Loans that change lives

Helping to empower individuals and small businesses around the world.

Our philosophy

For us it's the small things that make a real difference to someone's happiness, and to their life. That's why we create beautifully designed, high quality jewelry that lifts your mood or makes a loved one smile. We believe happiness creates happiness and if you can succeed in spreading happiness to one other person, by giving a thoughtful gift, lending a hand, or doing a good deed, it will have a ripple effect, making more people happier too.

Our Partner - Kiva

Hey Happiness strives to create lasting joy, and because we believe in the power of giving, we've been working with the non-profit organization Kiva, since 2013, to lend loans to people in need.

But Kiva is more than just charity, or helping on a one-off occasion. Their vision is a financially inclusive world where all people have the power to improve their lives, and can access the financial means to achieve their dreams. "Lifting one, to lift many" (one of Kiva's mottos) is something we think speaks to our values here at Hey Happiness, which is why we love supporting Kiva and think it is the right kind of change we need right now in the world.

Some of the initiatives that we support




Business initiatives

How it works

Kiva is a platform where disadvantaged individuals and businesses can submit an application for a loan which is then crowdfunded in increments of USD$25 or more, and continues until the fundraising is complete. Every borrower is responsible for repaying their loan and lenders can then use the repayments to fund new loans.

By crowdfunding loans, Kiva is creating a unique, renewable pool of funds; unlocking capital and access to financial services for the 1.7 million underserved people in the world. The loans created through the organization are multi-purpose and serve a diverse range of people - from allowing students to pay for tuition, enabling women to start businesses, farmers to invest in equipment, or granting emergency care funds for families.

We've helped create 111 loans for people who need it most

Through Kiva, we are proud to say Hey Happiness has lent a total of 111 loans to people in 65 different countries, helping a wide variety of dreams come true. Some of our loans have helped:


A loan helped to invest in a bulk purchase of silver, necklace chains, and gemstones.
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A loan helped to buy a camera and other tools needed for her photography work.
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Jemima's Group

A loan helped to buy cost-efficient maize seeds and fertilizer for the coming harvesting season, as well as a solar light.
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