Crescent Moon Necklace

The crescent moon necklace is so popular right now. Therefore, in today’s blog post we will discover the different types of the so wanted and much loved crescent moon necklace.

In addition, you will able lo learn new and cool ways on how to style your favorite crescent moon necklace and look fabulous.

crescent moon necklace, kiss.gif

I hope you will enjoy these styling ideas because this is definitely one of the must have jewelry pieces for the season.

You have probably already seen many fashionistas or even colleagues and friends wearing this type of a necklace. It is so cosmic inspired and appropriate for any kind of occasion.

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1. Super delicate crescent moon necklace for a girly look

For a very delicate, yet girly and trendy look you can always rock a dainty chain that has a crescent moon as a pendant. Delicate necklaces are so much easier to style and pair with any kind of an outfit.

For example, your summer looks will perfectly go with a discrete chain with a tiny crescent moon hanging off from it.

Crescent moon necklace, Off shoulder top, mini denim skirt

For a girly look wear a delicate crescent moon necklace


In addition, you can mix and match different colors if you want a more vivid and spring-summery inspired look.  You wouldn’t have to think about matching all of these colors and prints to your new jewelry piece because it will go well with any of them.

Girly outfit, a crescent moon necklace
In addition to your girly outfit add a crescent moon necklace


You can add delicate or statement bracelet to your crescent moon necklace to complete your look, but it is perfectly enough to leave it solo as well.

Throw on a wrap dress or jumpsuit with bright or pastel colors, a pair of sandals or heels and a small feminine handbag - your look is ready to hit the streets!

Delicate crescent moon necklaces
Any of these two could take your outfit to the next level

Left: Moon and Star Necklace Rose Gold; Right: Half Moon Necklace

By Happiness Boutique

Here are two very delicate necklaces from Happiness Boutique that could bring out your magical vibes and make any of your look more interesting, trendy and girly. Don’t hesitate to check them out!

2. Chunky moon necklace for a bold look

In contrast to the fine chains with tiny pendants, these following necklaces will definitely receive some stares and will instantly transform your look. They are chunky, visible and so cool. Regardless of their size you can still combine them with other necklaces to accentuate this fuller look.

Deep V-necks and a long crescent moon necklace

Deep V-necks and a long crescent moon necklace are a great combo

Via Pinterest

For example, if you have tops with deep V-necks or dresses with such necklines, then you can try to mix and match your chunky necklace with a trendy choker.

It looks very attractive and distinctive from everything else we have seen already. The trick is to be able to wear a trendy jewelry piece, but in a unique way so we can stand out from the crowd.

Long layered pendant necklaces
For a bold look wear long layered pendant necklaces

Via Pinterest

In addition, you can always combine your half moon necklace with other necklaces with pendants and create the perfect layering effect. This look is especially great with simple outfits that need a touch of freshness.

3. Give dimension to your style with a long crescent moon necklace

Another way to accessorize deep V-necks, professional outfits or elegant dresses is a crescent moon necklace that is pretty long. Long necklaces with dainty chains are so versatile and comfortable to wear.

Long crescent moon necklace

Give interest to your look with a long crescent moon necklace

Source unknown

In addition, you will be able to rock this beauty all year round because you can perfectly combine it with a chunky and fluffy sweater and a pair of jeans in the colder days. However, you can style it with a simple tee, V-neck dresses and tops and even accessorize your beach wear with it.

Long half-moon necklace
In addition to your everyday styles wear a long half-moon necklace

Via Pinterest

When wearing a longer chain you don’t necessarily need to combine your necklace with other jewelry pieces. We have seen that many fashionistas like to stack up their short necklaces, which looks very gorgeous, but when it comes to long chains they are very cute on their own.

Half moon long necklace
Accessorize your looks in a modern way with a half moon necklace

Half Moon Long Necklace By Happiness Boutique

If you feel nostalgic towards your old outfits or you are on a budget, then feel free to try this long half moon necklaces from Happiness Boutique. If you wear it in combination with a choker or a layered necklace it will look so amazing as well.

