Huggie Earrings
Huggie Earrings

Huggie Earrings

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Small and elegant, huggie earrings are meant to sit close to the earlobe. Their compact size and streamlined design make them extremely versatile and the perfect accessory to polish off business outfits and to elevate casual wear.


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Huggie earrings are designed to sit close to the skin and do exactly what their name suggests—hug the ear, hiding the earring post. Huggie hoops are small in size, are often thin, and almost always fasten with a hinge, creating a seamless circle.

Because of their size, these small hoop earrings won’t get in the way, are easy to wear and are very versatile—much more so than their cousins, the giant hoop earrings that have been a staple in wardrobes for many years. You can wear huggie hoops with casual tee shirts and they won’t look over the top; wear them with flouncy, floral dresses and they will fit right in; team them with a silk jumpsuit for a chic, lux look; or pair them with a tailored two piece for the office and they will finish the look perfectly.

Our collection of huggie hoop earrings includes a variety of styles: huggies with interlocking pendants, with dangling details, asymmetrical hoops (each pair has a different design for each ear), and small huggie hoops with single charms attached to their lower edge.

There are pieces that feature streamlined, geometric designs, there are pairs that are slightly more feminine and romantic, and there are those which are embellished with zircon stones. Quality is important to us, so our huggie hoops are either made from 925 sterling silver or from 925 sterling silver plated in 18 karat gold.

Not only are our huggie hoops durable, but we make sure they are timeless, and above all, sophisticated and effortlessly elegant. We hope you enjoy browsing our range. We think there is something here for everyone, most of all because this is such a wearable style that will suit just about any situation and style. We are also constantly adding new designs to our collection, so make sure you check back often to see what’s new.