Minimalist Rings

The delicateness and charm of the minimalist rings will definitely leave you intrigued. In addition, even though they are such a small part of the styling of our outfits, they still make a big difference ones they are on our fingers.

Minimalist rings, summer hats

Minimalist rings are very trendy and cute at the moment


 The minimal trend is going to be big this season as well, therefore stay tuned to learn more about how you can style and wear your trendy minimalist rings like a pro. Also, the different designs and shapes allows to easily adapt the small jewelry to the vibe of our look.

I hope you will enjoy these styling tips!

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1. Wear your tube rings with confidence

The minimalist and well-polished surfaced of the tube rings makes them such precious and interesting piece of jewelry. They have definitely a masculine touch to their appearance but at the same time could give you confidence and power while you are wearing them.

Minimalist tube rings

Wear your minimalist tube rings with your chic outfits


Tube rings are great in combination with other statement or minimalist rings. In addition, you can wear similar jewelry pieces to work or any other important meeting you have. Also, try to complement your minimalist tube rings with a delicate necklace or a trendy bangle to complete your look.

Professional attire, tube rings
In addition to your professional attire wear tube rings


When wearing tube rings it is important to stay classy and chic. They are great statement rings that are just enough to make any of your dressy outfits even more trendy and stylish. For example, it is better to wear a classic handbag such as a tote bag in black.

Tube rings, minimalist rings
Minimalist, but super significant when worn with chic looks

Metallic Chunky Ring by Happiness Boutique

For any of your formal and professional looks try to add a metallic chunky ring such as this one from Happiness Boutique. Very sleek, modern and easy to style with any kind of an outfit.

2. Rhinestone rings for a glowing girly look

Many ladies are afraid to style rhinestone rings with their daily outfits, but if the ring is minimalist then you will feel more confident on wearing it on a daily basis. The slight touch and glow of the rhinestones is perfect for the spring and summer times.

Rhinestone minimalist rings

For a sparkling look wear rhinestone minimalist rings

Via Pinterest

You can even stack up a couple of delicate and minimalist rhinestone ring together and add a delicate necklace with a stone pendant for a very cute and girly style. These sparkling jewelry pieces are very trendy at the moment so don’t hesitate to give them a try.

Minimalist rings with rhinestones
To jazz up your casuals wear minimalist rings with rhinestones

Via Pinterest

In addition, rhinestone minimalist rings are a great compliment to any engaged lady. You can balance out your engagement ring with other geometric and rhinestone rings for a very modern and youthful look.

 Rhinestone rings, minimalist rngs
These rings are great for any type of occasion

Left: Crystal Tail Chase Wrap Ring in Gold; Right: Rose Gold Honeycomb Ring with Crystal Accents

By Happiness Boutique

Here are two recommendations from Happiness Boutique that could give the extra sparkle that your outfit needed. Feel free to check them out by clicking on links below the image.

3. Mix statement and minimalist rings for a fashionable look

You can definitely combine your old statement rings with your newest purchases of minimalist rings in case that you don’t already own minimalist rings. This fresh mix of different styles allows you to experiment with your jewels and end up with a truly unique style.

Minimalist rings

Mix up different rings for a remarkable style


Don’t be afraid to also add a modern bangle or statement bracelet to your trendy melange of rings. Even though this is a more stacked and accessorized way of styling one’s outfit, it can still be worn to work, important events or just for fun.

Stack of minimalist & statement rings
Wear a stack of minimalist & statement rings to give your look uniqueness


Also, you can easily wear this style all year long because ring are so comfortable and easy to style even when we wear layers and layers of clothing pieces. You can wear this look with a girly dress, with washed jeans or with a chunky sweater during the cold days.

Minimalist rings
Stack up these two rings for the perfect stacked look

Left: Double Crossed Ring Rose Gold; Right: Heart Bouquet Ring Rose Gold

by Happiness Boutique

These two rings in rose gold from Happiness Boutique are great to be worn together. If you want to achieve the fresh mix of statement and delicate rings you can take a look at these pieces.

