have always been very trendy and popular among the fashionistas. A fashion piece that will always make a statement to your outfit, especially if there are rhinestone elements to it.

Statement earrings, blue chic dress

In addition to your attractive outfit wear a pair of statement earrings


Some ladies are afraid to wear big earrings because they believe it will make their looks tacky or their appearance very distracting.

Furthermore, the trick here is to style your earrings according to the vibes of your outfit. For example, try to match the color of your earrings to an element from your outfit.

Statement earrings with rhinestones, knitted dress
Statement earrings with rhinestones are perfect for a night out look


Here, we see that the emphasis is on the sparkles, metallics and the silver tones. In such situations, you will never look over accessorized because you have worked on one color palette rather than incorporating many different colors to your outfit.

Statement earrings with rhinestones
In addition to your elegant outfit wear a pair of rhinestone earrings

Left: Iridescent Fortune Statement Earrings; Right: Flower Love Statement Earrings by Happiness Boutique

If you want your look to be on point and very chic, try to get a pair of rhinestone statement earrings such as these ones from Happiness Boutique. The style is elegant and very versatile since they are not colorful.

11. Rhinestone jewelry for a remarkable look

For a very daring, remarkable and out of the ordinary look, accessorize your bare shoulders or open backs with rhinestone jewelry.

Rhinestone jewelry

In addition to your open back wear a rhinestone body chain

Via Pinterest

Body chains made their major comeback, therefore if you want to get a very noticeable, yet elegant look, feel free to experiment with different kinds of body chains.

Open back, set of rhinestone jewelry pieces
Accessorize your open back with a set of rhinestone jewelry pieces


In addition, rhinestone jewelry are great for strapless tops or dresses. The dainty chains will gently garnish your clothes and beautiful embellish your naked skin. This is definitely a look that will attract people’s attention.

12. Black rhinestone earrings for a classy elegant look

To get a classy elegant look make sure to concentrate on a black pair of earrings that is topped with rhinestones. However, try to get a pair that is no very delicate, but not very chunky because you want to keep it feminine, elegant and gentle.

Black rhinestone earrings

For a classy look get a pair of black rhinestone earrings in addition to your elegant outfit

Source unknown

Perfect look for special celebrations and events where you can show your feminine side.

Also, it is up to your personal style whether you want to go for a classy red lip or keep it more natural. Both ways are great because you can emphasis on the accessories or clothes themselves.

Black statement earrings with rhinestones
Make your outfit catchy and fabulous by wearing black earrings

Left: Bird Statement Earrings ;Right: Ecstasy Statement Earrings by Happiness Boutique

To achieve this look, make sure to take a look at our collection of classy black rhinestone earrings. These jewelry pieces are timeless and so elegant when paired with a black dress.

13. Rhinestone studs for a feminine casual wear

For all the ladies that like to keep their jewelry to the minimum, our suggestions is to go for a pair of delicate rhinestone studs.

Rhinestone stud earrings

Rhinestone jewelry stud earrings in addition to your look for a feminine style

Via Pinterest

Also, studs are the all time favorite pair of everyday earrings for most of us. Therefore, don’t hesitate to give a little twist to your daytime looks.

Rhinestone studs
In addition to your everyday looks decorate the ears with rhinestone studs

Source unknown

Whether you prefer circular or square, the stud earrings will bring a love of sophistication and trendiness to your looks.

Delicate rhinestone studs Rhinestone jewelry studs are such timeless classy jewelry pieces

Left: Square Rhinestone Stud Earrings; Right: The Golden One Stud Earrings by Happiness Boutique

Get your everyday jewelry by checking out these sparkling stud earrings from Happiness Boutique. Absolute on-the-go pieces that are at the same time very fashionable and trendy.

14. Hoop earrings for an alluring appearance

Finally, we have one of our most favorite rhinestone jewelry pieces of the season - hoop earrings. They look very attractive, modern and stylish when paired with any of your outfits.

Hoop rhinestone earrings

For a modern look add a pair of hoops to your looks

Via Pinterest

However, if you want to be extra sparkly and unleash your inner passion for rhinestones and glitter by wearing a pair of rhinestone hoop earrings.

Also, you can still wear your minimalist inspired hoop earrings, but if you want to spice up your look definitely try to get a pair of these stunners.

Hoop earrings
Rhinestone hoop earrings in addition to your sweaters for a feminine look

Via Pinterest

Whether you decorate your ears with a pair of rose gold, golden or silver hoop earrings, they all look gorgeous. Also, they bring a very modern and confident vibe to any outfit.

A touch of femininity and style, these rhinestone hoops can make your outfit as if you are coming from a fashion show within seconds.

15. Symbolic delicate necklaces for a fun look

For a fun look where you can easily express yourself wear a delicate necklace with rhinestones and symbolic pendants. Unlimited options and designs that will give your look a personalized touch.

Delicate layered necklace

For a symbolic wear add a delicate necklace with fun pendants

Via Pinterest

For example, a moon or love charms that look very cute and girly. In addition, such delicate rhinestone necklaces are perfect for your everyday looks or to go to work.

Delicate necklace, casual looks
For a cute and fun look accessorize your look with rhinestone jewelry


Furthermore, you can wear such rhinestone jewelry pieces at any time of the year with any womenswear. They are great with dresses, jeans or skirts. Also, you decide whether to wear them in a more dressy or casual way.

Delicate layered necklaces

Rhinestone jewelry with fun pendants for a symbolic wear

Left: Love Charm Necklace; Right: Infinity Pendant Necklace by Happiness Boutique

Here are our two recommendations from Happiness Boutique - a lovely sparkling love charm necklace and a feminine infinity rhinestone pendant necklace.

Hopefully this fashion blog post was informative as well as interesting for you! Also, don’t hesitate to experiment with new trendy jewelry items and show the world your love for these sparkling pieces!

In addition, make sure to leave us a comment sharing with us which styles do you like the best and also what kind of rhinestone jewelry do you like to wear the most?

Thank you & Happy Styling!

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