Style Guide for Chunky Necklaces

Here are some style tips and suggestions on how you can wear your chunky necklaces. In addition, they are perfect for any lady that likes to show their passion for these jewelry pieces.

And, regardless of their style, it is still possible to wear them even on a daily basis with our daytime outfits.

chunky necklaces, blinking eye.gif

In fact, chunky necklaces are great to spice up your casual tops or any of your outfits and make them more interesting, trendy and eye-catching.

If you are interested in knowing how to transform your old outfits or simply accessorize your new ones please keep reading and hopefully you will find this blog post informative and helpful. 

Statement Necklaces, grey sweater, hairstyle

Colorful chunky necklaces in addition to your joyful outfits


Make your even most casual and plain outfit into a top fashionista look. Furthermore, statement necklaces allow you to easily take your outfit to the next level of awesomeness!

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1. Round necklace with circular pendants for a chic tribal look

Necklaces that have a round shape are great for boat, ballet, V-necks, or strapless necklaces because they will perfectly accessorize the unclothed part below your neck.

In addition, round necklaces with ancient coins pendants are the perfect add-on if you’d like to recreate a tribal look.

Statement necklaces, ancient coins necklaces

Ancient coins necklaces for a tribal look

Via Pinterest

There is no doubt that you will make a statement with such a powerful necklaces. This is a great look for the more artistic, free spirited and out of the box ladies that like to experiment with different kinds of necklaces.

Silver necklaces, statement necklaces
Chunky necklace with ancient coins for a tribal inspired look
Source unknown

Whether you decide to wear it with dark or light clothes, the ancient coin pendant necklace would still stand out and make your outfit much better and prettier.

Statement Necklaces, silver boho necklace, ripped jeans
Long tribal inspired necklace for a catchy style

Boho Bohemian Statement Necklace by Happiness Boutique

Also, don’t hesitate to give a try to a longer tribal inspired necklace such as this one from Happiness Boutique.

You can still escape your usual looks by simply wearing this kind of a necklace. As you can see, it is very easy to combine with a simple top and a pair of jeans.

Ancient coined necklaces, statement necklaces
In addition to your daily outfits wear a tribal inspired necklace

Left: Silver Toned Ancient Coins Statement Necklace; Right: Mystery Ancient Coins Bib Necklace

By Happiness Boutique

In case you are interested in getting this look, feel free to check out some amazing tribal inspired necklaces from Happiness Boutique. They will definitely help you to achieve the look with no effort! 

2. For an urban cool look wear a silver statement necklace

The people who like to keep it comfortable and simple, yet getting their latest jewelry trends, then these following styles are just for you. A perfect outfit for the weekend, to go shopping, to spend time with family and friends.

Chunky necklaces, street style, statement necklaces

Casual urban outfits and chunky necklaces for a cool style

Via Pinterest

In addition, this look is very cool because by simply adding a statement necklace you make it memorable and stylish.

Chunky necklaces, statement necklaces, street style
Ripped jeans, graphic tee and chunky necklaces for a cool look


Throw on your most preferred shoes, add to them a pair of skinny jeans and the top is up to you and your personal fashion style. Also, you can spend hours and hours in this outfit without feeling squeezed in it or uncomfortable in any way.

Statement necklaces, chunky necklaces, casual outfit
Casual outfits in addition to a statement necklace for a remarkable look

Bold Statement Necklace by Happiness Boutique

You can style these amazing statement necklaces with sneakers, boots, heels or whatever your on-the-go shoes is. On top of that, feel free to add trendy bracelets and rings to get that extra sparkle in your look.

Wear your chunky necklaces with any of your outfits for a remarkable style
Wear your chunky necklaces with any of your outfits for a remarkable style

Left: Legend Boho Statement Necklace; Right: Gypsy Statement Necklace

By Happiness Boutique

These two suggestions from Happiness Boutique are one of the most favorite necklaces in the collection. Very bold, chunky, yet so easy to combine with the rest of your outfit.

3. Long chunky necklace for an art deco inspired look

For a more relaxed and easygoing look that at the same time is very art deco and catchy, make sure to get a chunky set of wooden necklace. It could be layered or not, the important thing is for you to stay away from the ordinary type of a necklace. 