4. Geometrically shaped minimalist rings for playful look

Another super hot trend this season is the minimalist geometric rings. They are so sleek, chic and well-polished that there is no doubt that you will end up with a very stylish outfit, no matter if you style your oldies or new purchases. 

Geometrically shaped rings, minimalist rings

Add interest to your style by wearing geometrically shaped rings

Via Pinterest

Clean and basic design with a super interesting and eye-catching geometric shape that will instantly give your look a playful and modern touch. You can wear similar jewelry pieces with super casual or very elegant outfits as well.

Boho geometric rings
In addition to your trendy looks wear boho geometric rings

Source unknown

Furthermore, you can find so many different geometric shapes such as hexagon, triangular, square or circle minimalist rings. All of them could bring a lot of modernity and fashionable style to your looks. In addition, they are very easily pairable with other statement, boho, minimalist or stone rings.

Geometric minimalist rings
Modernize your style with geometric minimalist rings

Left: Hexagon Ring Silver; Right: Geometric Ring Rose Gold

By Happiness Boutique

Very trendy and chic, these geometric rings from Happiness Boutique are suitable for any type of a lady. Try to wear them with casual, modern, hipster, fashionable or working outfit to get the best of their cool designs.

5. Boho minimalist rings for a free spirited style

In the bohemian fashion we can also spot the minimalist ring trend. In many cases, the ladies prefer to wear a mix of different boho, minimalist and gypsy ring to show their passion for the boho style.

In addition, each ring could be different in size, texture or material. The boho fashion is all about being accessorized rather than being very minimal and chic.


Via Pinterest

For example, you can stack together different kinds of delicate minimalist rings with big and chunky opal stone rings. The turquoise and stone ring are very typical of the boho fashion, therefore don’t be reluctant to add them in addition to your minimalist rings.

Boho minimalist rings
In addition to your summer look wear minimalist rings

Via Pinterest

The best thing about the boho fashion is that we can accessorize as much as we want. There is no need of matching our jewelry pieces.

The important thing is simply to get jewelries that have boho and free spirited elements such as feathers, sky elements or anything that remind you of this nomad style.

Boho rings
Bring out your boho vibes!

Boho Ring Set Silver by Happiness Boutique

This boho ring set is perfect for you minimal and boho inspirations. You can dress them up or wear them super casual with just a graphic tee and a pair of skinny jeans.

6. Stacked minimalist rings for modern style

Wearing stacks of rings makes us our lives easier because the pack is right in front of us and we don't need to think or take too much time when we style and combine our rings.

The small detail of the ring is in fact pretty important on how an outfit will turn out to be. You can dress up or bring to basics any of your looks with these amazing and trendy minimalist rings.

Minimalist rings

Wear a stack of simple minimalist rings for an elegant look

Via Pinterest

You can stack up a mix of golden and silver or silver and rose gold rings for a remarkable style, but feel free to only focus on one metal color for a well put together look.

In addition, even though the stacked trend looks very accessorized, the minimalist ring sets are very appropriate for any type of a lady - working, studying, traveling or you name it.

Stacked of minimalist rings
Stack up your minimalist rings for a modern look


Or, you can of course combine different kinds of rings to achieve a very unique and personal style. Also, don’t be afraid to add a trendy bangle or cuff bracelet to finish off this stylish stacked look.

Stacking rings, minimalist rings
For a perfectly stacked look – wear one of these stacking packs

Left: Modern Silver Ring Set; Right: Minimalist Ring Set Gold

By Happiness Boutique

Happiness Boutique offers you these two cool, feminine and minimalist ring sets that you can rock on a daily basis. Also, feel free to leave us a comment and share your opinion about these stylish and modern rings.

7. Minimalist stone rings for a symbolic wear

Stone rings always look very mysterious, symbolic and feminine. No matter of the color of the stone, these rings are an absolute trend right now. There many different stones and crystals that will help you to cleanse your energy or heal your energy.

