20 Ways to Wear Statement Necklaces

We are going to share 20 ways to wear statement necklaces in today’s blog post.

If you love the look of the statement necklaces, but you are not quite sure how to style them, then you’ve come to the right place 🙂

There are unlimited ways on how you can wear them because there are tons of styles, colors and designs that can easily allow you to express yourself.

After all, the reason to add jewelry to our outfits is to be able to show our creativity, personality and signature style to the rest of us.

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One of the best ways to wear them is by taking your basic outfit and turn it into a dressed up trendy look simply by adding a glamorous and bold detailed statement necklace.

Also, statement necklaces are suitable to style with many kinds of necklines because they can bring dimension to your outfit.

1. Multi-layered statement necklaces for a cool chic style

Multi-layered necklaces are great to be worn for casual, trendy or dressy outfits. The layered statement necklace is great to be worn with V-necks and collared striped shirts to balance out the shape of the neckline.

Bold statement necklaces, silver, outfit

Multi-layered statement necklaces are a perfect add-on to your V-necks


Featuring "Legend Boho Statement Necklace"

Also, you can try to complement your bold necklace with a leather jacket and some tight ripped jeans for a cool and chic look. Even though, this piece is very bold you can effortlessly style it with your everyday outfits.

Add a bold necklace to your top to balance out your neckline
Add a bold necklace to your top to balance out your neckline

Featuring "Tribal Boho Statement Necklace"

2. Add a splash of color to your outfit for a brighter and more cheerful look

It is obvious that for most us the sunny hot days are over, but this doesn’t mean that we have to wear only dark colors so liven up your looks by adding a statement necklace with colorful components to them that will brighten up your day! However, it is better to focus more on settled  tones rather than flashy bright colors.

Statement Necklaces, Blue Necklace

Add a splash of color with a rusty golden statement necklace


Featuring "Beautiful Golden and Crystal Statement Necklace"

A statement necklace with a pop of color is great to be worn with more girly outfits and single colored tops of pastel or earthy tones.

Statement necklace with black outfit
Combine your all-black outfit with a contrasting necklace to complete your look


The all-black outfit is always a good idea because it is a classy timeless ensemble that could be styled easily.

Simply add your necklace with colorful elements and you have just created yourself a very distinctive look and a necklace that will be easily noticed.

Golden and Ocean Blue Statement Necklaces

Golden and Ocean Blue Statement Necklaces are so trendy this season

 "Beautiful Golden and Crystal Statement Necklace" and "Pretty Ocean Blue Statement Necklace"

This season rusty golden hues for a grounded feeling are very popular as well as the ocean blue tones for a cool, but calming vibes.

3. Monochromatic statement necklace + colorful outfits for a trendy look

Compared to necklaces that have colorful components, the monochromatic statement necklaces are great for colorful outfits.

There are many of us that like to keep their clothes lively all year round, therefore the single colored necklaces are a perfect add-on to your bright and joyful outfits.

Monochromatic Statement Necklace with Blue Outfit

Monochromatic statement necklace are perfect for colorful outfits


For a perfectly balanced appearance you can combine your crystal statement necklaces with any colored outfit of your choice.

Silver Statement Necklaces

Add a sparkling necklace to your everyday outfits to jazz them up

"Glamorous Over The Top Statement Necklace" and "Legend Boho Statement Necklace"

It is up to you to decide whether you want your statement piece to be vintage-inspired or fully garnished with rhinestones because they will both stand out as you wear your fashionable colored outfit.

4. Sparkling statement necklace + basic outfits for stylish look

The outfits that we put together on a daily basis are nothing really spectacular, but wouldn’t you just love to jazz up your basics by adding a cute, feminine and chic statement necklace? 

Statement Necklace in Basic Outfits

Give a twist to your basics by adding a statement necklace


This way you have designed yourself an outfit that could get many compliments and gazes from the people you work with or meet every day.

Statement Necklace added to a sleeveless outfit

Complete your ordinary outfit when you add a beautiful and feminine necklace


Many people doubt the possibility of wearing a statement necklace with rather simple outfits, but you can always select a necklace that is not very bright and can best suit your needs.