4. Chokers with half moon pendant for a super trendy look

All the ladies that like to wear chokers will love these following looks. To stay trendy and sleek during this season, simply wear a choker with a half moon as a pendant. This is a very sexy and trendy way to decorate and make  your summer outfits eye-catching.

Half moon choker

Add a half moon choker to your look to make it more trendy


Chokers are great for night out occasions, but they look awesome when styled with your day to day looks as well. Feel free to wear your choker in combination with a longer chain necklace or with a delicate short necklace. This way you will definitely take your look to the next level with just a simple detail as this choker.

Chokers with a crescent moon are so magical and cosmic
Chokers with a crescent moon are so magical and cosmic

Via Pinterest

Chokers are still very hot this season so don’t hurry up to put them in the drawer for good yet. Although we have seen this trend for quite some time, these jewelry pieces are here to stay, at least one more season. They are comfortable, come in so many different shapes and sizes and are a true treasure in one’s jewelry box.

Half moon pendant chokers
For a super fashionable look wear a choker with a half moon pendant

Left: Half Moon Horn Velvet Choker; Right: Half Moon Layered Choker

By Happiness Boutique

These two chokers with a half moon look so trendy and they are just enough to accessorize your daytime and nighttime looks. The layered effect is great add-on for all those simple and old outfits that need to be revamped.

5. Layered pendant necklaces for a cool look

As we speak of layering, don’t hesitate to layer up your half moon necklace with other pendant necklaces. This is one of the most popular ways of styling our fine chains with pendants this season.

It is a great way to spice up the everyday casual look and a great way to give interest and make even prettier our night out and elegant looks.

Fashionista, layered crescent moon necklace

Be the next top fashionista with a layered crescent moon necklace

Via Pinterest

Simply throw on your favorite tee, add a pair of high waisted jeans and some cool shades and you are ready to go. This look is perfect for all the students, working ladies that are allowed to wear more casual looks and every time you go out with your girlfriends shopping.

Delicate half moon necklace
Decorate your casual look with a trendy necklace

Source Unknown

If you decide to layer short necklaces, then you can try to stack up at least three of them for a more visible style. The best thing about the short necklaces that they are very light weight, easy to style and a perfect accessory for the beach life.

6. Delicate choker with a crescent moon pendant

Besides our favorite and classy chokers you can also get yourself a delicate metallic or fine chain choker with a cute tiny half moon pendant. These jewelry pieces are very sexy, sleek and modern. There is no doubt that their delicate touch will add an outstanding and individual touch to your looks.

Delicate choker with a half moon pendant

For a subtle look wear a delicate choker with a half moon pendant

Via Pinterest

Again, it is possible to wear it solo and let it be your statement piece, but you can combine it with other jewelry pieces as well. However, it is nice to have just a discrete necklace that does the magic on its own. You can wear this necklace for special occasions or jazz up your daily looks.

Delicate chokers
Delicate chokers are always a good idea

Via Pinterest

In addition, something as this small and fine is a great complimentary piece to your boho looks. You just need outfits of earthy colors and  cowboy boots and your boho and free spirited look is done.

7. Short crescent moon necklace for a discrete look

If you want to be trendy, yet comfortable you can always add a short and simple crescent moon necklace to your outfit. As mentioned before, many ladies like to stack up their short necklaces for them to be more visible, but feel free to only wear your fine short crescent moon necklace.

Short crescent moon necklace

For a discreet, yet modern look wear a short crescent moon necklace


Although it is very delicate you can give a twist to your all black looks in the colder days. This is a truly timeless piece that you can wear with any type of an outfit. You can style it with your fashionable, boho, casual or elegant looks with no effort.

Half moon crescent necklace
Short necklaces are so comfy and fashionable

Via Pinterest

However, if you really want to layer your crescent moon necklace with other necklaces it is better to keep it delicate. Meaning try to wear it in combination with a delicate choker. Also, you can even get a delicate necklace with a crescent moon to highlight this trendy look.