Stone minimalist rings

In addition to your look wear symbolic rings

Via Pinterest

In addition, the psychological aspect of wearing stone rings is so amazing and powerful. You can get yourself the ring that goes with your zodiac signs or the a stone that will protect, heal or cleanse your aura. It is so much better to wear a ring that you believe in.

Stone minimalist rings, fashion style
For a meaningful and unique look wear stone minimalist rings


Stone rings always give a certain energy to one’s outfit. You can wear them at all times no matter of your fashion style  because they are pretty versatile and flexible when it comes to styling.

Also, you can get a stone ring that is personalized according to your needs and date of birth for a super symbolic and individual style.

Stone minimalist ring
Add individuality to your daily style with a stone minimalist ring

Left: Delicate Moonstone Ring Rose Gold; Right: Happy Twist Pearl Ring Rose Gold

By Happiness Boutique

These two rings with natural stones are so cool, feminine and trendy. Their beauty comes from their elegant and chic design that you can wear with any type of an outfit. Dress them up or down, it all depends on your own preferences.

8. Trendy druzy minimalist rings for a modern and fashionable style

Another huge trend that has been rising for quite some time is the druzy jewelry pieces. Also, you can get a set of druzy necklace, rings and earrings, but just the rings alone make such a statement and minimalist style. The base is very minimal, but the top part of these rings is so magical and chic.

Druzy rings, fashionista, fashion jewelry

For a super cute and trendy style wear druzy rings


Feel free to add other rings in addition to your druzy ring. The most charmful element of the druzy ring is the broken crystal effect that is just so elegant and remarkable.

In addition, the glowing effect of this ring is sch a great discovery and come back because the luxurious looking ring could be found in affordable price, but you get the same effect.

Drusy rings
Drusy rings are so hot right now – give them a try!

Via Pinterest

You will be able to find very small minimalist druzy rings or statement minimalist rings. No matter of the size of the ring, it will definitely give an extra sparkle and spice up your normal outfits.

Druzy ring,minimalist ring For a sophisticated style wear a druzy ring

Druzy Ring Rose Gold by Happiness Boutique

This minimalist and druzy ring from Happiness Boutique has a very basic, but super trendy and noticeable appearance. Feel free to check it out because it will definitely make your looks more catchy and attractive.

9. Delicate minimalist rings for a feminine style

The minimalist ring doesn’t mean that you have to put on a super delicate ring, but in this case we will focus on those delicate and feminine minimalist rings. Also, they will give you a very subtle and girly touch to your look.

In addition, feel free to add a statement ring for a more accessorized look, but all the ladies that like to wear delicate jewelry pieces will appreciate this one.

Delicate minimalist rings

Bring out your feminine side by wearing delicate minimalist rings

Via Pinterest

You can add other very minimalist and delicate ring for a more visible look, but even if you wear only your trendy delicate minimalist ring will look just fine. Furthermore, many ladies prefer to wear delicate jewelry pieces, therefore it is important to mention how you can style them.

Delicate rings
Pretty and Chic!


Also, you can wear this subtle look to work, business meetings, school or any special celebration that you have on your agenda. The best thing about the delicate minimalist rings is that they always look good and appropriate, no matter of your fashion style.

Minimalist rings Rings are the small detail that could make the big changes in one’s look

Left: Circle Ring Rose Gold; Right: Full Circle Minimalist Ring

By Happiness Boutique

Whenever you want a piece of delicate and feminine piece of jewelry, these two very stylish could be a great option for you. Don’t hesitate to check them out! 😊

Minimalist rings, pretty little liars.gif

Finally, I hope you enjoyed these minimalist rings trend and styling tips. Don’t hesitate to give them a try if you haven’t got any pieces yet. In addition, feel free to leave us a comment and share your favorite styles with us. Also, let us know if you’d like to try out one of our suggestions.

Thank you & Happy Styling!

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