You can take a look at this tutorial on how to style statement necklaces with your casual and dressy outfits so it doesn’t look inappropriate or tacky:

5. Work appropriate statement necklaces for professional looks

You are more than welcome to accessorize your working attire by adding a pastel colored statement necklace over your top. It looks very clean and professional because the necklace is not very bold or chunky.

Statement Necklace with Stripe Collared Shirt

Jazz up your working attire with a work appropriate statement necklace

Featuring "Shine Bright Statement Necklace"

White or striped collared shirts are very practical and easy to style therefore you can simply add a statement necklace of your choice that goes well with your look and you are set to begin your working day.

Statement Necklace with Stripe Collared Shirt
A settled toned necklace is great for your professional outfits

Featuring "Jasmine Blossom Statement Necklace"

However, make sure that you don’t wear thick or bright colored necklaces at work because they are simply not appropriate for a professional environment. It is better to wear a piece that has pastel or neutral colors.

Also, try to stay away from crystal necklaces because they are more suitable for an evening wear or special occasions. If you have a monochromatic top, then you can pair it up with a blazer to add a little color to your clothes and complete your look.

6. A glam necklace & graphic t-shirts for a more dressy and comfortable look

For the street stylers and those of you who go to school, you can try to join together a graphic or printed t-shirt with a statement necklace for an urban dressy and modern look. 

Mint Statement Necklace with a tee

Statement mint necklaces and graphic tee are the perfect combo


Featuring "Elegance Statement Necklace In Mint"

You can combine your casual wear either with a smaller necklace or a chunkier piece to represent your style. You can easily make your necklace stand out by pairing it up with a simple tee.

Make your t-shirt and necklace best friends by perfectly combining them with each other so they can create a stunning and remarkable urban street style.

Statement Necklace and a Graphic Tee
Make your statement necklace and graphic tee best friends


Featuring "Elegance Statement Necklace In Mint"

7. Wear geometrical shaped necklaces for a modern minimalist stylish look

A triangle geometrical shaped necklace like the one shown in the photo below can immediately transform your otherwise basic outfit of the day.

Triangle Geometric Statement Necklace with an Outfit and Canon Camera

Triangle geometric statement necklaces and casual outfits for an elegant style

Featuring "Triangle Geometric Statement Necklace"

Topping off your attire with an accessory is the easiest way to make your look distinctive and unique. Take advantage of this tip and try to experiment, which necklace can go best with your style.

Geometric Shaped Necklace
Geometrically shaped necklaces are a great add-on to any outfit to make it more interesting

Featuring "Bold Geometric Triangle Necklace"

The clean lines of the geometrically shaped statement necklace can give your look a very stylish and sleek style.

8. A bold crystal necklace to brighten your all-black outfit

If you like your black-on-black outfits for a neat and classy look, but you want to add a jewelry for a change, then what is better than a silver or golden staple necklace that will definitely refresh your usual and lazy all-black style.

Statement Necklace with an All-Black Outfit

Bold crystal statement necklaces and black-on- black outfits go perfect together


There is something mysterious about wearing an all-black outfit, but whether you go to work, school, meetings, during the weekends or special occasions, it is always nice to add a distinctive element to jazz it up a little.

If you like a chic, yet urban style, then add a rhinestone ornamented statement necklace to your outfit and pair it up with a nice black leather jacket.

Statement necklace with rhinestones with all-black outfit, Statement Earring

Add a statement necklace with rhinestones to your all-black outfit for a cool chic look


Featuring "Tranquility Statement Earrings"

Give a try to a vintage-inspired necklace to accessorize your all-black outfit
Give a try to a vintage-inspired necklace to accessorize your all-black outfit

left: source

"Bold Clear Crystals Statement Necklace" and "Be Inspired Vintage Style Statement Necklace"

You can combine your casual every day outfit with many different types of statement necklaces. For example, you can get a sparkling detailed necklace or a luxurious looking vintage-inspired necklace for a sophisticated touch.

9. Classic pearl statement necklaces with a modern approach for a sophisticated look

The most favoured all times classic pearl necklace is great for an ultimate high-class sophisticated look.

To add a modern touch to your outfit simply grab your trendy clothes that can best match with your lovely pearl statement necklace and classy pearl earrings and you are all set up!

