Layering Necklaces

We’ve selected all the necklaces delicate enough to wear layered together, making it easy for you to create your own individualised, modern and dynamic look. This is styling made easy.


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The layered necklace trend is all about embracing romance, softening your look and celebrating vulnerability. With the multiple layers of thin chains and simple, sweet pendants, these pieces of jewellery add mystery, personality and elegance to any outfit. You can use double layered necklaces to complement your mood or style, or simply to add that extra bit of colour, interest and texture to your wardrobe.

With a double layered necklace, it is easy to combine different shapes, colours or even themes. You can wear a mix of turquoise gemstones and golden medallions for a relaxed, bohemian feel. Or you can choose to layer up thin silver chains featuring minimalistic, geometric arrows and bars to compliment a modern pencil skirt for the office. These discrete pieces of jewellery are versatile, and understated enough, to be worn everyday.

At Hey Happiness, we also feature a collection of exquisite simple layered necklaces, perfect for a woman with a more subdued and classic style. The triple tiered necklace with enchanting emerald stones is perfect to layer over a black jumpsuit for understated glamour that isn't plain or boring. These necklaces are easy going, graceful and authentic, and will ensure your sartorial voice stays the same.

Whether it is a streamlined layered necklace in gold, or a boho layered necklace with coloured crystal charms, any of these layered delicate necklaces instantly suggest a relaxed glamour, and will add a captivating, flirtatious allure to your style. If you are wanting an unfussy, easy going look, then these pieces are the perfect solution.

As an ode to romance and playfulness, your favourite layered charm necklace will be a symbol to keep you inspired, free-spirited and carefree. It is an easy way to personalize your look, making sure your outfit stays relaxed and modern, and will be no doubt be the centre point of your signature style.