How to Wear Hoop Earrings Like a Fashion Blogger

The ways on how to wear hoop earrings are endless and fascinating. Scroll down to learn how to wear hoop earrings like a fashion blogger because this is one of the hottest and cool trends at the moment. These type of earrings made their major comeback and they are simply great because of their diverse selection you can choose from and effortless styling.

casual wears and hoops earrings

In addition to casual wears add a pair hoops


Furthermore, they are great to be worn as a statement to your outfit, and if you pick up a smaller size hoop earrings they can be perfectly styled with any of your daily, and even nightly, outfits.

1. Red lips and oversized hoop earrings for a cool hipster look

First of all, making the hoops your statement piece will definitely bring a certain attitude and attention to your outfit. Also, make sure to bring out and rock your favorite red lipstick to complete this a little dramatic, yet very cool hipster style. In addition to your red lips you can style your hair in a way that will show your newbies hanging from the ears.

black top paired with denim jeans

Be daring and fabulous!


Also, since all of the attention is brought to your face it is very easy to style this look with your night-out or casual outfits. Either way these pieces will look fabulous and very pretty.

oversized hoop earrings
In addition to your hoop add a red lipstick for a cool and trendy look


Try to keep all of your other jewelries delicate and simple so your outfit doesn’t become very distracting and tacky.

2. Big and sleek earrings for a boho-inspired look

To accomplish a cool gypsy and bohemian look, then you can select big well-polished hoop earrings and add them to your outfit. Also, feel free to accessorize with a head-wrap, which is also very fashionable and cool right now. In addition, team up your hoops with many bracelets and necklaces to complete your look.

Hoop earrings with boho-inspired outfits

Smooth and glossy earrings for your gypsy inspired outfits


Furthermore, big and stylish scarves that you can wrap around your head are very typical and popular of the gypsy and nomad fashion style.

hairdos and hoop earrings
Popular hairdos and hoop earrings look so fashionable and cool

Via Pinterest

Lately, we have also seen many fashion bloggers and celebrities to make a bun with only one half of their hair so don’t hesitate to experiment by trying out this hairdo and come up with a stylish, yet hippie inspired look that is achieved in only few steps.

hoops earrings
In addition to your headband add a pair of sleek earrings


Some are skeptical when thinking of big hoop earrings, but in fact they can be very appropriate for many kinds of occasions because of their sleekness and unpretentious style.

3. Geometric hoop earrings for a chic and modern look

Basic designed jewelry has been trendy and fashionable for some time now therefore if you prefer more discreet and on-the-go pieces, then you can go for some geometrically shaped earrings that will give a very modern and elegant vibe to your outfit. 

Geometric Hoop Earrings

For a modern look add a pair of basic clean designed hoops

Via Pinterest

Also, medium sized hoops with a very sophisticated and clean design look very chic and they can be easily worn on a daily basis with any of your outfits. Furthermore, it is possible to easily style them with your nightly outfits as well.

geometric hoop earrings
Dare to be chic and up to date with a pair of geo shaped hoop earrings

source unknown

Also, your trendy ensembles will definitely match with some futuristic looking large hoops that can top off your style in a very modern and stylish way.


Left:  Golden Earrings; Right: Geometric Hoop Earrings by Happiness Boutique

In order to recreate this chic and modern look make sure to add these two pairs of earrings to your jewelry collection. In addition, it will look so sleek and stylish, yet so minimalist and appropriate for everyday wear.

4. Tiny hoop earrings for a timeless classy look

It is always nice to accessorize your looks. Also, you don’t need to make your jewelry a statement, but a rather cool addition to your outfit to make it more distinguishable and interesting.  And, in this case you can go for some tinier sophisticated hoops that are great for any style and any occasion.

Most of all, the classic hoops are great for the professional settings and to go to school. In addition, they are suitable for a night-out events because they don’t draw a lot of attention. Yet, they add a certain character to the look. Also, they are so easy to style!

