How To Style Pearl Jewelry

Pearls are a great way to add a bit of sophistication and elegance to any outfit. Whether it be casual or formal wear; pearls work! Here we’ll show you how to style pearl jewelry.

1. With a Jumper

Want to wrap up and keep warm but also look refined and elegant? Pop on a chunky pearl necklace and you’re good to go. This necklace works great with turtlenecks because it breaks them up.

Jumper with pearls

Class up a jumper with pearls

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For jumpers that already have an unusual or decorated neckline, earrings are a great way to go. These unique earrings have two different sized pearls, giving your outfit a cool edge.

Pearl earrings with light blue outfit
Unique earrings to spruce up a jumper

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2. Pearls On Pearls

Layering pearls is a modern twist on the classic pearl necklace. This is a daring approach and can be worn both casually and formally, but is best with a solid colored top or dress. This necklace has all the layers rolled into one!

Layered pearls Layered pearls for an edgier look

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3. Formal Wear

Formal wear is where pearls began but it’s easy to mix it up a bit. For a bit of difference go with a pearl bracelet, like this chunky one.

Pearl bracelet A pearl bracelet is a different twist

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4. Bright Colors

Wearing bright colors is always daring but by adding pearls you inject a bit of elegance to your bold outfit. This floral pearl necklace breaks up this all green outfit.

Flower pearl statement necklace with green outfit
Chunky flower peals to accessorize all green

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The combination of bright yellow on the jumper means you need to pick a more toned down necklace. A perfect choice is this silver and pearl statement necklace.

A bright jumper with pearl statement necklace

A bright jumper calls for a softer pearls

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5. With Neutrals

When styling pearls with neutral colors, you can't really go wrong! Pearls add an airy and feminine quality to neutral outfits.

Pearl statement necklace with neutral outfitts
Pearls add femininity to sleek neutral looks
Pearl statement necklace with neutral outfit
Chunky for some girly edge

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