Escape the mundane outfits by wearing an art deco inspired necklace

Escape the mundane outfits by wearing an art deco inspired necklace


It looks very natural and comfortable to wear regardless of the size of the necklace. In addition, try to pair it with colors that match the necklace or monochromes because you don’t want to end up with a distracted and busy outfit.

Layered necklaces, chunky necklaces, art deco necklaces
Art deco necklaces for a very bold and out of the ordinary look

Via Pinterest

If you are not fan of necklaces made from wood, go for a layered chunky necklace in silver. Also, feel free to add as many or as little different kinds of necklaces to recreate this look.

The best thing is that you are the creator of the look, which makes it even more special, and of course unique.

4. Spring chunky necklace for an elegant and chic look

When the spring season arrives you can experiment with your old and new colorful chunky necklaces. They are a great addition to your lively chic and elegant outfits.

Colorful chunky necklaces, casual outfit

In the spring and summer wear colorful chunky necklaces


In addition, you can wear similar look to go to work, meetings, gatherings with friends and more. Very stylish, but not tacky or distracting, which is a little of a challenge when we work with vivid colors, but not impossible. 🙂

Style guide to chunky necklaces, grey sweater and colorful necklace

In addition to you chic outfits wear a colorful necklace


Another, more easier way to style colorful statement necklaces, is by simply pairing them up with a single colored top.

This way you are certain that your outfit is on point. Still, you can match the colors of your necklace with the rest of your accessories.

Colorful chunky necklaces, statement necklaces, summer look
Chic outfits and colorful chunky necklaces for the perfect summer look


If you want to be even more daring, yet cute and girly, go for a longer chunky necklace that will definitely be the focal point of your look. A great look for cocktail parties or birthday celebrations.

5. Statement necklace appropriate for night out looks

Crystal statement necklaces are so amazing and attractive, especially for your night out looks. They can give you just the right amount of glow and sparkles to make your outfit more glam and chic.

Chunky necklace, street style

Shine bright like a chunky necklace

Via Pinterest

Don’t forget to add a classy red lipstick to finish off the look, because who can really say no to dark lips!

style guide to chunky necklace - pearl necklace
Chunky pearl necklaces are an absolute must haves for your cocktail parties


Or, if you don’t want your necklace to be the sparkling element of your look go for sequined shorts paired with high heels! Instead of a crystal necklace, make sure to add class and style by adding a pearl chunky necklace to your outfit.

Pearl necklaces could be a great add-on to any outfit
Pearl necklaces could be a great add-on to any outfit

Left: Layered Bubble Bliss Pearl Necklace; Right: Pearl Galaxy Statement Necklace

By Happiness Boutique

Two ideas of pearl necklaces from Happiness Boutique that could be great for your summer night out looks. They are very versatile, chic and elegant, even if you decide to wear them for casual occasions.

6. Accessorize with a glam necklace for a fashionista style

If you are the type of lady that follows the latest fashion trends, then these recommendations are just for you. Very daring, out of the ordinary and chic - chunky statement necklaces in silver.

These jewelry pieces are much easier to style than it seems, yet looking so majestic and glamorous. Get your glam on and try them out because there is no doubt that people will stare, but the idea is to make it worth it!

Sparking statement necklace, chunky necklaces

Be a diva, be daring and glam by adding a sparking statement necklace

Bold Clear Crystals Statement Necklace by Happiness Boutique

The only thing that your most trendy outfits need is a bold clear crystal statement necklace to make them more remarkable and cool. This type of a necklace is a must have for all the fashionistas out there!

Bold statement necklaces, street style, silver necklace
In addition to your trendy looks wear a bold statement necklace with rhinestones

Bold Clear Crystals Statement Necklace by Happiness Boutique

In addition, the powerful appearance of the necklace allows you to go for a rather single colored and simple top of your choice. Then, get your pair of jeans, heels and top off the look with a medium sized purse that will go with the whole outfit.

Chunky necklaces, bold statement necklaces
Bold necklaces in addition to your stylish outfits for a chic look


There is no such thing as being over accessorized when you know how to put all the pieces of the puzzle together.

However, a necklace such as this glamorous over the top one from Happiness Boutique, you are certain to make a statement.

7. Floral necklace for a feminine look

To achieve a very cute and feminine look you definitely need a floral necklace. A chunky floral necklace that could be paired with strapless tops or dresses and bring a smile to your face!