Hoop Earrings

It is always a good idea to wear a pair of tiny earring


Smaller earrings are very discreet and stylish, yet elegant and timeless pieces that will never go out of style. Also, their neat design allows you to effortlessly combine them with more detailed and embellished tops.

Classy Hoop Earrings These items will instantly make your look chic

Timeless Hoop Earrings by Happiness Boutique

Having a pair of some high-class hoops means that you have just invested in a timeless and classy piece. Because at some point in your life it will come a time where you can rock them like a pro fashionista. Also, check out some similar items from Happiness Boutique, especially if you want to give your look charm and sophistication. In addition, being stylish while you wear your casuals is priceless.

5. Hoop drop earrings for a minimalist and fashionable style

Out of balance and symmetry is what makes the hoop drop earrings so trendy and modern at the moment. Therefore, as a result, accessorize your look with some asymmetrical hoop earrings that can easily give a twist and interest to your otherwise simple clothes.

Minimalist drop hoop earrings

Drop earrings for a top fashionista look

Via Pinterest

Simplistic, yet elegant design can give length to your look and make it very feminine and stylish.

Hoop Earrings
Minimalist-inspired earrings for a feminine look


In addition, try to team up your  earrings with a beautiful dress or off-the-shoulder top that will accentuate your neck in a very refined and graceful way.

Asymmetrical Hoop Earrings Circular earrings look stylish with any outfit

Earrings by Happiness Boutique

Don’t you just love this unbalanced and out of the box design of earrings that will be able instantly to make your look more fashionable and elegant. Reproduce easily this look by accessorizing your outfit with these stunning pieces from Happiness Boutique.

Asymmetrical Hoop Earrings Get a distinctive look by wearing a pair of unbalanced hoops

Hoops by Happiness Boutique

The ultimate fashionista  would need a pair of these crooked hoops that are so distinctive and original. They will definitely make your attire more interesting and remarkable.

6. Big hoop earrings for a trendy street style look

Large hoop earrings are great for all the ladies that like to wear simple and casual outfits because you can easily spice up your style by adding a pair of these earrings.

Hoop Earrings with street style outfit

Give a street style inspiration to your look with a pair of these beauties


In many instances there is no need to do much to make your outfit noticeable and standing from the crowd. Throw on your basics, but make sure to accessorize with some dazzling hoop earrings and you will instantly notice the difference.

Hoop Earrings
Transform your style by adding a pair of big and clean lines hoop earrings

Via Pinterest

7. Disproportionate big hoops for a fashion forward look

Turn some heads by embellishing your ears with some bigger than the usual size jewelry that is the perfect addition to your style, especially if you want to achieve a catwalk inspired look.

Hoop Earrings

For a fashion podium look accessorize with a pair of disproportionate hoop earrings

Via Pinterest

Obviously, these are not the type of earrings that you would be wearing often, but definitely a pair that at some point will help you to bring out your confidence and taste for fashion. Present your fearless and daring side!

Big plated hoop earrings
Plated hoop earrings for a fashionable and remarkable look

Via Pinterest

8. Mix and match different hoops for a noticeable look

If you are the type of person that likes to wear a couple of earrings all together then try to mix and match different in size and design hoop earrings. And, be the creator of your own design. 

Hoop Earrings

Stack different kinds of earrings for a cool and jazzed up look

Via Pinterest

Also, allow yourself to present creativity and sense of style without making too much effort while your wear your preferred jewelry pieces. And, the combination of different types of hoops can make your look more authentic and out of the ordinary.

stack of hoop earrings
Wear a stack of hoops for a distinctive and original look

Via Pinterest

Furthermore, if you prefer a more delicate and girly look try to pair up three or four small sized hoop earrings and you are all set!

9. Simplistic hoop earrings for your everyday casual looks

Remain trendy and fashionable while wearing your daily casual outfits is a hard task. Yet, add some sleek and basic earrings and you can instantly look like a pro fashion blogger. 

