15 Ways to Wear Layered Necklace Like a Pro

If you are not quite sure how to, but you love the style of the layered necklace, then keep reading to learn about the 15 ways to wear layering necklaces like a pro.

Also, you will find out about some very cool and creative ways to wear your layering necklaces. Being able to stack up your necklaces to create unique designs and combinations is so much fun and it looks very pretty on almost any outfit.

Layered necklace, V-neck top

Layered necklaces look so good in combination with a V-neck top


The most preferred methods to style them is to pile up diverse types of necklaces at once or trying to match your pre-layered necklace with another piece.

Also, you can easily express yourself by adding a fashionable personalized pendant or lucky charm that is engraved with your initials and represents your nature.


Styling your necklaces like a skilled fashionista is not that easy, but don’t worry because there are always tricks and tips to help you and make your life easier.

In addition, there are many options on how to combine your layering necklaces like a pro because they come in so many colors, textures, length or designs, but the important thing is to get a final result that looks like it took you seconds to put it together.

1. Wear a body chain with a dainty necklace for an out of the box style

Body chains are definitely one of the types of jewelry that are very daring and stylish. So if you are not ready to come out of your comfort zone you’d be skeptical about wearing them. However, feel free to give them a try because they are very easy to style and fashionable when styled with your outfit.

Body chain, Necklaces

Wear a body chain in addition to your look for a remarkable style


They are very cool and it is possible to rock this style all year long without showing too much skin or necessarily being at the beach. And, these pieces are also great to be worn over your night-out outfits as well.

Black Dress, Body Chain
In addition to your body chain wear elegant and dressy outfits

Via Pinterest

You can style them with deep V-necks or crop tops so you can show the creativity and originality of the body chain. Most preferably, you can wear them with monochromatic outfits of dark color so your jewelry can stand out.

To master the technique of wearing layering necklaces like a pro simply add a dainty necklace to your body chain and there is no doubt that it will look just fabulous!

2. Minimalist choker and dainty necklaces for a chic sleek look

The chic minimalist look consists of very simple and delicate designs that are combined together to give you a very stylish and sleek overall look that will bring out your confidence and cool appearance.

There is definitely a beauty in simplicity. The good news is that you can never wear too much minimalist jewelry.

Minimalist choker, Dainty chains

Minimalist choker in combination with dainty chains for a modern look

Left: source; Left: source

Try to layer a dainty golden or silver metallic choker with a fine necklace to achieve this fashionable style. It is better to combine such a style with other minimalistic pieces to keep the simplistic, yet elegant and modern style of these beautiful designs.

Metallic choker, Delicate necklaces
For a sleek look combine a metallic choker with dainty necklaces

Via Pinterest

It is effortless to layer a minimalist choker with any delicate necklaces that you have - with or without a pendant. Or, you can always purchase a pre-layered necklace that is ready to paired up with your choker.

3. Big knitted sweaters or cardigans and delicate pendant necklaces for a modern style

If it is that time of the year when you need to layer everything, not just your jewelry, then try to combine a warm and relaxed knitted sweater or cardigan with different in length delicate pendant necklaces.

Chunky white sweater and a layered necklace

Chunky sweaters in addition to layered necklaces for a fashionable look


It looks very comfy, stylish and modern. What a better way to make your outfits more interesting and fashionable during the colder days than a nice stack of layered necklaces. In addition, these necklaces are particularly great with open cardigans or V-neck sweaters.

Delicate necklaces, Chunky Sweater
Wear a delicate layered necklaces with any of your knotted sweaters


If you prefer a discreet look simply layer up a couple of dainty golden or silver necklaces.

For example, for a fun look pick up a necklace with a cactus that can instantly bring a smile to your face. Or, choose a more timeless classic piece like the infinity sign attached to a fine chain that is absolutely gorgeous. Lastly, you can always add a little color to your style by combining a black circle pendant necklace that will freshly stand out when put against your skin.

4. Lariat necklaces for a very cool chic look

There are many possibilities to wear a lariat necklace. These pieces are so versatile and adaptable to any style. They look very discreet, but chic when styled with your outfit. You can layer them with another dainty necklace or a choker for a trendy and fashionable look. Many people like to combine them with other necklaces to get the full layering effect. They are very suitable for V-neck tops.