Pearl Statement Necklace with White Shirt Blazer

Add a pearl statement necklace for a preppy style

Featuring "Pearl Blossom Statement Necklace"

Pearls are always great for a well-groomed neat style that will give you the smart and sexy vibe you are looking for.

Classy Statement Pearl Necklace, Pearls, Gif

10. An art deco necklace for a boho chic style

In contrast to the neat and classy look, some of us are very open-minded with artistic hearts, therefore a boho-inspired art deco style necklace can perfectly project your artsy style. 

Art Deco Statement Necklace with Boho Black Outfit

Add an art deco statement necklace to your look for a boho chic vibes


See Similar Necklace here. The must have essential element to achieve the boho chic look is a longer statement necklace or a fringed necklace that is hippie inspired, but at the same time elegant and stylish.

Coined Statement Ncklace for Boho Outfits

A bold coined statement necklace for a boho look


Featuring "Mystery Ancient Coins Bib Necklace"

For a comfortable bohemian wear add some ankle boots and a flowy patterned skirt or a dress of natural earthy colors. If the weather doesn’t permit you, you can always add a knitted sweater to keep warm.

11. Glam statement necklaces for special occasions and night-outs

Heavy statement necklaces are the perfect accessory for special occasions or a night-out because they are a great way to help you escape from the mundane routine of styling your clothes.

They can truly give you a unique and distinctive look because of their daring and chunky size.

Chunky statement Necklaces with White Dress

Chunky statement necklaces are great for night-outs and special occasions


These eye-catching pieces can transform your outfit right away and allow you to step out from your comfort zone by making your outfit very remarkable and showy.

12. Statement necklaces with a colored shirt or a V-neck for a refined look

If you are the type of lady that likes her dressy collared shirts, then you can easily give depth or length to your open neckline by adding a bold statement necklace.

Bold Statement Necklaces with Collared Shirts

Give dimension to your neckline by adding a bold statement necklace

 "Vintage-inspired Flower Queen Statement Necklace" and "Bold Statement Necklace In Silver"

"Bold Clear Crystals Statement Necklace" and "Daisy Statement Necklace"

Depending on the neckline of your top or dress you can choose an appropriate piece of jewelry that will perfectly go with the style.

For example, if you are wearing a V-neck, then it is better to give depth to your top by adding a longer statement necklace to accessorize the naked skin. In contrast, if you have an off the shoulder or a sweetheart neckline it is better to focus on shorter, but chunkier necklaces.

Please feel free to check out this guide on how to wear necklaces according to your neckline.

13. A glitter statement necklace to transform a sporty casual outfit into a chic look

No matter of your style you can always make your ordinary outfits more interesting by adding a statement piece. It is so much fun to add a cool and inspiring piece to your otherwise basic top.
For those of you who are street stylers or like the urban chic look, you can  add a sparkling piece to decorate your casual outfit and layer it up with a beautiful staple piece to make your style more interesting and fashionable.
Clear Statement Necklace with Checkered Shirt, Denim Short and White Shoes
A dazzling bright statement necklace can instantly refresh your basic outfit

Next to your dazzling bright statement necklace, you can throw on your comfy sneakers with a pair of skinny jeans and there you go!

14. A trendy necklace with your “Out of style clothes” for a revamped look

We all have some old clothes that we think are out of style, but have you ever thought of adding a trendy eye-catching statement necklace to revamp your oldies?

You can always pull out of your wardrobe the old clothes and give them a completely improved appearance by adding a stylish and fashionable statement necklace that would be the center of attention in your outfit.

Statement Necklace with Wide Striped Shirt

Trendy necklaces can easily revamp your oldies that sit in the closet


See Similar Necklace here.

By adding only a necklace you have created yourself a refreshed and fashionable style on a budget that you can be excited to wear again!

15. Statement necklaces with bright colors for a polished look

Matching the colors of your accessories or clothing can give your outfit a very cute appearance and they are so fun and easy to style because all you need to do is find a matching in color piece of clothing or other type of accessory like a bag or shoes that can be paired with your colorful statement necklace.

Statement Necklaces matched with different outfits

Match the colors of your necklace to another element in your outfit for a complete ensemble


If you have a favorite pair of shoes or a bag you can always look for a statement necklace to team them up together. It is so effortless to style and chic.