Chunky flower necklaces, summer looks

In addition to your beautiful smile add a chunky flower necklace

Flower Love Statement Necklace by Happiness Boutique

For example, this flower love statement necklace from Happiness Boutique is a great jewelry piece that could make any of your look more joyful, charming and cute.

Also, try to match your bag with the necklace for a more completed and well put together outfit.

Wear a flower necklace for a super feminine look
Wear a flower necklace for a super feminine look


In the summer, pastel colors are preferred by many ladies. And, there is a reason why. First, they can keep you cool from the heat and second, they look so amazing, especially if you have a tanned skin.

However, combine your necklace with a sweater in the winter and you will definitely end up with a pretty cute look.

Flower statement necklaces
For a feminine spring summer look try to add a flower inspired necklace

Left: Cream & Gold Belle Statement Necklace; Right: Ivory Flowers Statement Necklace

By Happiness Boutique

For more smiles on the face and girly looks, check out these amazing flower inspired necklaces from Happiness Boutique. A great addition to any of your spring and summer outfits!

8. Statement necklaces and collared shirts for a professional look

Even if you are not a working lady, look sharp and professional is nothing but a way of dressing. Dressy and fitted collared shirts paired with chunky necklaces will certainly give you the vibe of a very elegant and stylish look.

Blue collared shirts, statement necklaces

Statement necklaces could be the perfect addition to your fitted collar shirts


You can still pull off this look if you wear a pair of sneakers, but if you don’t want to brake the rules of the protocol. Then make sure to at least get a pair of comfortable heels.

Chunky necklace, statement necklaces
In addition to your professional attire wear a chic chunky necklace


Furthermore, if your chunky round necklace is made of crystals then you have the possibility to other more jewelry. For example, a set of rhinestone rings that will give you an extra glow and chicness to your look.

Statement necklaces, blue collared shirts
Collared shirts and statement necklaces are a great combo for a trendy look

Via Pinterest

However, if you want to look sharp, but not as elegant instead of a dressy collared shirt go for a denim one. The intention of the elegance is still there, but in a more casual way.

Also, if you prefer your sneakers, now is the time to take them out of the closet. Try to pair your denim shirt with leather pants or a matching pair of jeans.

Silver statement necklaces, chunky necklaces
Chunky necklaces for a super remarkable style

Left: Tribal Boho Statement Necklace; Right: Ecstasy Statement Necklace

By Happiness Boutique

These two necklaces from Happiness Boutique are just two of the many statement necklaces available in the collection. Endless options to go for and decorate your V-necks.

9. Dress up your casual looks with chunky necklaces

Finally, something cute and fun and at the same time pretty remarkable. The combination of a tee and a statement necklace could be a great options if you want to make an impression and being comfy at the same time.

Statement necklaces, graphic tees

Graphic tees and statement necklaces for an urban casual look


Wear your t-shirts with confidence and style by simply adding a chunky statement necklace to them. In addition, you can layer your tee with a blazer for a more chic style or with a cardigan for a rather casual look.

Statement necklaces, animated t-shirts
Animated t-shirts in addition to statement necklaces for a catchy look

Via Pinterest

Who said that grown ups can’t rock an animated print t-shirt? Add a sparkling cap, trendy skinny jeans and a cute hairstyle and you are all set for the day! A perfect outfit to do many different activities in a comfy and relaxed style.

Chunky necklaces, graphic tees
In addition to your chunky necklaces wear graphic tees

Via Pinterest

In just a few steps you can transform any of your casual t-shirts and tops and make them look much more pretty, girly and stylish. Also, it is so easy to turn even your most casual outfit into a trendy and elegant ensemble that will definitely attract people’s attention.

chunky necklaces, moving pendant.gif

At the end of the day it is important to feel confident, comfortable and good about your outfit no matter of your style. Also, there are no boundaries on how to style a given type of a jewelry.

However, some of the fashion trends that are very popular turn out to be so cool and amazing that it gets so exciting just to think about them! 🙂

Finally, I hope these style tips and ideas were interesting and engaging for you! If yes, please don’t hesitate to also leave a comment and share what is your favorite type of a chunky necklace & how do you like to style it!

Thank you and Happy Styling!

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