Lariat Necklace, Necklaces

Give dimension to your look by accessorizing with a lariat necklace

Via Pinterest

Most probably you have already seen or even worn such a necklace without even knowing how its called. You can style them for casual, dressy, vintage-inspired or chic looks.

Lariat necklace with different sized necklaces
Combine your lariat necklace with different sized necklaces for a full look

Via Pinterest

The best way is to layer them is with a short or fine chained necklaces or other lariat necklaces of the same family.

Delicate choker with a lariat necklace
Delicate choker and a matching lariat necklace for a trendy look

Via Pinterest

There is no doubt that a lariat necklace is great for an everyday casual, but fashionable style!

5. Bring your front to the back for a creative style

What do I mean by that? I mean that your long layered necklaces could beautifully decorate your naked back if you have an open back top. In addition, it looks so creative, artsy and open backs are so feminine and also tempting.

Open back dress, Delicate Necklace

In addition to your attractive open back add a dainty chain with a pendant

Via Pinterest

This technique could be applied with you single necklaces or layering necklaces. Plus, you can pull of this style to your wedding dress, casual wears or chic night-out outfits. Therefore, no matter of your choice you will be admired for your artistic skills.

Stack of long layered necklaces, Open backs
Accessorize your open back with a stack of long layered necklaces


6. Rock your retro and vintage-inspired necklaces for a timeless look

Vintage-inspired necklaces are so detailed and classy looking. Also, they can consist of beads, pearly and floral elements or Victorian style enamel pendants.

Beaded necklaces and Victorian inspired pendants

In addition to your Victorian inspired outfits add some vintage necklaces


You can always give your vintage-inspired necklace a modern touch by layering it with your stylish and trendy necklaces. Furthermore, add a longer necklace with a collarbone Victorian inspired choker and a medium length modern necklace. This stylistic melange looks very original and also mysterious.

Stack of detailed necklaces
For an old-fashioned look add a stack of detailed necklaces

Via Pinterest

If you prefer to keep the old-fashioned style, then you can add a vintage-inspired blazer to complete your look.

Layered necklaces and a green blazer
Layered necklaces and retro inspired clothes for an original look

Via Pinterest

7. Combine your oldies with your newbies for a truly original style

As we were speaking about old-fashioned jewelry, feel free to revive your old necklaces, that were sitting in the drawers for years, by combining them with your newest pieces that you are in love with.

Layered necklaces

Combine your old and new necklaces for a truly unique look

Via Pinterest

It is such a great idea because you can create yourself a very unique design on a budget. There is always an alternative that allows you to stay trendy and cool.

Layered Necklace

Old and new necklaces to create an authentic layering effect

Source Unknown

8. A layered necklace for an effortless casual outfit

Layered necklace
Layered necklaces are great for your casual looks

Elegant Gold Necklace by Happiness Boutique

If you want to make your standard and casual outfit to stand out make sure to add a layered necklace to your collection. We all have busy lives and styling our outfits could take a while, therefore the already layered necklace is a great alternative to put together your look in seconds.

Layered necklace
Layered necklaces are the perfect add on to any outfit


A simple and elegant lucky charm layered necklace could be the perfect add-on to your outfit to bring it out of the ordinary.

9. A melange of different layered necklaces for an individual style

Don’t be afraid to stack up your dainty necklaces with chunkier chained necklaces for a statement look that will be definitely noticed.

Layered necklaces with white top and a blazer

Mix and match different necklaces for a creative look


Pile up different in length and size pieces for a truly individual style. For some people the over accessorized bling-bling style is not to be considered but you can always replace the statement necklaces with more discreet ones.

Long and short necklaces combined
Long and short necklaces for a balanced out look

Via Pinterest

10. V-neck lace or lace-up tops and layered necklaces for an up-to-date fashionable look

V-neck tops with lace are very trendy right now so it would be a crime if you don’t have one yet because they are so easy to style and look great with some layered necklaces. 