Short crescent moon necklace Add this necklace to your collection and you will see the change in your looks

Half Moon Silver Necklace by Happiness Boutique

Here is a very delicate, sleek and modern short necklace with a half moon pendant from Happiness Boutique. It looks very precious and girly, especially if you combine it with a floral dress or with your working looks.

8. The classic crescent moon necklace appropriate for any of your looks

You have probably seen many embellished, colorful, very big or very small crescent moon necklaces, but who can resist to the classic, clean lines and basic design of this crescent moon necklace shown on the photo below.

Whether you call it horn necklace, half moon necklace or crescent necklace - the effect is all the same.

Half moon necklace

In addition to your trendy outfits wear a classic half moon necklace

Half Moon Necklace Silver by Happiness Boutique

No matter of your outfit, how printed, colorful or detailed it is, you can also add the classy half moon necklace to make it more interesting and modern. The medium sized length and basic design makes this piece so easy to adjust according to your preferences and fashion style.

Gold half moon necklace
Gold necklaces are so appropriate for the summer

Half Moon Necklace Gold by Happiness Boutique

For example, you can style this necklace with a pair of jeans and a buttoned up shirt. However, if you want a more festive look try to go for a high waisted shorts and a fringed top or a floral dress. Also, this necklace could perfectly accessorize your elegant dresses in a very feminine way.

Half crescent moon necklace
Don’t hesitate to add a classic timeless piece to your wardrobe

Left: Half Moon Necklace Silver; Right: Half Moon Necklace Gold

By Happiness Boutique

These two classic half moon necklaces from Happiness Boutique come in silver or gold. Based on your preferences you can accessorize your looks in a very fresh and modern way. Don't hesitate to add a delicate bracelet or a pair of sparkly stud earrings to complete your look

crescent moon necklace, ariana grande.gif

9. Sparkling crescent moon necklace for a feminine style

If you get a half moon necklace that is topped off with tiny rhinestones you will be able to brighten up any of your looks. Since it is a pretty delicate item you can wear it casually or for special occasions.

Shiny crescent moon necklace

Give an extra sparkle to your style with a shiny crescent moon necklace

Via Pinterest

In this case, it is better to wear your sparkling half moon necklace solo to achieve a very subtle and feminine look. For example, you can wear this type of a necklace with light and pastel colored outfits to highlight your feminine side.

Dazzling Crescent Moon Necklace

Stay Extra Sparkly!

Via Pinterest

Also, you can glam up any of your casual or girly looks. Feel free to add up a pair of wedges to give height to your summer looks or sandals for a comfortable style.

10. Wear your crescent moon necklace in a boho style

For all the ladies that like the free spirited and boho beach style, it is better to get yourself a crescent moon necklace that looks like horns rather than a moon. The reason for that is because it looks more natural or almost as if it’s an animal’s tooth.

Boho inspired necklaces, summer look

Boho inspired necklaces are so cool to wear in the summer


The boho fashion is all about the earthy and sandy colors and natural elements such as bones and feathers. It is a great fashion style during the summer and especially to achieve a very festive and relaxed look.

Beach outfits, boho inspired crescent moon necklace
In addition to your beach outfits wear a boho inspired crescent moon necklace

Via Pinterest

In addition, you can get a white colored half moon or horn that is part of a delicate choker and add a couple of more similar chokers to achieve a great choker boho look.

As you have probably noticed when it comes to the bohemian and gypsy inspired fashion it is all about putting together different kinds of jewelry pieces that don’t even have to match. Be creative!

Finally, I hope you enjoyed this fashion blog post and the newest trending style in the jewelry world. Don’t hesitate to add a crescent moon necklace to your bucket list or just the next time you do your shopping. It is a very timeless and versatile piece of jewelry that will instantly enhance any of your looks.

Be happy and stay trendy!
Be happy and stay trendy!

Via Pinterest

Please leave a comment or hit the like button if you find this article helpful and interesting. Let us know what are your favorite ways of styling a crescent moon necklace and which type do you prefer the best.

Thank you & Happy Styling!

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