Essential Jewellery: Hoops

Do you love earrings as much as we do, but need inspiration on how to style them? The humble hoop earrings are worth being your go-to piece of jewelry as they’re super versatile, trendy, and can quickly boost any outfit. Hoop earrings have been used by men and women of style throughout history, from ancient Egypt to modern America. 

Hoop earrings were once a part of the ensemble of Kings and Queens to signify their social status – today they are a statement of confidence, strength, and diversity.

Hoop earrings, as one of the oldest forms of jewelry in the fashion world, are very empowering, which is one of the primary reasons for their popularity and timelessness.

 It dates back way further than modern times. In fact, one of the earliest records of women wearing hoop earrings was actually in the Bronze Age (2700-1100 BC), 

which means that this earring style is more than 3100 years old. Ultimately, hoops can now be worn by anyone and for any situation, just like studs. 

So to help you find your ideal pair of hoops we've got all of the tips, tricks, and advice you're looking for. 

We are really into mixing and matching our jewellery, to create a more exciting and personal look. 

 Minimalist Hoops

Hoops can draw the eye towards a face in that they stand out more. 

Petite hoops are fashionable and easy to wear, whether you're out for lunch with friends or accessorizing for a night out. 

These minimalist hoop earrings are great for both a day-to-day look and can be stacked with our other earrings for an evening, statement vibe.

 Here are our top picks for minimalist accessories for your everyday look:

Statement Hoops

If you've been on the hunt for the perfect statement earrings, look no further! As mentioned above, powerful, brave, and heroic women in the pop world and politics have been seen wearing hoop earrings.  Big hoops will make you feel confident and will contribute to a happy mood. 

A pair of statement earrings continues to be a must-have jewellery piece to accessorize and maximize even the simplest outfits. 

Although these fabulous statement hoops are large, they are super lightweight, making them easy and comfortable to wear.

Gemstone Hoops

Whether small or large, bold or classic, your hoop earring collection is not complete without little sparkle. If you are reluctant to embrace a fully-fledged statement, simply choose earrings that are well-crafted, stylish and beautifully refined to achieve a similarly eye-catching look. Gemstone hoops exude utmost brilliance and sparkle, these earrings are just what you need to make an effortless style statement with your formal dresses, suits, blazers and blouses. These are also ideal for everyday wear or just for fancy occasions—it’s up to you! You really can’t go wrong with gemstones and a huggie hoop design.

Charm Hoops

Be charmed by our Charm hoop earrings collection! Chic, yet simple jewellery has been trendy for a long time, so if you prefer more discreet pieces, pick a pair of charm hoops for a modern and elegant vibe. With these charm hoops there are countless possibilities for creating your own unique and personal pair of earrings. 

Earrings do not have to match, and it is fashionable to wear a variety of earrings together. These hoops give off a daring, creative, trendy, and an overall beautiful look. Elegant yet simple designs can give length to your overall look, making it whimsical and stylish.

Hoop earrings are a staple of many different cultures and continue to evolve as a fashion accessory and symbol of strength. 

If you’re not sure exactly what you’re looking for, browse our beautiful selection of hoop earrings and see which earring styles resonate with you. 

We hope this guide to hoop earrings has been helpful as you search for the best earrings for you! 

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