Stacking Rings

Stacking rings is a popular way to make a subtle statement and can be a beautiful way to decorate your hands while expressing your individual personality.

We’ve all had those moments of standing in front of our closets, ‘umming’ and ‘ahhing’ about what to wear. The same goes for choosing what jewelry to put on. You, yourself probably have a few items that you keep returning to again and again, maybe a favorite necklace you wear with almost every outfit, or a signature ring that you wear day in and day out.

We too are attached to particular items, but we also think there’s room for experimentation and playfulness when it comes to adornment. One of our mottos at Hey Happiness is that beautiful objects make you smile, so why limit ourselves to only one favorite necklace, a pair of earrings or ring, when you can layer them up and mix and match?

That’s why we’ve put together this collection of stacking rings—to encourage you not to ‘save’ your favorite items, but to wear them all together, all the time. We want this collection to give you the freedom of style and expression, and to give you the chance to feel as beautiful, and as happy as you want to, without limitation.

You can choose from our ring sets which are made from matching components (like our Minimalist Ring Set Gold which features five different but complementary rings), making it a no-brainer when putting them on, or you can experiment with your own carefully coordinated, individualized look which expresses your personality and tastes.

There really are no rules to what works. However, we do recommend sticking with one consistent element when choosing your stacking rings. For example, either stick with rings made from the same metal, but mix and match their widths and textures, like pairing our Simple Slim Band Ring Silver with the thinner Diamond Ring Silver and the delicate Heart Ring Silver.

Alternatively you could try stacking rings of the same thickness, but combine different metals together for a boho, romantic look. One option to try would be stacking the Waves Ring Gold together with Curve Ring Silver and Wave Delicate Ring Rose Gold. But as we said, this collection is all about freedom of style. It’s really up to you to decide!