Help center yourself and take a moment’s rest with these peaceful pieces. Featuring symbols of harmony and tranquility, our Mindfulness collection invites you to breathe deeply.

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In a world that encourages us to always be productive and to stay connected 24/7, a quiet moment to ourselves may seem like a luxury. Taking the time to slow down and concentrate on our own well-being has never been as important as it is in today’s super-fast, modern world.

That’s why we wanted to create a compilation of our favorite pieces of jewelry that remind us to practice some self-care, to take long hot baths, stretch slowly, breathe deeply and to get a full night’s sleep. This is a collection of jewelry that invites us to practice mindfulness and to look inward.

It’s a collection that features delicate necklaces with pendants engraved with intricate geometric patterns, reminiscent of the sacred mandala, a design which is traditionally used as an aid to focus during meditation practices. It also features iconic symbols such as the lotus flower, a well-known symbol in Eastern cultures, and especially in Hinduism, which represents enlightenment, rebirth and revival. The collection also features beautifully delicate necklaces and bracelets which feature a tiny buddha head, as a direct reference to the Indian spiritual teacher and religious leader Gautama Buddha.

Within this collection we have pieces that feature both overt and subtle symbols of tranquility and inner peace, and we hope you can take something away from both of them. For some, a small buddha head might be all the reminder they need, to take a moment’s pause and step back from a busy day. For others, they might need a stronger reminder, perhaps a large pendant that is always hanging in eyesight is better, to help ground oneself and look inwards.

Either way, we hope that when you wear a piece from our Mindfulness collection it will remind you to rest a while and to focus your energies where they matter most: on having a healthy mind as well as a healthy body.