Most Loved Sets

We’ve taken our best-selling individual pieces and carefully curated them as sets that we think you’ll adore even more. Chic, fashionable, and versatile, these items are most loved for a reason.

Identity Collection

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We’ve been noticing what you’ve been loving lately, and we wanted to create combinations that we think you’ll like just as much. Full of popular pieces combined in unique and surprising ways, the best thing about this collection is that it’s constantly evolving to reflect your tastes.

Depending on what has been selling fast, in this collection you might find a jewelry set containing a popular chain necklace and a popular pendant, or we might create a special set from our best-selling hoop earrings and a pair of earring charm that have been a hit with you all.

More than anything, these sets are suggestions for how to wear items in a different way, and staying true to the spirit of Mix and Match, aim to encourage you to experiment with new ways of wearing your jewelry.