Top 20 Must-have Fashion Outfits

It is the perfect time to prepare our outfits for the upcoming vacations, special occasions or hangings with family and friends. These are the top 20 must-have fashion outfits for your summer 2016 closet. There are many easy-to-style and fit-all trends that you will love! Let’s begin exploring them.

1. The Off-shoulder                                                        

The off-shoulder trend is not new in the history of fashion, but it is definitely one of the most feminine and sensual trends for this summer. It means being a true lady, yet sexy, since you are revealing your skin, but in a rather unexpected and graceful way.

off-shoulder outfit with delicate necklaces

Accessorize your off-shoulder outfit with delicate necklaces


Personally, it is one of my fave trends for this summer that allows you to enhance your feminine allure. You can easily style the perfect outfit by adding some delicate necklaces. The ones shown in the photos below are from Happiness Boutique - feel free to check them out.

Scripted Love Delicate Necklace In Rose Gold Scripted Love Delicate Necklace In Rose Gold

Gold delicate necklace

The Golden One Statement Necklace


You can experiment as much as you’d like because the off-shoulder is going to stay for the whole summer and if I were you I would hurry up in front of the mirror to see how to rock this style!

delicate necklaces with an off-shoulder outfit

Wear your delicate necklaces with an off-shoulder outfit


2. Ripped or Patchwork Jeans

If you are the creative type that likes pop art and cartoons this summer is the perfect moment for you to indulge into some pop art patchwork jeans. The good part is that you can always grab an old pair of jeans and stick the patches that you want.

Ripped jeans with patches

Ripped jeans with patches


in order to be able to create a unique pair of jeans. The same   goes for the ripped jeans. This outfit is really easy to style by throwing on a plain t-shirt and add some accessories like a long necklace or a set of bracelets.

3. Flatforms                                                                                       

We all know what the platform shoes are, but what are the flatforms?

Flatforms shoes

Flatforms shoes are best paired with ripped jeans, too!


They are the comfortable version of the platforms, which are great and practical because we can be stylish and comfy at the same time!

4. Rompers/Jumpsuits

We’ve seen the rompers before so if you already own one please bring it out of your closet!


Rompers are also ideal as your summer outfit!


Rompers are very sleek and chic outfit that you can wear during the day or night out with friends. They come in so many different patterns, colors and materials therefore you can choose the appropriate one for the occasion.

5. Palazzo pants

As we speak about chic I can’t miss to mention the comeback of the palazzo pants, which are those very loose, elegant and draped pants that are a perfect for the hot summer days and nights. If you are tired of the skinny pants then don’t be afraid to put on some palazzo pants with high heels. Let your garments be of a flowy cut, the less the fabric touches your skin, the better!

Statement earrings with palazzo pants

Statement earrings combined with palazzo pants and high heels


6. Tassel Earrings

To complete your outfit from above (the palazzo pants) you can add some tassel earrings, which are also very trendy this summer. These earrings really make a conversation piece because they look unusual, yet elegant. If you like the style you can check the ones from Happiness Boutique.

Crystal Black Tassel Earrings Crystal Black Tassel Earrings

7. Espadrilles

The espadrilles are still very trendy this summer so if you neglected them last year, but repeatedly told yourself “Oh, this outfit is perfect to match with a pair of espadrilles”, then you need to go shopping!


Espadrilles are perfect to wear this summer


These flats are very easy to style with dresses, rompers, jeans and many other pieces of clothing that are on fire this summer.

8. A-line Skirt

It is is all about the A-line skirt, the trend from the 70’s that can fit most of your occasions.

A-line shaped skirt with denim jacket

Wear you A-line shaped skirts that suits your body


There are many A-line shaped skirts out there you just need to find the one that suits your body and responds to your taste. Plus, it is good for all those ladies who want to give the illusion of having long legs.

9. Lace Up Pointed Toe Flats

These pointed lace up flats are huge right now!  They can be combined with anything because you can achieve the casual, but at the same time girly and going-out look so don’t hesitate to purchase one pair.

lace up flats

Wear your pointed lace up flats with your outfits for a casual and girly look


10. Velvet Chokers

The wrap velvet looks simple, but will definitely give your wear a character.

Wrap velvet chokers

Velvet chokers are perfect add-on to your summer outfit, too!


11. Deep V-cuts

The deep cut is great for the summer time because it allows your body to stay airy.

summer outfit with V-cuts

Styling your hair gives a comfy feeling under the sun


Since there is much going on with this top you don’t need to accessorize, which makes it a very easy to style outfit.

12. Denim Dresses

Denim dresses are so cute and girly. It is also one of my favorite trends for this season because I simply throw on my dress with a pair of espadrilles and tah-daah!

denim dress

Take denim dresses as one of your summer outfits!


If you are one of those girls that turns her dressing up into messing up the whole house, then be wiser and wear more dresses.

13. Straw Hats

During the summer we have to protect our skin from the strong UV rays so you can complete your summer outfit by adding a straw hat to your wardrobe.

summer outfit with straw hats

To get a perfect look and prevent the heat of the sun, have a Straw Hats this summer!


The straw or floppy hats are a very practical and cute accessories that make your outfit more interesting and at the same time you stay fresh.

14. Bathing Suits

Well, the bathing suits are not the everyday outfit for the summer, but definitely one that you will need at some point. This summer the trend among the bathing suits is quite strappy. 

Bathing Suit / Swim Wear

Bathing Suits are often used at the beach or pool to refresh your body.


15. Kimono

This lightweight kimono can be styled in so many ways, but it is definitely a must have for the summer, especially if you love layering.

Kimono combined with long necklace

Kimono's are ideal summer outfits, too!

source unknown

16. Ruffles

Now we can enjoy some feminine ruffles as part of our summer outfits.

Ruffles dress

Have a feminine ruffles as part of our summer outfits


Even though it is just a detail from our clothing, it is enough to make a staple piece and catch people’s eyes. Plus, the flowy blouse allows your body to stay cool.

17. Lace up Bra

If you like deep décolletés then I suggest that you purchase a lace bra and show it off under a patterned or plain collar shirt. It looks sexy, but not in a trashy way.

Lace bra

A lace bra is a perfect inner wear this summer


To top off your outfit you can accessorize with layered or delicate necklaces.

lace up bra with layered necklace
Have a cooler outfit on this lace up bra


Tip: during the very hot summer days it is better to wear a bra without padding because you will escape the stifling heat that could irritate your skin.

18. Collar Shirt

Try to choose loose button up shirts because for once you will be able to pair it up with a nice lace bra or a necklace, and second, you will let your body to feel the summer breeze.

summer outfit
Loose button up shirts are great for summer


19. High Waisted Shorts

The high waisted shorts still have their fame this summer. You can check out these from Happiness Boutique if you like.

Pomom shorts with white crop top

Wear your high waisted shorts paired with your comfortable top

Featuring "Pineapple Please Pom Pom Shorts" and "White Tassel Crop Top"

If you are one of those people that is indecisive about what goes well with what, then I recommend this type of outfit because you simply know that you throw on two pieces that are meant for each other.

20. Boho Dresses

Last but not least, the boho inspired dresses are a must. This is the perfect throw on for an effortless summer look.

Boho dress
Boho inspired dresses are a must this summer to feel good!


Again, we can see the tassel detail on this dress.

Overall, there are many interesting styles for this summer so dive in the world of fashion. As you can see many of the styles are intertwined and you can use them in combination. It is better to choose light and pastel colors to stay nice and cooler.

I hope this post was helpful and informative! Enjoy your shopping!         Save Save

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