Different Statement Necklaces teamed with an outfit

Matching the colors of two elements in your outfit is so cute and it looks well put together


When you pair the color of your clothes to your accessories looks like a very put together ensemble. Little details like matching your nail polish according to your necklace or bag is a great tip to style your outfits in a very appealing way.

16.A vintage-inspired statement necklace for a retro chic look

Statement Necklace with Patterned Collared Shirt and Blazer
Vintage-inspired necklace and a patterned collared shirt for a posh style

Featuring "Honeybee Statement Necklace"

Vintage-inspired necklaces are great for a neat and sophisticated looks that show class.

Joining two types of styles together to create a truly unique stylistic melange of your own is a great way to project your fashionable and artistic side.

Black Dress with a Glamorous Statement Necklace
Accessorize your little black dress with a glamorous statement necklace


Featuring "Vintage Glamour Statement Necklace"

For a day time wear it is preferred to combine the vintage-inspired necklace with a patterned or striped buttoned-up collared shirt.

On the other hand, for a night look you can always combine a glamour statement necklace  with a little black dress and you will instantly achieve a Chanel inspired look.

17. Chunky statement necklaces in combination with a dressy outfit for an edgy & fashionable look

Chunky necklaces can give an unexpected twist to your style because they are so remarkable. Your normal outfit in combination with a heavy detailed necklace will convert into an edgy and stylish look.

Don’t be afraid to stand out of the crowd and give a sophisticated and personal touch to your final look.

Statement Necklace with White Dress, Gif


18. A graceful statement necklace for a neat and elegant style

Statement Necklace with Anna Wintour, Gif


There are many designs that can be suitable for the ladies that prefer more discreet statement necklaces for an elegant refined look.

This type of style can almost remind you of the modern British royalty-inspired outfits, but you can easily bring it up to date by adding a trendy statement necklace of neutral colors.

Royalty Looking Outfits accessorized with Statement Necklace

Make your neat and royalty looking outfit more modern and stylish by adding a statement necklace


For example, a modern clean design that doesn’t attract a lot of attention, but enough to complete your outfit is better than a chunky piece with a lot of elements and colors.

Complement such a necklace with a dressy shirt and a vintage-inspired blazer for a perfectly posh style.

Statement Necklace with Dressy Shirt and Vintage-Inspired Blazer

Add a smaller statement necklace to your dressed up outfit for an elegant style

Source Unknown

The vast amount of statement necklaces allows you easily to achieve the style that is right just for you.

19. The comfy statement necklace for an everyday look

When we think of statement necklaces we picture a bold and detailed evening necklace that is only appropriate for certain types of events, which is far from being true because you can easily pick an everyday statement necklace that you can wear whenever you want.

Make sure to select a statement necklaces of faded shades without crystals or any shiny rhinestones.

Statement Necklace with Collared Long Sleeves

Get yourself a statement necklace that you can wear for any occasion


But then again, it all depends on your outfit and personal taste.

For example, if you are wearing a monochrome outfit you can indulge yourself into a more interesting and detailed necklaces. On the other hand, if you have a patterned top or a dress you can select a neat design that will just give a little twist to your outfit.  

Statement Necklaces with Monochrome Outfit, Bags

Choose your statement necklace according to your outfits



20.Embellish your outfit with a floral necklace for a feminine style

Floral necklaces are so feminine and fashionable that there is no doubt that your outfit will look just fabulous if you accessorize it with such a pretty necklace.

Floral Statement Necklace, perfume

Add a floral necklace to your outfit for a feminine and stylish look

The nude floral necklace would definitely be the focal point of your style. Try to pair it up with casual tops or a simple dress for a daytime or night-out stylish girly look.

Nude Floral Statement Necklace for a Girly Look

Wear any of your outfits with a nude floral statement necklace for a girly look

Featuring "Nude Floral Embellished Round Necklace"

Allow yourself to explore the world of statement necklaces that can change the appearance of your outfit in a truly unique and creative way!

Give a personal touch to every outfit you style and make sure to have fun while you do it!

So there you go, 20 ways to wear statement necklaces, which style tip is your favourite? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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