Layered necklace with lacy top

Wear a layered necklace with your lacy top for a sensual look


However, it is better to pair your top with different in length necklaces to give dimension to your outfit. For example, a lariat necklace with a delicate choker for a modern and stylish look. During the colder days you can layer with a chunky and fluffy cardigan.

Delicate layered necklaces and a detailed tops
Delicate layered necklaces and detailed tops for a trendy look

Left: source, Right: Pearl Star Rose Gold Necklace by Happiness Boutique

Since the top is already very detailed make sure to combine fine necklaces without or with pendants that represent your character and could give your style a personal touch. The way you wear the layering necklaces depends on your fashion style and occasion.

11. Personalized layered necklaces for a truly unique style

You can always get a necklace with circular or bar pendants that you can engrave to make your look truly unique and personalized.

Layered necklace with plated pendants

In addition to trendy clothes add a plated layered necklace

Via Pinterest

These types of necklaces are also great to be given as a present to a friend or family member. This way you know you have made your gift very special and unforgettable.

12. Long layered necklaces for a chic and stylish outfits

An all-black top or a dress can always be perfectly combined with long golden delicately layered necklaces for an ultimate chic and stylish look. You can also accessorize your hands with delicate rings that would easily top off your outfit.

Long layered necklace, Chain bracelet

In addition to an all-black look add long layered necklaces

Via Pinterest

Long delicate necklaces look very feminine when styled with a black-on-black outfit. You can never go wrong with such a simple, yet elegant style.

Black dress with a long layered necklace
In addition to very long necklaces wear elegant outfits 


It is up to you to decide if you want your necklace to be with pendants or clean designs with nothing but a beautiful and stylish chain.

13. For a boho-inspired look add some beaded layered necklaces

Add a pop of color by adding some beaded long layered necklaces with tassel pendants or animal elements to it to complete your bohemian style.

Stack of beaded necklaces with tassels

Wear a stack of beaded necklaces in addition to your boho looks


Make sure to focus on earthy and natural tones when choosing your beaded layered necklace because these colors are very typical of the boho hippie inspired fashion style. 

Stack of Beaded Necklaces

In addition to boho inspired look add beaded layered necklaces


In addition, these colors are just perfect for the fall season because we usually like more settled and darker palettes for this time of the year.

14. Girls and their pearls for a classic style

Girls and their pearls are a very timeless and classic combination that will never go out of style.

Audrey Hepburn pearls, Gif

Furthermore, don’t underestimate the versatility of the pearl necklace because you can easily wear your layered pearl necklaces for casual and everyday looks.

Delicate necklace with pearls
Delicate necklaces with pearls in addition to a dress for a timeless classy look

Via Pinterest

Or you can style your pearls to go to a special event where you can simply stick to the all times classic style. People prefer to wear them for weddings, operas, theater,  special occasions, red carpet events or any place where you can show off your passion for the classic pieces.

Layered Pearl Necklaces, Business outfits
In addition to your business look decorate with layered pearl necklaces

Via Pinterest

Pearls bring confidence and sophistication to your outfit therefore don’t hesitate to give them a try because they are also very flexible and adaptable to many different kinds of styles.

This season pearls are so trendy, but not at all in the way that you picture them. If your nature is far from being an all times classic, then you can enjoy the pearl embellishment on you clothes, eyeglasses chains or chokers as an accent piece.

15. Pile up bold necklaces for a daring and fearless look

Mix and match chunky and bold detailed necklaces that will fully wrap your neck and give your look a very fearless and daring style. The layering of statement pieces definitely calls for attention but don’t worry because it is not that difficult to properly style them so they don’t look tacky.

Chunky short necklaces, Statement Necklaces

Chunky short necklaces for a fearless look

Via Pinterest

If you are not sure how to wear chunky layering necklaces like a pro make sure to add to your collection an already layered bold necklace that consists of dainty chains attached to a heavy set piece.

In addition, I hope this was interesting and inspiring for you because in few seconds you can revive, create, design or inspire others simply by combining a couple of your favorite necklaces! Also, master the world of the layering necklaces like a pro and you can truly design some distinctive and timeless looks!

Happy shopping and enjoy the art of layering!

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