Simplistic hoop earrings with all black outfit

All black outfits and simple jewelry for casual looks


During the colder days many of us like to wear mainly black and dark colored outfits.  And, therefore what a better way to give a pop of color to your outfit than by adding some statement hoop earrings that look very modern and add a personal touch to your style. In addition, they could be styled with no effort.

Hoop earrings
Basic clothes and simple hoop earrings for an everyday trendy look

Via Pinterest

Furthermore, when you don’t wear a lot of detailed clothes allow yourself to indulge into some big statement earrings because they will perfectly complete your casual wears. Also, try to keep your hairstyle simple and permit the earrings to elevate your whole style.

Hoop earrings for a casual outfit
For your casual looks add a pair of simple hoop earrings for a stylish look

Via Pinterest

Also, the secret to wearing your hoop earrings like a fashion blogger is to pay attention to the small details that could make the big changes in your look. For instance, the half-bun hairstyle in combination with some medium sized hoops are just enough to complete your style in a very trendy and fashionable way.

10. Wear simple hoop earrings for a 90’s inspired trend

Since the hoop earrings are back again it is impossible to forget to mention the famous overalls that were so popular in the 90’s along with a crop top or a turtleneck. Most noteworthy, if you want to complete your 90’s inspired look also add some simple hoop earrings to your bare face.

Hoop earrings

Hoop earrings can definitely take you back to the nineties fashion style

Via Pinterest

You can also always modernize the 90’s fashion style to create your own unique and original style that speaks to your personal taste for fashion.

Jumper pants with hoop earrings
Get a 90’s inspired look by adding a pair of hoop earrings

Via Pinterest

You can throw on some high waisted denim jeans or shorts and look very chic and trendy, but with some 90’s inspirations. Also, the overalls made their comeback and they are so easy to combine with other tops.

Hoop earrings
Hoop earrings are great for all kinds of styles

Source unknown

11. Medium sized hoop earrings and neat outfits for a professional business look

You can also always become very trendy and fashionable even in your working setting by accessorizing your professional outfits with some small and medium sized hoops.

Medium sized hoops for your professional looks

In addition to business attires add a pair of hoops

Via Pinterest

Don’t be afraid to dress up like a fashion blogger at work, because you can always find the right pieces of jewelry that will look just perfect with any of your outfits while keeping you look very trendy and stylish.

Hoop earrings
These earrings could be appropriate for your working and business attire

Via Pinterest

Stay away from bold designs that will attract a lot of attention because they are not the best option for the working environment or business meetings.

devilwearsprada gif

12. Trendy outfits and hoop earrings for an ultimate fashion blogger style

To wear your hoop earrings like fashion blogger you need to escape a little the ordinary looks that you style. Try some boyfriend baggy ripped jeans in addition to some fashionable shoes and top off your outfit with some trendy hoop statement earrings. 

Red top with ripped jeans and hoop earrings

In addition to your trendy hoop earrings wear fashionable looks

Via Pinterest

The key move is to buy a few items that are highly worn by the fashion bloggers rather than buying boatloads of pieces. And this is the reason why jewelry is always a good idea to make your outfit more interesting and fashion forward.

Hoop earrings

Messy hair and cute jewelry


Gold Hoop Earrings Dressy outfits and hoops

Similar Earrings by Happiness Boutique

Be daring and different like a diva by showing your inner creativity and passion for this trend. You can do this through this amazing and distinctive pair of earrings from Happiness Boutique.

It is not necessary to spend all of your money  in order to style your outfits. Also, just make sure to add the right pieces to your collection because they could make your style outstanding and catchy. Therefore, combine some trendy and cool earrings that will be your focal point of your look.


Finally, experiment with different kinds of hoop earrings and see what best suits you. Also, focus on the small and tiny details of your outfit. Because it will make the big changes to end up with a perfectly styled and fashionable outfit!

Have fun while wearing and styling your favorite pieces!

Did you enjoy this article? Please leave a comment and let us know which one is your favorite style. Do you already have a favorite pair of hoop earring? Let us know! 🙂

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